One Iqbal In Centuries

A Person Like Iqbal Is Not Born Every Day. Hakim Sanaye Gaznavi Who Lived Some Thousand Years Before Iqbal Has A Couplet Which Fits Iqbal Very Well. Such Personalities Are Not Repeated In This Ummah Every Other Day.

Sar Bar’ar Az Gulshane Tahqeeq Da Kuye Deen
Kushtagane Zinde’bedi Anjuman Dar Anjuman

Lift Your Head And Look With Some Research So That You Can See A Galaxy
See Galaxies Inside Galaxies Of Martyrs

Dar Yeki Saff Kushtagaan Binee Be Tegi Chun Hussain
 Dar Digar Saff Khastagan Binee De Zahri Chun Hassan

You Will See (in These Galaxy Of Martyrs) One Group That Has Been Martyred With Swords Like Hussain
You Will See One Group That Has Been Martyred With Poison Like Hassan

Darde Deen Khud Bul Ajab, Dard’ist Ke Andar Wai Chusham
Chu Shabi Beemar Bahtar Gardi Az Gardan Zadan

The Pain For Religion Is A Very Strange Pain; It Is Striking Pain From Inside
It’s The Pain That Makes The Sick Forget All Other Sickness

Har Kaasi Ra Rango Guftari Ke Bedeedan Raah Ke Rasad
Dard Bayad Umre Soozo Baayad Gaamzad

Everyone Does Not Develop Or Reaches This Path Of Being Painful For Religion
For This Pain You Need That Pain Which Burns The Entire Life And A Fast Treading Heart

Saalha Baayad Ta Yek Sange Aslize Aaftab
Laal Gardad Dar Badakshaan Aqeeqe Dar Yemen
Maa Ha Bayad Ta Yek Pambe Daanize Aab O
Khaak Shaahid Ra Hulle Gardak Ya Shaheedi Ra Kafan

It Takes Thousands Of Years For An Original Ordinary Stone
Under The Sun To Turn Into An Emerald And Ruby Of Yemen
It Takes Several Months For A Seed Of Cotton To Turn Into Thread
Which Then Gets Weaved Into Monotheists Dress Or The Shroud Of A Martyr

Rooz Ha Bayad Ta Yek Musht E Pash As Pushte Meek
Zaahidi Ra Khirke Gardad Ya Himari Ra Rasan

It Needs Several Days For Wool From Sheep To Turn Into Thread
Which Becomes The Gown Or Rope Of A Pious

Umra Bayad Ta Yek Kudaki Az Tab
Aalimi Gardad Nikooyash Shairi Shireen Sukhan

It Takes A Long Time For A Small Child’s Innate Nature To Turn
Into A Beautiful Scholar Or A Sweet Tongue Poet

Qarna’ha Bayad Ta Az Pushte Aadam Nutfe’yee
Abul Wafa’e Kurd Gardad Ya Owais An Dar Qaran

It Takes Centuries For A Drop Of Human Sperm
To Turn Into Abul Wafa Kurd Or Owais-e-Qarani

The Pain For Religion Is A Very Strange Pain (Dard) Whereas Lectures (Dars) In Religion Is Easy. If You Develop The Pain For Religion Then You Will Forget All Other Diseases. This Pain Does Not Enter Every Heart And Not Everyone Can Reach This Stage Of Being Extremely Painful For Religion. This Is Because Allah Does Not Gives This Pain To Everyone Except For The One Who Has Burnt His Entire Life And His Heart Is Moving Fast To Reach This Stage. It Takes Thousands Of Years For An Ordinary Stone In Yemen Under The Sun To Turn Into A Ruby. A Person Cannot Become Iqbalafter Listening To Two Lectures In Islamic Seminary. The Way It Takes Centuries For A Sperm Of Human Being To Turn Into Some Personality Like Abul Wafa Kurd Or Owais Qarani Similarly It Takes Centuries For An Iqbal To Come Into Community.

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