Keep The Mosques And Imambargah’s Busy All Year Round

The Mosques And Imambargahs Should Be Kept Busy All Year Round, But Now A Days They Are Only Used For Daily Prayers During The Year. The Scholars Should Turn These Into Educational Institutions, They Should Become The Centers Of Excellence And A Whole Generation Should Benefit From This. If This Happens Then Not Only Shia Kids But The Children Of The Whole Muslim Community Can Turn Into Soldiers Of Ahlulbayt (a.s). This Kind Of Work Is Being Done By Other Sects, They Are Doing It In Every Street, And We Are No Less Than Anyone. Their General Public Does The Preaching And If Our Religious Scholars Do The Preaching Then The Difference Will Be Very Obvious. If You See There The 'Tableeghi Jamat' Is A Public Preaching Organization, Where An Ordinary Person Can Get Up And Start Preaching, Whereas By The Grace Of Allah We Have Scholars Here.

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