Glimplses Of Foundations Of Iqbal’s Pakistan In His Urdu Works

Let Us See Now The Foundations Of Iqbal’s Pakistan. There Is A Poem By The Title “Mazhab” (Religion)

Apni Millat Par Qayas Aqwaame Maghrib Sa Na Kar
Khaas Hai Tarqeeb Me Kaum E Rasool-e-Hashmi

Judge Not Your Nation On The Criteria Of Western Nations
Special In Composition Is The Hashmi Messenger’s Nation

Do Not Compare The Islamic Nation With West And Unfortunately This Is Something Which We Have Done; Today We Are Fully Attentive To This And Compare Ourselves With West Which Has Caused A Lot Of Destruction Already. The Human Sciences Of West Which Has Today Shook The Roots Of Islamic Of Revolution In Iran, About This Iqbal Is Saying Ninety Years Ago That The Nationalism Of West Has Some Other Foundations, Whereas The Concept Of Nation And Nationalism (Wataniyat) In Islam Is About Something Else. The Composition Of The Holy Prophet’s (s.a.w.s) Nation Is Different Which Cannot Be Understood By Those Who Have Gone To The West And Studied The Western Philosophies.

Inki Jamea’at Ka Mulq Aur Nasab Par Hai Inhasaar
Kuwwate Mazhab Se Mustahkam Hai Jameeat Teri

Based On Country And Race Is Their Organization
The Strength (force) Of The Religion Stabilizes Your Organization

Daaman-e-deen Haath Se Chuta To Jameat Kahaan
Aur Jameat Hui Rukhsat To Millat Bhi Gayee

If The Skirt Of The Religion Is Lost, Then Organization Also Disappears
If Organization Departs Then Nation Also Disappears

When You Lose The Religion Then Everything Is Gone. This Is The Fundamental Problem Of Pakistan Which Is Experienced By This Country Today. In One Of His Other Poems He Expresses This Couplet

Nasl, Qaumiyat, Kalisa, Saltanat, Tahzeeb, Rang
Khwaja Ne Khoob Chun Chun Kar Banaye Muskirat

Race, Community, Church, State, Civilization, Color Of Skin
What Wonderful Intoxicants Capitalism Has Selected For You

Kat Mara Naadan Khayali Devtaaon Ke Liye
Sukr Ki Lazzat Me Tu LutwaGaya Hayaat

You Got Yourself Killed For The Sake Of These Imaginary Gods
You Lost Your Life In The Pleasure Of These Intoxicants

Now Iqbal Is Saying That If You Want To Build A True Nation (Islamic Basis) Then Whatever Is Existing In The Name Of The Nation Needs To Be Destroyed. The Way Iqbal’s Sensitivity Was Towards Hindu Culture That It Was Devastating For Muslims The Same Sensitivity Was Towards The Customary And Traditional Islamic Culture Prevailing Within Muslims. The Customary Religion Of Seclusion, The Religion Of Courtyards Of Kings, And The Religion Of Emperors Which Was Prevailing In India It Was More Devastating For Muslims Then The Hindu Culture. Iqbal Says

Guft Rumi Harbe Naaye Koh Ne Ke Aabad Kunan
Mi Na Danaid Awwal An Bunyaad Ra Veeran Kunan

Maulana Rumi Has Preached That If You Want To Lay The Foundation Of Something New Then First You Have To Eradicate The Existing Foundations. If You Want To Construct A New Building Somewhere Where There Is An Existing Building Then First You Have To Bring The Old Building Down, Create An Empty Plot And Then Start To Construct A New Building There. We Despite Of Being Living In The Same State Of Secularism, Feudalism,capitalism, Worshipping Of Sages And Similar Type Of Filths, Are Desiring To Change Pakistan To The Pakistan Of Iqbal. If You Want To Change The Pakistan Then First Throw These Ruins Of Evils And The Existing System Out.

Iqbal In Tuloo-e-Islam As Well Has Expressed The Same Very Clearly. In One More Place Iqbal Says

Maqtabo Me Kahin Raanaiye Afkaar Bhi Hai?
Khankaho Me Kahin Lazzate Asrar Bhi Hai

Do The Schools Anywhere Have Thoughts As Well?
Do The Secluded Places Of Worships Have The Secrets Of Worship As Well?

