The Scholar Is An Institution, Movement And Ummah

A Religious Scholar Is An Ummah, And Movement In Itself, But Usually We See That The Scholars Are Very Fond Of Making Parties, And Organizations Just Like Public. It Means That The Scholar Does This Is Not Aware Of His Own Stature, This Is Just Like An Army General Starts Making An Organization Within In The Army, You Can Ask Him That Dear General You Are A General, The Commander Of Your Forces, The Whole Force Is 'in' You So Why Do You Want To Divide Your Own Force When This Entire Army Is Yours? Similarly The Whole Ummah Is Of The Religious Scholar So The Scholars Should Not Divide The 'Ummah'. Even If Someone Is Against A Scholar Still He Is Part Of The Ummah, He Is Still The Follower Of The Scholars, He Shouldn't Be Distanced Also In Fact He Should Be Persuaded. If Someone Is Misunderstood, Or Is A Victim Of Some Propaganda Then The Scholars Should Bring Him Closer And Correct His Confusion. The Scholars Should Realize Their Position Because A Real Scholar Is An Institution, A Movement In Itself So They Should Respect Themselves. I Often Tell The People That Are In The Same Field As Me, That If People Don't Realize Our Value At Least We Should Know Our Own Value. The People May Think Of Us As Servants But We Shouldn't Think Of Ourselves As A Mere Worker, Hence Our Working Mode Should Be Religious, Purpose Should Be Allah And The Path Should Be That Allah Has Inscribed For Us, And To Cover This Path Should Also Be According To The Guidelines By Allah.

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