Mosques Are Part Of The Divine System

One Task That The Scholars Should Immediately Undertake And This Task Can Only Be Done With Awareness Is That Right Now The Mosques Are Not Running According To The Divine System, The Mosques That Have Religious Scholars Are Usually Run By Trusts Or Organizations, And The Ones Who Have Made These Trusts Or Associations Are Themselves Not Very Well Aware Of The Religion Itself. The Key Holder Of The Mosque, The System, The President Of The Mosque, The Secretary And The Treasurer Etc. Are Generally These Type Of People, Whereas Allah Has Given The Authority Of The Mosque To A Religious Scholar. The Trust Or The Association Isn't Made By Allah, Instead Allah Has Made An Imam For The Mosque. So The Mosque Is The Home Of Allah But The System We Have To Run A Mosque Is Not Divine Or Religious. There Are Elections To Run A Mosque, Where One Candidate Runs A Campaign, A Smear Campaign Against The Other That His Opponent Is A Corrupt Individual And Not To Vote For Him, And Vice Versa With The Other Candidate Too. So It Means That No Matter In Whose Hands The Mosque Goes To, It Is Going In The Hands Of A Corrupt Person, As A Result There Are Always Fights And Disputes In The Mosques, The Main Reason Of This Is Because The Scholars Didn't Recognize Their Positionand Did Not Lead. Ifnon Religious And Corrupt People Run The Mosques Than These Things Are Bound To Happen. In One City Of Pakistan, The Caretaker Of A Mosque Was Actually A Communist I.e. He Did Not Believe In God In The First Place, He Had Kept A 'Maulana', And Had Given Instructions To Maulana Too That You Are Suppose To Lead The Friday Prayers Like This. It Was Very Surprising That How Is This Possible, But He Even Admitted That Yes It Had Happened. Anyways We Have To Instruct Those People To The Ones Who Have Built The Mosques That They Are Not The Owners Of The Mosque, Even Though Allah Gave Them The Capacity To Build The Mosque But They Are Not The Owners Of The Mosque So The Mosque Has To Run According To The System Of Allah.

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