Visionary Sketch Of Iqbal’s Pakistan € Lost Ummah

The Second Is The Identity Of A Lost Ummah Which He Found; Which Means Selfhood Of An Ummah. He Used Different Terms Like Nation, Community, Ummah But The Intention Was The Same Vision Of Ummah Which Quran Has Presented. Then The Third Thing Where Iqbal Reached And Combined With These Two Other Ideas, Made The Ground And The Visionary Foundation For Pakistan, Was A Pure Religion (Deen-e-Naab). When Someone Analyzes Iqbal’s Vision Of Pakistan The Same Story Of Quran Comes In Front Which Was Two Thousand Years Ago. That Story Of Quran Is About The State Of Human Beings Which Was Present Two Thousand Years Before In Mecca, Iqbal Was Witnessing The Same State Of Human Beings In His Own Era Across The World. When A Person Aroused By Allah Is Sent For The Guidance Of Humanity Then By Just Teaching Few Rituals, The Humanity Does Not Become Guided. This Is Because The Thing Lost By Humanity Are Not Just Few Religious Rites, Practices, Permitted (Halal) And Forbidden (Haram). These Are Secondary Issues Which Become Important Only After Find The Right Path. A Misguided Being Is The One Who Has Lost His Way And You Are Teaching Halal And Haram Laws To The One Who Has Lost His Way? The One Who Has Lost His Purpose, His Path, His Guidance Is Not That You Teach Him Few Rites. This Was Not The Difficulty Of A Man; Neither In This Era Nor Before. When In Past Also Man Became A Victim Of This Difficulty At That Time Allah Aroused A Great Person Whose Name Quran Itself Mentioned As Ibrahim. Ibrahim, The Friend Of Allah And The One Who Guided Humanity. All Those Things Which Humanity Had Lost Ibrahim Granted It Back To Them. What Did Ibrahim Demand From Allah After This? First Ibrahim Found The Lost Human Being; He Found The Selfhood Of Man From The Adulterated Human Being. Then Those Who Had Lost Their Social Identity And Turned Into Herds, Communities, Tribes; For Them Ibrahim Found Their Identity Of Ummah. Then Ibrahim Demanded From Allah To Make Imams (leaders) Of The Ummah From His Progeny.

Ibrahim Got Back The Lost Assets Of The Ummah To Them But A Strange Tragedy Happened In The Progeny Of Ibrahim; The Same That Happened With The Inheritors Of Iqbal Also. This Tragedy Was That Ibrahim Found This Precious Asset And Gave It To The Ummah But Then In His Progeny Bani Israel Were Born. Bani Israel Were Stubborn, Lazy, Traders Of Religion, Distorters Of Religion, Disobedient And Assassinators Of Prophets Which Are The Titles Given By Quran To Them. The Asset Of Ibrahim Was Lost By The Progeny Of Ibrahim And Quran Sternly Cursed Them For This. For Forty Years Bani Israel Were Wandering Around But Were Not Willing To Submit And Obey The Prophets. They Lost The Precious Gem Of Humanity By Becoming Slaves Of Pharaoh Which Was The Era Of Arrogance In Which They Developed The Attitude And Psychology Of Being Slaves. Then They Dissolved Their Identity Of Being An Ummah And Turned Into Tribes. The Twelve Tribes Of Bani Israel Are Well Known To This Extent That When Moosa Had To Present A Miracle He Had To Do Twelve Miracles Because None Of The Tribes Were Willing To Accept The Other. Pharaoh Is Coming After Them; Moosa Has Split The River Making A Way For Them To Escape But They Were Saying Make Twelve Ways For Us; One Tribe Is Not Willing To Go By The Way From Which The Other Is Going And All These Twelve Tribes Were Brothers. Moosa Had To Make Twelve Ways For Their Tribalism; Then They Were Thirsty And Moosa Had To Make Twelve Water Wells For Them; Then When It Came To Entering A City Moosa Had To Make Twelve Doors For Them.

We Can See How Easily The Progeny Of Ibrahim Lost This Precious Asset. Iqbal Went In Pursuit Of These Three Gems And It Is Not Easy To Acquire These Gems; The One Who Goes In Pursuit Of These Can Only Know This. Iqbal Himself Says:

Jahan Baani Se Hai Dushwar Tar Kaare Jahanbeeni
Jigar Khoon Ho To Hoti Hai Nazar Paida

Recognizing The World Is More Difficulty Then Possessing It
Heart Bleeds Then Only A Vision Get Developed

A Person Becomes Visionary About The World And The Society Only After His Heart Bleeds. A Recognizer Of Existential Facts Of Universe Is Only Who Returns These Lost Assets Back To Humanity. The Progeny Of Ibrahim Turned Into Traitors, Transgressors And Assassinators Of Prophets But Progeny Of Iqbal Turned Out To Be Worst Then Bani Israel. The Bani Israel Lost The Assets Of Ibrahim; Turning Into Traitors, Assassinators And Got Divided Into Tribes. Today The Pakistan Which Is Present Is The Pakistan Of Bani Israel And Not That Of Iqbal. After The Losing The Assets Of Iqbal Now They Are Sitting To Loot And Sell It. This Loss And Wandering Of Pakistani Nation Is Because Of Losing And Distancing From The Assets Of Iqbal.

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