Scholars Should Maintain The Sanctity Of Imamat

Allah Gave Imamate To Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s). Aa’zar Was In Hazrat Ibrahim’s (a.s) House, And He Was Also His Guardian. He Said O Ibrahim Look After My Business, I Make Idols And Then Sell Them, I Am The Imam Of Idol House And Also A Pastor, You Should Also Join Me In My Business As It Will Be Beneficial To You And Me. I Have Become Old Now, There Should Be Someone To Run My Business After Me So Come Work With Me. Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s) Said That Allah Has Made Me The Imam Of People; I Cannot Leave This Great Post Given By Allah To Me And Become Your Servant Especially I Will Never Work With These Idols. Meaning He Said That Allah Hasn’t Given Me An Occupation In Idols And Idol Temple, Factory Instead He Has Given Me The Imamat For The Whole Humanity; So I Chose Imamat On Everything. In The Path Of Imamat There Are Tremendous Difficulties So Allah Has Given The Scholars Two Kinds Of Positions. One Is That These Scholars Are Imams And Second Is That They Are Teachers. Imamat And Coaching Both Are The Roles Of Prophets. Even Though In These Times The Scholars Don’t Care About Either One Of Those And They Don’t Give Any Importance To Both Of These Roles.

Now A Day's Our Public Also Give More Importance To Ignorant, Sinners, Criminals And Political Leaders. As An Example If Anywhere There Is A Religious Scholar Standing And With Him Is Standing An Ignorant And Corrupt Politician The People Don’t Even Bother To Shake Hands With The Scholar But Will Greet The Politician With Their Heads Bowed.

Our Teacher Used To Tell Us A Story. These Days In Iran The Washrooms Are Built Inside Homes, But Before There Used To Be General Public Restrooms. There Used To Be Only One Restroom For The Whole Community Or Town I.e. A Large Hall Would Have Smaller Bathrooms In It. For Bathing; The Scholars, The Rich, The Poor All Would Go There And Bathe After Paying For The Service. One Day A Big Personality Of The City And A Grand Ayatollah Went To The Same Public Restroom At The Same Time On Friday; Before Bathing The Clothes Are Hanged In A Closet While The Staff Of The Restroom Gives You Towel That You Tie And Go To Take A Shower. This Ayatollah Also Demanded A Towel From The Staff So He Can Go For The Shower; But At The Same Time The VIP Personality Of The Area Was Also Came And He Wasn’t Alone. A Large Squad Of Entourage Was With Him, So The Whole Staff Of The Restroom Got Busy In Serving Them. This King Was Prepared To Be Taken For The Bath, There He Was Scrubbed With Soap And Shampoo Etc. Given A Massage, Oiled And Perfumed, And Groomed Properly, Then He Was Taken Out And Given A Brand New Robe To Wear. All This While The Religious Scholar (Ayatollah) Was Still Waiting For His Towel And No One Attended To Him. After The Washing And Cleaning When This King Of The Town Was About To Leave, The Town’s Jeweler Came In And Put A Ring On The King’s Finger But Kept The Gem Of The Ring Facing The Palm Of The Hand, And Asked The King How Was The Ring? The King Looked At The Ring And Said The Ring Is Beautiful And Nice But There Is One Defect In It That The Stone Of The Ring Is Inwards, If It Was Facing Outwards It Would Have Been Better Because People’s Rings Are Usually Outwards. The Jeweler Immediately Took The Ring And Ran Outside, Came Back And Put The Same Ring On The Finger Only This Time The Stone Was Facing Outwards. Now The King Was Very Happy And Said That The Jewelers Of Our Country Are Brilliant That They Can Fix A Ring In A Second. They Said You Are Right O King, People Like Him Do Live In Your Country. The King Gave The Jeweler A Handsome Amount Of Prize Money For His Effort. Meanwhile The Ayatollah Was Watching This Whole Scene Unfold. Now When The Restroom Was Free And Empty He Said To The Person To Give Him Towel Now And The Restroom In Charge Gave Him An Old Towel So He Can Go Bathe Himself.

The Religious Scholar Thought To Himself And Talked To God In His Heart, That O Allah What Kind Of System Is This, That I Am Such An Educated, Wise, Intelligent, Visionary, And A Pious Person And My Condition Is This That I Am Waiting Since Morning For A Towel, And This King Who Is So Stupid That He Doesn’t Even Know How To Turn The Ring Inwards Or Outwards, And Hundreds Of Men Are At His Service, So What Kind Of A System Is This? Later On When He Slept He Got The Answer In His Dream. The Answer Was That We Have Heard Your Grievance, And We Are Ready To Swap You With The King, We Will Give All His Wealth, Entourage And Also His ‘stupidity’ To You; And We Will Give Him All Your Poverty, Your Piety, Your Wisdom, Your Knowledge. If You Agree To This Say Yes And In The Morning When You Wake Up All Will Be Changed. He Said I Do Not Accept This At All. My Poverty With All Knowledge And Wisdom Is Much Better Than His Riches With All The Stupidity Along With It. Even If You Have All The Gold And Silver In The World But If The Person Doesn’t Even How To Turn The Stone Of Ring From Inside To Outside And For This Simple Thing Also A Technician Is Need That To Turn The Stone Of A Ring Inwards Or Outwards, A Technician Is Not Needed Then He Is A Big Fool.

This Story Is A Best Example For The Ulama Of This Age, That In Our Society Also People Tend To Respect Ignorant, Sinful Politicians And Officers Whereas They Don’t Value The Learned Ulama. If At One Place A Scholar And A Police Inspector Are Sitting Together, The Whole Crowd Will Stand Up For The Police Officer But For An Aalim A Taxi Driver Doesn’t Even Stand Up. The Religious Scholar Should Not Feel And Shouldn’t Think On These Terms That We Should Start Doing The Same Things To Gain The Attention Of The Masses; If You Do Then No Doubt Allah Will Give You The Wealth And Money But At The Same Time Take Away The Intellect, Taqwa, Knowledge And His Blessings From You. You Have Seen That Allah Has Given People The Money, Wealth, Servants, Prosperity, But Their Taqwa, Pain, Feelings, And Remembrance Of God Has Vanished. There Are People Present Like This That They Offer Fajr Prayers Only Once In A Blue Moon, Instead They Only Read Fajr As Qazá With Zohr And Asr. Because They Are So Busy With Their Schedules And Work Routine. Thus This World Does Not Value The Knowledgeable Scholars But The Scholars Should Value Themselves, They Should Know Their Place And Title That I Am The Imam And I Have To Keep The Sanctity Of My Imamate While Living Among The Ignorant And I Cannot Let This Go To Waste. This Feeling Of Responsibility Should Be Kept Alive Inside You At All Costs.

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