From Homeland Worship To Ummah

And Then A Revolution Comes In Iqbal’s Thoughts And He Enters The Era Of Turbulent Thoughts Whereby Gradually He Declares That Homeland Is Not A Nation At All And It Is An Error To Consider Your Geographical Homeland As Nation. In His Collection Of Ghazaliat (Odes) In The Second Ode He Says.

Ilahi Aqle Khujistapay Ko Zara Si Deewangi Seekha De
Ise Hai Sauda E Bakhyakaari Mujhe Sare Pirahan Nahi Hai

O Allah! Teach A Little Craziness Of Love To My Happy Intellect
It Has A Trading Mentality Whereas I Do Not Possess A Collar For My Shirt

Mila Mohabbat Ka Soz Mujhko To Bole Subhe Azal Farishte
Misaale Shamma-e-mazaar Hai Tu, Teri Koi Anjuman Nahi Hai

When I Got The Fire Of Love, The Angels Of Dawn Told Me
You Are Like Only A Candle On Grave And Do Not Have A Galaxy Of Stars

Yaha Kaha Hum Nafas Muyassar, Ye Desh Na Aashna Hai Ay Dil
WO Cheez Tu Maangta Hai Mujhse Ke Zere Charke Kohan Nahi Hai

Where Can I Find Here People Like Me (my Thoughts), O Heart! This Country Is Unacquainted
You Are Asking For Something Which Cannot Be Found Even Under The Wheels Of History

Niraala Saare Jahan Se Isko Arab Ke Memaar Ne Banaya
Bina Humaare Hisaare Millat Ki Ittehaad E Watan Nahi Hai

The “Architect Of Arab” Has Made It Unique
There Is Nothing Like Uniting On A Homeland, Without Becoming An Ummah

Now See How In Past Iqbal Was Telling The Brahman And Preachers To Leave Aside All Disputes And Let Us Unite And Worship Our Homeland. And Now He Says That The Foundations Which Have Been Laid By The “Architect Of Arab” Means The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) Are Very Unique And That Is The Ummah And Not The Homeland.

Kahan Ka Aana, Kahan Ka Jaana Fareb Hai Imtiaz E Uqba
Numood Humaari Har Shay Me Hai Kahi Humara Watan Nahi Hai

From Where To Come And Where To Go, Are All Deceptions Of End

Existence Is Present In Everything And There Is Nothing Like Homeland

Mudeere Maqzan Se Koi Humara Iqbal Payam Jaake Kah De
Jo Kaam Kuch Kar Rahi Hai Kaume Unhe Mazaqe Sukhan Nahi Hai

Someone Go And Deliver The Message Of Iqbal To The Manager Of The World

Certain Activities Which Communities Are Doing Are Tasteless

Then After This The Words Of Iqbal Become Harder, And Stern And Now He Is Distancing And Separating From The Same Homeland Which He Was Worshipping Before. In His Anthem Of Nations (Tarana-e-Milli) He Says That Our Nation Is Not Homeland And Presents A Nation On The Basis Of Humanity; Still Here Also He Has Not Yet Come Towards The Islamic Nation In Its True Quranic Essence. 

Cheen-o-Arab Hamara, Hindustan Hamara, 
Muslim Hain Hum Watan Hai Sara Jahaan Humara

China Is Ours, Arabia Is Ours, India Is Ours
The Whole World Belongs To Us, And We Are The Followers Of Islam

Tauheed Ki Amanat Seeno Me Hai Humaare, 
Aasan Nahi Mitaana Naam-o-nishaan Humaara

We Hold The Tenet Of Monotheism As A Trust In Our Hearts
It Is Not Easy To Erase Our Name From The Face Of Earth

Dunya Ke Buthkadon Me Pahla WO Ghar Khuda Ka
Hum Uske Paasbaan Hai, WO Paasbaan Humara

The First Home Of God Amidst The Idol-worshipping Shrines
We Are Its Sentinels, And It Protects Us (mind And Heart)

Now The Same Worshipper Of Homeland Has Turned Into A Worship Of Sanctities Of Allah.

