The Hopeful Iqbal

Even After The State Of Pakistan Which Is There Today, But Still If You Go Back Iqbal Was Not Hopeless From This Community. The Way Bani Israel Turned Out To Be Deniers Of Ibrahim; They Were Inheritors Of Ibrahim But Turned Into Assasinators Of Prophets And Dacoits Of The Path Of Ibrahim; The Same Way These Politicians And Treacherors Did It. Today The Few Categories Of People Who Are Governing Pakistan; Like The Politicians, Feudal Lords, Mullah’s, Army Generals, Beauracrats And Capitalists Are The Vultures Who Have Captured Pakistan. These Vultures Who Live On Corpses Have Come On The Land Of Falcons And Chewing The Corpses. Iqbal Was Still Not Despaired And Was Hopeful From Allah Because Allah Has Promised In The Quran That If This Community Does Not Become Followers Of Allah Then Allah Will Replace This Community And Bring Someone Else. This Is What Happened In History Also When Bani Israel Did Not Realize The Worth Of Ibrahim Then Allah Cursed And Replaced That Community And Made Another Community From Them As Inheritors Who Came And Raised The Flag Of Monotheism (that Is Muslims). But Even Inside Them Today The Traits Of Bani Israel Are Seen And It Is Allah’s Promise That Even If You Tread The Same Path As That Of Bani Israel Then You Will Also Get Into The Situation As That Of Bani Israel. Iqbal Was Attentive Towards This Fact That What I Am Expressing Today Is For Someone Else. Hence Iqbal In The Beginning Of The Mathnavi Itself Expressed This Meaning That The Masses Amongst Whom I Am Living I Am Not Expecting Anything From Them Today But I Have Expectations In Future That This Garden Will Definitely Flourish.

Khugare Man Neest Chasme Hast O Bood
Larze Bartan Kheezam Az Beeme Namood

The Existing System (existence) Is Not Familiar With Me (my Thoughts)
I Rise Trembling Everyday To See If Someone Is Out To Listen To Me

Bam’am Az Khawar Raseedo Shab Shikast
Shabnam E Nau Bar Gule Aalam Nishast

From East My Dawn Arrived And Routed Night
A Fresh Dew Settled On The Rose Of World

Intezaar E Subh Khizham Mi Kisham
Ay Khusha Zartushtiyaan Aatisham

I Am Waiting For Those Devotees Who Rise At Dawn
How Happy They Will Be Who Will Worship The Fire Lit By Me

Nagma’am Zakhme Be Pardaastam
Man Nawa’e Shayare Farad Hastam

I Am That Song Which Does Not Need Any Listener Of Its Tune
I Am Voice Of The Poet Of Tomorrow

Iqbal Says I Am The Poet For The Next Generation And Not For My Own Generation. Who Are Those Who Recognize Such People? Allah Creates A New Generation Which Recognize Such Personalities.

Asre Man Daananda’e Asraar Neest
Yusuf E Man Bahre In Baazar Neest

My Era Does Not Understand The Secrets Of My Words
My Yusuf Is Not For This Market

My Assets Were Not For This Market And My Era Does Not Understand My Assets. My Yusuf Has No Value In This Market And It Is For The Generations To Come. Now We Have To Prove That We Are Those Devotees Of Dawn For Whom Iqbal Was Waiting. This Generation Has To Prove That Those Who Can Understand The Thoughts Of Iqbal Are Present. It Would Be A Big Grace Of Allah That He Gives Us Opportunity To Understand Iqbal And The Desire Of Iqbal Which Was Imam Khomeini (r.a) And The Islam-e-Naab (Pure Islam) Which He Presented.

May Allah Turn Pakistan Into The Burning Tulips And May It Be Like What Iqbal Desired. The Thoughts Of Iqbal Which Formed The Vision Of Iqbal For Pakistan And Which Comprises Of These Things; Selfhood Of Man, Selfhood Of Nation And Selfhood Of Islam. And God Willing Very Soon These Accursed Foolish People’s Shadow Would Go Away From Pakistan And This Nation Will Turn Into That Garden Whose Image Was Presented By Iqbal.