Changing The Mentality Of People

Even Though The Mentality That Pakistani People Have Towards The Religious Scholars Is A Very Wrong Mentality, So There Is A Need To Change This Mental Approach. The Scholars And Are The Inheritors Of The Prophets (as) So The Society Would Have To Change Their Outlook Towards Them, But Obviously This Cannot Happen Just By Saying It. If A Scholar Tells The Momineen To Change Their Outlook Towards The Religious Scholars, They Won’t Change It Just Because He Said So, The Public Didn’t Even Change Their Outlook When They Were Told By Prophets So What Effect Would It Have If A Scholar Says It. So To Change This Mentality The Religion Has Shown An Effective Way And That Is To Change The Viewpoint Of People, Do It With Your Character. There Is One Tradition That Says; Become The Preachers For People But Not With Your Tongue But Through Character. This Means Change The Viewpoints Of People With Your Character. When People See A Wise, Graceful, Nice, Elegant And Dignified Human Being They Automatically Change Their Mentalities And Admit That They Were Wrong About The Person. Whenever The Public Meets A Nice Personality And See That He Is Very Humble And Honorable They Immediately Bring A Change In Themselves And Change Their Thoughts. Ameer Ul Momineen Ali (as) Said That The One Who Has Designated Himself To Lead People, Whether It’s The Leadership In Education Or In The Affairs Of Worship Or The Leadership In Any Other Field. He Should Educate Himself First Before He Instructs Other People. If He Starts From His Own, Then Success Is Guaranteed.

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