Being Lazy In Preaching

The Scholars Should Know The Exact Situation Of The Societies They Live In. Those Scholars Who Live In Pakistan Very Well Know The Problems Of Pakistan Society That What Is Current Situation In Pakistan? Right Now There Are People Who Belong To Different Sects And Different Schools Of Thoughts. There Are The Ones That Allah Has Bestowed Upon Them This Blessing That They Belong To School Of Ahlulbayt (a.s) I.e. They Are Shia. Other Than Them There Is Vast Majority Of People That Belong To Other Sects And It Is Possible That There Are People Who Are Far From Religion And They Do Not Belong To Any Islamic Sect, We Have To Deal With Them Also. If We Look At The Followers Of Shia School Of Thought, We See That They Have The Spirit Of Belief (Iman) In Them But There Are A Lot Of Difficulties With Them Too. One Major Difficulty They Face Is The Lack Of Awareness, And The Reason For That Is That Our System Of Preaching Is Very Sluggish And Weak, Instead If We Say That It Is Almost Non-existent Then It Won’t Be An Over Statement.

If The Shiite School Of Thought Is Compared To Other Sects In This Area, Then Their Preaching Element Is Very Strong And Sound. Those Sects Are Standing Based Solely On Their Strong Preaching System Even Though They Don’t Have The Element Of “Azadari” With Them At All Like Shias Have. In The Days Of Mourning (Azadari) People Participate In Majalis With Full Religious Fervour And Spirit And They Setup The Events With Full Commitment, But It’s Obvious That These Majalis Are Only Left With The Fervour, And The Passionate Emotions And Nothing Else. Every Year On The 8th Of Rabi-ul-Awal All Shias Announce The End Of Mourning Period And Then Become Still Until The Muharram Of Next Year. Whereas The Opposite Sect, Their Preaching Elements Remain Active All Year Long. The Lack Of Shia Scholars Is That During The Days Of Mourning When The Whole Shia Nation Is Attentive Towards Their Faith And Religion, The Least Amount Of Thing That You See In Majalis Is The Preaching (Tableegh).

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