Schools Have Education But Do They Have Impartation Of Thoughts Anywhere As Well Is A Question Raised By Iqbal. People Are Sitting Secluded In Places Of Worships (like Sufis) And Busy In Recitations But There Is No Soul Or Hidden Mysteries Of Worship Seen Anywhere.

Manzile Rah Rawaan Door Bhi Hai Dushwaar Bhi Hai
Koi Is Kaafila Me Kaafila Salaar Bhi Hai

Destination Is Far And Difficult To Reach As Well
In This Caravan Is There Any Leader Of The Caravan As Well?

Badhke Khyber Se Hai Ye Maarqa’e Deen O Watan
Is Zamane Me Koi Haidar-e-Karaar Bhi Hai?

This Encounter Of Religion And Nationalism (homeland) Is Bigger Then Khyber
Is There Any Haidar-e-Karaar (Ali As Valorous Warrior) In This Era As Well?

The Encounter Of Khyber Was Between The Jews And Muslims Which Was A Big Obstacle In The Path Of Muslims. When This Obstacle Of Jews Was Removed From The Path Of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) Islam Moved Forward. Iqbal Says The Same Obstacle Of Jews Which Was Present At That Time Is Present Now As Well.

Ilm Ki Hadd Sipar Hai Banda E Momin Ke Liye
Lazzat-e-shauq Bhi Hai Ne’mate Deedar Bhi Hai

The Limits Of Science A Shield For Faithful
But There Is A Pleasure And Bliss In Love And Sight Of God

Peere Mai’khana Ye Kahta Hai Ke Aiwaane Farang
Sust Bunyaad Bhi Hai Aa’ina E Deewar Bhi Hai

The Chief Of Tavern Thinks That West Has Made Palaces
But Their Foundations Are Shaking, Walls Are Just Glazing

Now Pay Attention To Iqbal, That He Was Preaching What Was Prevailing At That Time. In His Ode By The Title “Husayn Ahmad” In Armaghan-e-Hijaz Which Refers To Shaikh Husayn Ahmad Madani Who Was A Teacher Of Deoband At The Time Of Iqbal. He Delivered A Speech Either In Deoband Or Somewhere Else And This Being A Religious Scholar Husayn Ahmad Says;

Ajam Hanooz Na Danad Rumooz E Deen, Warna
Za Deoband Husain Ahmad!Aen Che Bu-ul Ajabi Ist

Ajamites Have Not Yet Understood The Code Of Our Religion
Otherwise Husain Ahmad Deoband! What Is This Foolhardiness?

These Shaikh-ul-Islam’s Have Not Understood The Code And Soul Of Religion Yet, Else This Sheikh Husayn Ahmad Who Belongs To Deoband Would Not Have Said This Foolish Thing.

Sarood Bar Sare Mimbar Ke Millat Az Watan Ast
Che Bekhabar Za Maqaam E Mohammad (s.a.w) Arabi Ist

A Sermon Sung From The Pulpit That Ummah Is From Homeland Worship (Wataniyat)
From The Real Position Of The Arabian Prophet (s.a.w.s), How Sadly Unaware Is He!

Ba Mustafa (s.a.w.s) Barsaan Kheesh Ra Ke Deen Hama Ost
Agar Bah O Ner Sayyadi, Tamam Bu-Lahabi Ast

You Merge With Mustafa (s.a.w.s) For Entire Religion Embodies In Him!
If You Do Not Reach Up To Him, It Is All Bu Lahab’s Idolatory!

Iqbal Says Make Yourself Reach Mustafa (s.a.w.s) Because Entire Religion Is With Him, And If You Have Not Reached Mustafa (s.a.w.s) Then Everything Else Is Abu Lahab’s Idol Worships. You Can Assess From Here That Iqbal Never Presented A Two Nation Vision For India And Pakistan. The Thing By Which Iqbal Was Worried Was This Abu Lahab Character Of Idol Worshipping Which Was Spread In The Name Of Islam. It Was Not Just Separation From Hindus But To Separate From Abu Lahab’s Religion, Which Has Become The Entire Religion Of Pakistan Today.

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