The Loss Due To Lack Of Preaching

Right Now At Some Places The Process Of Preaching Is Non-existent, And If At Some Places There Is Some Preaching It Is Also Very Less. First Of All, The Preacher Doesn’t Come To The Pulpit And Even If Someone Wants To Come He Is Not Allowed To Come And Is Stopped. So Only Zakir And Orators Come To The Pulpit Who Do Not Preach But Show Their Own Entertaining Talents And Hence Gain Popularity Among The Masses, Not To Mention That People In General Do Like To Be Preached During The Days Of Azadari Also. Another Thing That Lacks In Shiite These Days Is That There Are Very Few Preachers In Shiite, So Even If Some People Feel The Need To Bring In A Preacher They Can’t Seem To Find Him. There Are Some Places Where People’s Habits Have Changed And They Actually Want To Listen To A Preacher, And They Have The Desire That Some Preacher Should Come To Their Area And Preach But They Find It Hard To Find A Preacher. They Even Start Looking Around The Country For A Preacher Who Comes To Them During The Days Of Azadari To Read Majalis But Those Preachers Are Not Readily Available.

Everyday We Are Watching That Our Problems Are Increasing In This Country, And Other People Are Dominating Us And They Are Spreading. One Big Reason Of This Is That They Have Instilled Preaching In Them And They Have A Huge Belief In Preaching. Only Because Of This Preaching They Are Slowly But Surely Winning In All Fields. Their Masses Are More And Their Institutions Are Strong, Obviously The Nation That Is Present In The Field All Year Long As Compared To Those Who Are Only In The Field For Ten Days Or Few Days, The Difference Should Be There. Those Who Are Present All Year And Those Who Are Present For Few Days In The Field, The Difference Between Them Is Very Obvious.

A Lot Of Our Own Elders Do Not Consider Preaching (Tableegh) To Be Important At All, Meaning They Do Not Even Believe In It, In Their Opinion Anyone Who Is Highly Educated Should Not Come Into Preaching. Due To This Belief, Anyone Who Achieves Higher Religious Education Does Not Want To Become A Prayer Leader Or Preacher, Now Because They Give Preference To The Teaching And Learning Aspect Only I.e. They Sit In Religious Institutions And Read Grand Books And Want To Become Researchers (Mujtahid) Or Grand Religious Scholars (Marja-e-Taqleed). Now It’s Obvious That Just By Sitting In A madrassa And Learning Leaves No Room For Interaction With The Public; The Learning And Teaching Aspect Is Only Limited To The Students Inside Hence The General Public Does Not Get Any Share Of This Learning, And Not To Mention The Result Of This Religious Research Rarely Reaches The Public Also. At The End The Book Gets Published But The Public Doesn’t Read. So The Only Way To Guide The Public Is Through Preaching But Unfortunately This Preaching Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Charm In It E.g. If You Ask Any Learned Elder That Do You Want To Become A Head Of Madrassa Or Do You Want To Go To A Mosque And Be A Preacher, They Will Prefer To Become A Principle Of An Institution, Because In Their Eyes Becoming A Preacher In A Mosque Is Not That Much Of A Respectable Profession.

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