Teghon Ke Saaye Me Hum Pal Kar Jawaan Hue Hai
Khanjar Hilal Ka Hai Kaumi Nishaan Humara

We Have Grown Young Beneath The Shadow Of Swords
The Crescent Moon Like A Sharp And Cold Dagger Is Our National Symbol

Maghrib Ki Waadiyon Me Gounji Azaan Humaari
Thamta Na Tha Kisi Se Sail-e-rawaan Humara

Our Prayer Calls Echoed In The Valleys Of The West
No One Could Block The Flow Of Our Flood

Baatil Se Dabne Waale, Ai Aasman Nahi Hum
Sau Baar Kar Chukka Hai Tou Imtehaan Humara

We Cannot Be Suppressed By The Threats Of Falsehood
O Heaven! You Have Tested Us Many Times Before

Ay Gulsitaan-e-Undlus WO Din Hai Yaad Tujh KO
Tha Teri Daaliyon Par Jab Aashiyaan Humara

O The Gardens Of Andalusia Do You Remember Those Days
When Our Nest Was On Your Trees 

Ai Mauje Dajla Tu Hi Pehchanti Hai Hum Ko
Ab Taq Hai Tera Darya Afsaana Khwaan Humara

O The Waves Of Tigris Do You Recognise Us 
Till Now Your River Is Our Story-teller

Ay, Arz-e-pak Teri Hurmat Pe Kat Mare Hum
Hai Khoon Teri Ragon Me Ab Taq Rawaan Humara

O Land Of Purity! We Have Been Cut And Died Many Times For Your Sanctity
It Is Our Heroic Blood That Runs Even Now In Your Veins

Salaar-e-Karwaan Hai Meer-e-Hijaz Apna
Iss Naam Se Hai Baaqi Aaraam-e-jaan Humara

We Are Guided And Led By The Prophet Of Hijaz
From Him We Derive Peace And Strength Of Heart

Iqbal Ka Tarana Bang-e-dara Hai Goya
Hota Hai Jaadah Paima Phir Kaarwaan Humara

Iqbal’s Song Is Like The Caraven Bell For Sleeping Souls
Once Again Our Caravan Is Setting Out For The Highway

Baang-e-Dara Is The Caravan Bell Which The Guide Of The Caravan Rings To Awaken The People Of Caravan Who Were Tired And Sleeping. 

In This Ode There Is Clarity From Iqbal That Political Nationalism Is Not Acceptable. There Is One More Poem In Baang-e-Dara From Iqbal Where He Talks About Homeland As A Political Concept By The Title “Wataniyat” (homeland). We Have To Remember That These Are Just Expressions Of Iqbal Whereas The Actual Visionary Foundations Are Present In His Persian Works. 

Is Daur Me Mai Aur Hai, Jaam Aur Hai, Jam Aur Hai
Saaqi Ne Bina Ki Lutf O Sitam Aur

In This Age The Wine, The Cup, Even Jam  is Different
The Cup Bearer Started Different Ways Of Grace And Tyranny

In This Era The Wine, The Cup And The Gathering Are All Unassociated, There Is No Balance Between Anything. For Instance The Mosque Is Of Muslims Made By Some Haji, The Salaat Is Of Someone Else And Imam Of Salaat Is From America.  Then The Ways And Methods Of Grace And Tyranny Have Also Changed; The Civilization Has Also Changed Its Way And The Form Of Tyranny And Oppression Has Also Changed. So Why Should The Muslims Not Change Their Ways? This Is What He Continues To Say

Muslim Ne Bhi Tameer Kiya Apna Harram Aur
Tahzeeb Ke Aazar  ne Tarashwaye Naye Sanam Aur

The Muslim Also Constructed A Different Haram Of His Own
The Aazar Of Civilization Made Different Idols Of His Own

If Everything Has Changed Then Why Should Not The Muslims Have Their Own Self Carved Religion? The Idolators Like Aazar 

  “Jam”: This Is The Name  of A Persian King Who Is Reputed To Have A Wine Cup In Which He Could See The Whole World
  “Aazar”: He Was The Caretaker Of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) And Is Famous As A Sculptor Of Idols.

who Used To Make Idols Of Wood, And Stone Have Also Changed And Made Different Idols In This Civilization. The Biggest Idol Amongst These Is Homeland. The New Civilization Has Made Many Gods; Somewhere Parties, Communities, Organizations, Personalities, Infrastructure Have Been Turned Into Gods Which People Have Made. Iqbal Says Amongst These Gods The Biggest One Is Homeland (nationalism). 

