Meaning Of Thaur

I Have Seen That The Translators Are Confused And Bewildered Over Here. Just By Learning Arabic A Person Cannot Learn The Testimonials. It Is Not That One Who Knows Arabic Knows Ziarat-e-Ashura. It Is Not That Those Who Know Arabic Know And Understand The Quran. In Order To Understand Ziarat-e-Ashura You Should Know Arabic And Should Also Know Ashura. He Should Be Acquainted With Both Then Only Will He Understand What Is Meant By ‘Tharallah’.

What Is The Meaning Of ‘Tharallah’? It Means The Blood Of Allah. The Blood That Has Been Spilled And Has Come Out Gushing. “Thaar” Means Arousing. “Thaur” Means Revolution. In Arabic Thaur Means Revolution. That Spring Which Gushes Out Is “Thaur”. That Which Flows At Peace Is Not Thaur, One That Comes Out With Passion Is Thaur.

In The First Sermon Of Nahjul Balagha While Mentioning About Bethat Of The Prophets It Is Said That Allah Aroused The Prophets, But For What Purpose?

So That The Wisdom Of The People Can Be Raised And The Wisdom Of Humanity Can Be Raised And Aroused. There Is A Difference Between Things Which Are Raised, Elevated And Aroused As Compared To Things Which Are Sitting Silent. Water Flows In Two Forms. In A Stream It Flows Very Peacefully But If You See It In A River It Runs In An Aroused Form. If You Go To Mountainous Places You Will See Springs Of Water. The Water Coming From These Springs Flows In A Gushing Form. This State Of Gushing And Rising Is Known As “Thaur”. But If The Same Water Accumulates In A Pond Or Runs Slowly In A Stream Or Lake, It Will Be Referred To As Silent And Stagnant Water.

Wisdom Of Man Sometimes Sits Down And Sometimes Becomes Passionate. The Thoughts Of Man Become Passionate And Gush Out, When This Happens Than This Is Thaura Of Human Intellect.

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