Difficulty Of Ummah In Vision Of Iqbal

After This Iqbal Expresses The Difficulty Of The Ummah Which Is The Lack Of Social Sense And There Is Individuality In Them.

Fard Ra Rabte Jam’aat Rahmat Ast
Jauhare Oora Kamal Az Millat Ast

Mercy Is The Connection That Binds The Individual To The Society
His (individuals) Truest Self (gem Of Self) Becomes The Perfection Of Society

Ta Tawaani Ba Jam’aat Yaar Baash
Raunake Hungamaye Ahraar Baash

With Full Strength Come In Close Rapport With The Society
Become An Enlightenment Amongst The Free Born Men

Iqbal Says Individual Is Nothing And This Was The Fundamental Problem. The Ummah Was Scattered Into Individualism Where Each Individual Is Treading His Own Path. He Expresses This In Details

Hirze Jaan Kun Gufta’e Khair-ul-bashar
Hast Shaitan Az Jam’aat Door Tar

The Best Of Men (Holy Prophet) Gave A Talisman That
Satan Distances From The Place Where There Is Congregation (of Believers)

Fardau Kaum Aina’e Yek Diagran
Sil’ko Gauhar Kahkashano Akhtaran

The Individual Holds A Different Mirror For The Community
And For The Community An Individual Is Jewel Threaded On A Cord

Fard Migirad Ze Millat Ehtaram
Millat Az Afrad Mibayad Nizam

A Star That In Their Constellation Shines
From Individuals Like Him A Nation Derives A System (of Governance)

A Nation Comes Into Existence With Individuals. If Individuals Are Not There Then An Ummah Cannot Exist. He Expresses This In Details And Then Later He Mentions About The Way To Become An Ummah In Which He Says A Nation Comes Up Through A Prophethood Which Means Leadership. If Leader Is Not There Than This Herd Of Sheep Cannot Turn Into An Ummah. Then After This He Expresses The Fundamental Elements Of Becoming An Ummah In The Same “Rumooz-e-Bekhudi” (Mysteries Of Selfnessness) Volume 4.

Dar Jahane Kaif O Kam Gardid Aql
Pai Be Manzil Burd Az Tauheed Aql

In This World Of Lust And Desires The Intellect Wandered
Then It Found The Pathway To Its Destination By Faith In Monotheism

Warna In Bechare Manzil Kuja Ast
Kashti’e Idrak Ra Sahil Kuja Ast

Else Where Is The Destination For This Helpless Wanderer
Else Where Could This Reason’s Ship Find The Shore

Ahle Haqq Ra Ramze Tauheed Az Bar’aast
Dar Athan Rahman Abd Az Muzmir Ast

All Monotheists Know The Secret Of Monotheism By Their Heart Which Is Hidden In Sacred Words
He Comes To The Merciful As Slave

Taza Asrar To Benumayid Tara
Imtihanish Az Aml Bayad Tara

May He (God) Guide You Towards His Secret Powers
Let The Faith’s Potency Be Tested In Actions

Deen Az’oo, Hikmat Az’oo, A’aeen Az’oo
Zoor Az’oo, Kuwaat Az’oo, Tamkeen Az’oo

Religion From Him (God), Wisdom From Him, Laws (constitution) From Him
Unfailing Vigor From Him, Power From Him, Authority From Him

Aalaman Ra Jalwa’aish Hairat Dihad
Aashiqan Ra Bar Aml Kudrad Dihad

Iqbal Says If Tauheed (monotheism) Comes Up Then Every Group Will Recognize Their Reality That Is When Everyone Understands The True Meaning And Essence Of Monotheism.

Past Andar Saaya’e Ash Kard Baland
Khaak Chun Ikseer Garddad Jamand

The Lowly In Its Shadow Reached High
And The Worthless Dust Of Earth Becomes Precious Alchemy

Kudrat’oo Barguzide Bande Ra
Nau’e Deegar Aafrinad Bande R

His Power Selects The Slave (Abd)
And Creates Another Species Inside Him

Then After Some Couplets;

Millat-e-Baiza Tan’o Jaan La Ilaha
Saaz Ma Ra Pardaye Gardaan La Ilaha

Soul And Body Of My Nation Is “No God But Allah”
The Pitch That Keeps The Instrument In Tune Is “No God But Allah”

Iqbal Is Saying The Soul And Body Of The Muslim Ummah Is “La Ilaha Ilallah” (There Is No God But Allah) which Is Not Seen In Pakistan Today. The Pakistani’s Have Not Learnt “La” (means Denial Of Other Gods That Is Taghoots); They Have Only Learnt “Ilah” (Gods). For Them America, Britain, World Bank And All Others Are Gods. They Have Not Learnt That There Is No God Other Than Allah Whereas The Picture Of Pakistan Which Iqbal Is Presenting Is Of “La Ilaha” That Is Denials Of All Other Gods First.

