Cleansing And Purification

Quran States That The Third Thing That Is Needed For Arousing (Mab’oos) Of A Human Is The Self-cleansing And Purification. Clean And Purified State Meaning The Religious Scholar Should Be Clean Of Those Things That Take A Person To The Valley Of Things That Are Not Up To His Stature. Greed, Gluttony, Voracity, And Beggar Ship Are Those Things That Do Not Suit The Status Of A Religious Scholar. Hence Distancing From These Things Brings In Cleanliness Of Soul. The Cleanliness Of A Religious Scholar Should Be Like This. The Religious Scholar Should Be Self-respectable And Dignified. Quran Is Saying That There Are Some People That Rich People Think Of Them As Prosperous And Generous Due To Their Dignity, Even Though They May Not Have Eaten For Many Times, Their Kids Are Hungry But They Don’t Let Anyone Around Them Sense Their Condition. They Do All This Because They Have Faith In Allah, These Are The Soldiers That Sit In The Bunkers Of Islam Whereas There Are Many Who Make The Mosque As Their Personal Shops.

If A Trader Is Placed In A Bunker And Given Arms And Ammunition And Is Told That The Enemy Is In Front Of You And You Have To Defend This Village Or Town; Then There Also He Will Even Bring Things There To Sell; He Will Put The Gun On The Side And Focus On Flourishing His Shop First. Similarly, God Forbid That Mosque Becomes A Business Too Where A Businessman Goes And Gets Settled. But When An Empty Stomached Soldier Goes There And When The People Around Him Tell Him That You Don’t Have Anything In The House, Go Work Somewhere To Feed Yourself And Your Family, His Reply Is That My Priority Is To Save The Religion Of God, If I Go Work Somewhere I Can Earn As Much As Any Other Person And Give My Family A Lavish Life But The Religion Of Allah Will Be Left Alone If I Did That.

Were There Not Any Scholars Present At The Time Of Karbala? When Imam Hussain (as) Stood Up, Medina Was Full Of Scholars, Mecca Was Full Of Scholars, Grand Holy Personalities Were Present, They Were So Holy That They Would Never Get Up From Their Prayers Mats, Twenty-four Hours They Were On Their Prayer Mats, They Would Even Sleep On These Mats, Their Ablutions Will Never Get Broken, And Even If They Broke They Would Refresh It Right Away, Meaning They Were So Conscious Of Their Cleanliness But When Imam (as) Called Upon Them To Rise, They Did Not Come! Those Grand Holy Personalities, Those Scholars, Those Historians, Those Narrators Of Hadees Did Not Come, That Time No One Stood Up, Only Syed-u-Shohada (as) Took The Stand. It Wasn’t Because These People Did Not Feel The Pain Inside, It’s Because They Had Become Degraded And Disgraceful In Reality. Hence Those Traits That Degrade And Demean A Person, It’s Very Important To Stay Away From Them. When A Soldier Becomes Capable For A Bunker Then He Is Called The Imam, Islam Calls Him Imam But If He Doesn’t Have Self-respect In Him Then People Around Him Hire Him As Servant Not An Imam. E.g. If You Send Someone In The Role Of Imam But He Is Offered A Job Then He Quits The Title Of Imamat And Goes For The Job And Doesn’t Like To Stay In The Mosque As An Imam But As A Servant. Imam Never Sells The Title Of Imamat In Return For Bread And Never Accepts The Occupation.

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