Scholars - The Soldiers Of Islam And On Position Of Imamat

Imam Khomeini (ra) Says That A Mosque Is A Bunker Of Islam, And Whoever Looks After This Bunker Is A Soldier. The Soldier Is Sitting In An Islamic Bunker Hence The Bunker Should Be Strong Too Since It Is The Front Line Of Islam, And There Are Many Armies In Front Of This Bunker. One Army Is Of The Ignorant, One Army Is Of The Deviants, One Army Is Of The Opponents, One Army Is Of The Foolish, And One Army Is Of The Enemy. It Means That One Religious Scholar Who Is Sitting In A Mosque He Has To Face Many Armies. So Of Them Are Those Ignorant Who Are Among Us, So It’s Possible That They Are Present Around Him Or Those Who Pray Behind Him But Are Ignorant, May Be They Tease Him Daily Or Ask Him Stupid And Nonsense Questions, Those Who Get Into Weird Debates With Him Or Put Pressure On Him. So There Is Always An Army That Stands By Him And Then There Are Armies Who Stand Against Him. One Army Consists Of Those People That Only Want That This Scholar Should Never Talk About Pure Religion But Only Talk About According To Their Desires, Then His Opponents Come And Then His Enemies And So The Army After Army Keeps Coming In Front Of Him, Hence This Soldier Is Always Surrounded With Difficulties.

Now This Scholar Soldier On One Hand Has To Face These Armies And On The Other Hand He Also Has To Worry About His Daily Needs E.g. His Household Needs Food, So He Is Worried About That Too That How To Feed His Family, Where To Keep His Kids I.e. He Is Also Facing These Kind Of Issues Too In Parallel To The Above Mentioned Battles.

One Day One Religious Scholar Came To Us, And Said That I Live In The Mosque Too, They Have Given Me One Room In The Mosque, Outside Is The Kitchen In The Open Sun Without Any Shade, And The Common Bathroom That Is Meant For The General Public Is The Same Bathroom That He And His Family Uses. This Is A Very Important Point That Even In These Conditions This Soldier Has Kept That Mosque And Imambargah Alive. Those People Don’t Even Have This Empathy That He Has His Sanctity Too, His Wife And Kids Too And They Are Using The Same Public Bathroom. Give And Take; This Is The Kind Of Low Level Of Life Some Of These Soldiers Are Enduring Every Day, And Then There Are Some Who Don’t Even Have This Much To Spend A Year In Prosperity But They Still Remain Standing In Their Bunkers And Stay Steadfast In Their Missions Of Preaching. If You Look At It From This Angle Then This Is Big Honor For Them Too That In These Kind Of Conditions They Are Working, But Still It’s Obvious That One Solider Needs Immense Strength To Look After His Bunker In The Battlefield.

One More Important Point Is That The Friday Prayer Leaders And The Scholars Should Realize What Their Own Position Is?  The Title That The Religion Of Islam Has Given To Those Who Hold The Bunkers Is Of An Imam I.e. The Leaders Of The Mosque. The System Of Religion Is The System Of Imamat. The Whole Religion Is Granted To Imamat, The Nation As A Whole Is Also Granted To Imamat, And Its Smaller Units Are Also Given Under The Wings Of Imamat. To Run Every Unit Allah Has Made This Imamat And The Same Title Of Imamat Is Reserved For Those Who Are The Prayer Leaders Of The Local Mosque, They Are The Junior Imams I.e. He Is The Imam Of This Particular Community. Hence They Should Also Keep This In Mind That This Is Not A Job But A Kind Of An Imamat Even Though There Are Shortcomings And Difficulties And Weaknesses.

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