La Ilaha Sarmaya E Asraar E Ma
Rusht As Shiraza E Afkaar E Ma

The Slogan Of “La Ilaha” Is The Very Substance Of My Secrets
It Is Knotted Thread Of The Waves Of My Scattered Thoughts

Harfash Az Lab Chun Ba Dilayad Humee
Zindagi Ra Kuwwate Afzaa’id Humee

And When These Words Come On The Lips
They Reach The Heart And Give Power To Our Lives

Naqshe’oo Gar Sang Girad Dil Shavad
Dil Ra Azyaazish Nasoozad Gil Shavad

If This (La Ilaha) Is Engraved On Stone It Turns Into A Heart
And If It Does Not Fall On The Heart Then Heart Turns Into Dust

Chun Dil Az Sooze Gamish Afrookhtim
Khirmane Imkaan Ze Aahe Sukhtim

When We Flamed The Heart In Us With The Passionate Glow
We Burnt The Barn Of All Possibilities With A Sigh

Aab Dilaahe Darmiyaan Seene Ha
Sooze U Begudakhtiin Aaina’aha

Thus Shining (of Tauheed) Glittering In The Hearts Of Men
It Melted The Steely Mirrors With The Faith Present In Heart

Sholaye Aah Chun La Ilaha Dar Ragha’e Ma
Neest Gair Az Daaghe’oo Kaala’e Ma

Whose Flame Is Like A Tulip (rising Passion) In Our Veins
Which Left No Mark On Us Other Than Its Brand (Tauheed)

Aswad Az Tauheed Ahmar Mishawad
Kheeshe Faarookh Wa Abuzar Mishawad

With This (faith) Brand Black Men Turned Into Red
Turned Into Kinsmen Like Farook And Abuzar

Dil Maqaame Khishgi O Begangi’ist
Shauq Ra Masti Zeham Paimangi’ist

The Heart Is A Place Of Dearness And Selflessness
And Enthusiasm Quickens When The Cup Is Shared

Millat Az Rangi’e Dilha’asti
Roshan Az Ek Jalwe Seena’asti

When Several Hearts Put On A Single Color That Is A Nation
It Enlightens And Glows Like The Radiance On Sina

Kaum Ra Andisha’ha Bayad Yaki
Dar Zameerish Mud’aa Bayad Yaki

A Nation Is One Where Everyone Has One Thought
And Their Conscience Pursues A Single Purpose


Jazba’ye Bayad Dar Harshat’oo Yaki
Hum Ayad Khoob Wa Zeesht’o Yek

To One Temperament They All Move Towards
One Criteria For Discriminating Their Good From Bad

Gar Nabashid Soze Haq Dar Saaze Fikr
Neest Mumkin In Chunin Andaaze Fikr

Unless The Instrument Of Thoughts Has The Fire Of Truth (God)
It’s Impossible That The Thoughts Can Become Broad

Ma Musalaman’iam Wa Aulade Khaleel
Az Ayyakamgeer Agar Khwahi Daleel

We Muslims Are Children Of Ibrahim
If You Seek Proof Then This Is Proven By Your Father (Ibrahim)

Ba Watan Wabastae Taqdeer’e Umam
Bar Nisbat Bunyaad Tameer’e Umam

Though Nation’s Destinies Are Controlled By Homeland Worship
And They Are Building Their Structures On Race

To Tie Knots Of A Nation On The Basis Of Community Is An Astonishing Thing Which We Are Doing.

Asl Millat Dar Watan Deedan Ke Chi?
Baad O Aab O Gil Parsatin Ke Chi?

What Is This You Say That Nation (Ummah) Is Country (homeland Worship)?
Shall We Worship The Air, Water And Land (present In Country)?

Iqbal Refers To Husain Ahmed Deoband Who Said That An Ummah Is Nothing But Homeland Worship. What Are You Saying? We Should Develop A Country Identity For An Ummah Like He Is Irani, Indian, Afghani, Arab And Ajam? You Want To Lay The Foundations Of An Ummah On Country (homeland) Which Means What? What Is A Country? Should We Worship The Land, Water And Air Of The Country? This Is Not Correct Iqbal Is Saying Your Diety Is Only Allah.

Bar Nasab Naazan Shudan Naadani Ast
Hukme Oo Andar Tan Wa Tan Faani Ast

It Is Dull Ignorance To Put Boast Upon Lineage
You Consider Your Fate To Be Decided On Body Whereas The Body Will Perish

Millat’e Ma Ra Asaase Digar Ast
In Asaas Andar Dile Ma Muzmir Ast

The Foundation Of My Nation (Muslim Ummah) Is Something Different
And That Foundation Lies Concealed Within Our Hearts

Haazir’am U Dil Bagayab Baste’im
Pas’e Bande In’o Aan Raste’im

We Are Who Are Present Now Have Bound Our Heart To Him (god) Who Is Unseen
And Therefore We Are Delivered From The Shackles Of Earth (country)

This Country Or Homeland Worship Cannot Chain Us Because This Faith On The Unseen God Which Is Present In Our Hearts Has Unshackled Us From The Chains Of Earthly Things.

Rishte In Kaum Misle Anjum Ast
Chun Nigah Ham Az Nigahe Ma Gum Ast

The Cord That Links This Community Is Like The Galaxy Of Stars (which Knits Them In One Place)
In The Sight Of Nation The Sight Of Mine (individual) Gets Lost

Teere Khush Parkane Yek Kesheeme Ma
Yek Numa, Yek Been Yek Andeeshe Ma

We Are Pointed Arrows Of One Bow
One Showing, One Beholding, And One In Thought

Mudda’e Ma, Ma’ale Ma Yek Ast
Tarz Wa Andaz Khayale Ma Yek Ast

One Is Our Goal And Purpose, One Is Our State
One Is Our Style And One Is What We Dream

Ma’az Nemataha Oo Ikhwan Shudim
Yek Zabaan Wa Yek Dil Wa Yek Jaan Shudim

With Your Blessing We All Have Become Brothers
We Became Of One Speech, One Spirit And One Heart

This Is Iqbal’s Pakistan And Then After This There Is A Detailed Explanation About Iqbal’s Vision For Pakistan.

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