In Taza Khudaon Me Sabse Bada Watan Hai 
Jo Peerahan Iska Hai Woh Mazhab Ka Kafan Hai

Amongst These New Gods The Biggest One Is Homeland

Andits Shirt, Is The Shroud Of The Religion

The Attire Of Homeland (nationalism) Is The Shroud Under Which Religion Is Buried. 

Ye Buth Ke Tarasheeda Tahzeeb E Nawi Hai
Gaarat Gar Kaashanaye Deen E Nabawi Hai

This Idol Which Is The Product Of The New Civilization 
Is The Plunderer Of The Structure Of The Holy Prophet’s Religion

Iqbal Has Told This Also From Where This New Idol Of Homeland And Nationalism Has Come Up. He Talks About This In Other Places About Michaulism Which Brought This. 

Baazoo Tera Tauheed Ki Kuwwat Se Kavi Hai
Islam Tera Desh Hai, To Mustafawi Hai

Your Arm Is Enforced With The Strength Of The Divine Unity
You Are The Followers Of Mustafa, Your Country Is Islam

Nazaraye Derina Zamaane Ko Dikha De
Ay Mustafawi! Khaak Me Is Buth Ko Mila De

You Should Show The Old Panorama To The World 
O Mustafa’sfollower! You Should Destroy This Idol

Now Iqbal Is Telling; O The Followers Of Mustafa Present The Same Old Scene And Destroy This Idol Of Homeland Worship. This Is Iqbal The One Who Presented The Picture Of Pakistan.

Ho Qaid Ke Maqami To Nateeja Hai Tabaahi
Rah Bahar Me Aazad Watan Soorate Maahi

The Limitation To Country Results In Destruction
Live Like The Fish In The Ocean, Free From Country

Iqbal Says That If You Are Captive Of A Local Country, Homeland And Become Nationalist Then This Is Your Destruction. You Should Live Free Like A Fish In The Ocean

Hai Tarqe Watan Sunnat E Mahboob E Ilahi
De Tu Bhi Nabuwat Ki Sadaqat Pe Gawahi

Renouncing The Country Is The Way Of The God’s Beloved 
You Should Also Testify To The Prophethood’s Truth By Similar Action

Guftar Siyasat Me Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai
Irshad E Nabuwat Me Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai

In Political Parlance Homeland Is Something Else
In Prophet’s Command Homeland Is Something Different

Aqwaame Jahan Me Hai Raqabat To Isi Se
Taskheer Hai Maqsood E Tejarat To Isi Se

The Antagonism Among World’s Nations Is Created By This Alone
Subjugation As The Goal Of Commerce Is Created By This Alone

Khaali Hai Sadaqat Se Siyasat To Isi Se
Kamzor Ka Ghar Hota Hai Gaarat To Isi Se

Politics Have Become Bereft Of Sincerity Is By This Alone 
The Destruction Of The Home Of The Weak Is By This Alone

Aqwaam Me Makhlooq Khuda Banti Hai Isse
KaumiyateIslam Ki Jad’ein Kat Ti Hai Isse

               in The Nations The Creation Becomes The Creator By It
                The Islamic Concept Of Nationality Is Uprooted By It
Today Why Are We Not Turning Into An Ummah Because Someone Is Irani, Afghani Or Pakistani

In The Odes Of Shikwa (complaint) And Jawaab-e-Shikwa (answer To Complaint) Also These Points Could Be Seen But We Believe This Is Enough Evidence, And From Here Forward I Will Present Some Other Related Important Points. 

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