Ignition Of Fire Inside Iqbal

As I Said Before That The Actual Vision Of Pakistan Iqbal Has Presented In His Persian Works, Whereas In Urdu Works Of His Only Some Glimpses Are Seen. Since Persian Is Not Known Till Today The Actual Vision Of Iqbal Was Not Presented Correctly.

First In Asrar-e-Khudi (Secrets Of Selfhood) Iqbal Said That It Was Maulana Rumi Whoignited The Fire Inside Me, And I Was Able To Find My Inner Self. Then In “Rumooz-e-Khudi” (Mysteries Of Selfhood) The Actual Foundation Work For An Ummah Starts.

He Begins His Mathnavi With The Prose Of Maulan Rumi Which Shows Iqbal’s Pursuit. First He Identified What This Ummah Has Lost, And Until The Time That Lost Is Found, The Purpose Cannot Be Achieved. Iqbal Expressed This In The Words Of Maulana Rum Which Maulana Has Mentioned In Diwan-e-Shams

Di Shaykh Ba Chiraag Hume Gasht Girde Shahar
Kaz Deo Dad Maloolamo Insaan Am Arzoo Ast

Shaykh With A Lantern Wandering Around The Town
Tired Of Beasts He Was Looking Around For Humans

Shaykh Means An Intellectual Scholar Who Was Searching For Something With A Lantern In Daylight Across The Town. I Am Tired Of The Beasts Around Me And Looking Around For A Human Being.

Zin Hamraahana Sust Anasir Dilam Girift
Sher-e-Khuda O Rustom E Dastaan Am Arzoo Ast

My Heart Tired Of Lazy Elements Around
Lion Of God, Rustom Are My Desires

He At The Same Time Was Also Saying That I Am Tired Of These Lazy Elements Which Are Around Me. So What Is He Looking For With Lantern? I Am Looking For A Lion Of God And Rustom.

Guftim Ke Yaaft Mi Na Shavad Juste In Ma
Guft An Ke Yaaft Mi Na Shavad An Am Arzoo Ast

Adviced Him You Won’t Be Able Find As We Have Tried A Lot
Replied What You Could Not Find Is My Desire (to Find)

We Advised The Intellectual That You Cannot Find What You Are Looking For As We Have Already Tried It But Were Unsuccessful. He Replied That What You Are Not Able To Find I Am Trying To Find The Same And This Is My Desire As Well.

What Is Iqbal Trying To Say With This Beginning?  He Is Saying That The One Who Is Lost And Have Not Been Found I Want To Find Him. Iqbal Accepted A Big Challenge Which Very Few Do. The Challenge Was To Find That Which Others Are Not Able To Find, Not Because Itis There But It Is Lost; Because It Is Not Present At All. Iqbal Challenged The World That Not Only I Will Find What Is Not Present, But Instead I Will Prepare Such Human Beings That You Will Not Need Lanterns To Search For Them; They Will Be Found In Every Street And Ally. You Have Seen In The Islamic Revolution What Shaykh Could Not Find With A Lantern, Those Human Beings Were Present Like A Big Crowd Around Imam Khomeini (r.a) And They Have Made Hundreds Of Thousands Of Graves In “Gulzar-e-Shohada” And Their Graves Are Giving Witness That They Were Those Who Were Previously Lost In An Ummah; They Were The Ones Possessing Selfhood (Khudi) And Such Kind Of Humans When An Ummah Finds, Then That Ummah Has Got Everything.

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