Direction To Destination

Education And Upbringing, Self-purification And The Teaching Of The Book And Wisdom Are The Real Goals Of The Religious Scholars, So The Scholars Need To Develop The Skills For This. Even If The Scholars Demand From The Office Of The Supreme Leader That Workshops Should Be Arranged On Local Level So The Skills Of Ulama Can Be Polished, Then This Will Be Very Easy To Do. The Scholars Should Be In Touch With Each Other, They Should Meet Every Couple Of Years And Share Their Skills And Experiences And Should Help Each Other Out In Every Which Way. If One Scholar Is Facing Difficulties Then The Rest Of The Scholars Should Work Together To Solve His Problems.

After The Education And Self Purification, Another Thing That Is Very Important Is The Direction. Because If You Don't Have Knowledge You Are Ignorant And Lost, If You Haven't Purified Your Inner Self Still You Are Characterless, And If You Don't Have Direction Then This Is Also Very Very Harmful To You. By Direction It Means That You Should Know Your Course And Track, How Many Educated People You May Have Seen That Are Completely Confused, They Don't Even Know What To Do, They Are Completely Clueless. So The Direction Is Where An Alim Has To Go Himself And Lead The Nation In That Path Too.

By The Grace Of Allah And The Islamic Revolution And With The Presence Of Imam Khomeini (r.a), This Path Has Now Opened  For The Shiites, It Has Opened For The Whole Ummah, That You Are Suppose To Take The People In This Direction . Education, Upbringing, And Direction, If These Three Combine Than Only The Change Can Come. Some People Are Just Giving Education Without The Purification And Cleanliness Of The Soul, Some Are Giving Taqwa But There Is No Use As There Is No Direction To It, They Are Making Muttaqee People But Their Example Is Like A Driver Who Is Stuck In Traffic, They Don’t Even Know Where To Go. These Kind Of Muttaqee Drivers Can Never Bring A Person Anywhere And We Become Happy That The Driver Is A Very Muttaqee Person. What Good Is That Taqwa If He Cannot Take Us To Our Destination? He Is Pious, Doesn’t Do Any Bad Things Like Drugs Etc. But He Is Confused And Stuck, He Is Clueless And He Doesn’t Even Know Where To Go Just Like A Driver Who Is Stuck In Traffic. Similarly There Is No Use Of Those Muttaqee People The Ones Who Don’t Even Know The Direction Of Where They Are Going.

These Muttaqeen Were Also Present At The Time Of Imam Hussain (as). Abdullah Bin Omar Was Also Among These Muttaqeen. He Was A Very Devout Muslim, Always Worried About Prayers, Hajj, Zikr Of Allah Etc. When Imam (as) Was In Mecca He Was In Mecca Too. But This 'Muttaqee' Person Did Not Know What To Do? He Did Not Pledge Allegiance To Imam Ali (as), He Did Not Pledge Allegiance To Imam Hassan (as) And Did Not Pledge Allegiance To Imam Hussain (as) Also. Some Historians Say He Pledged Allegiance To Yazeed, Some Say He Pledged Allegiance To Hajjaj Bin Yusuf's Feet. So There Are Muttaqee People Like Him Too That Don't Even Know Who Their Imam Is? What Good Is That Devotion And Taqwa? We Can Say He Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Didn't Gamble, Didn't Drink, But What Is The Benefit Of All These Good Things If A Person Cannot Recognize Imam Ali (as), Where A Person Cannot Even See The Straight Path, This Taqwa Is Worthless. Like Quran Has Said That There Are Certain Deeds That Will Be Confiscated And They Will Not Give You Any Benefit.

Today The Direction That Can Deliver Us From All Evil Is The Ideological Way Of Imam Khomeini (r.a). This We Have To Adopt Ourselves And Bring Our Students On This Path Too, And Bring The Ummah On This Track Too. Because Wherever This Ideology Has Reached It Only Brought Respect And Honor There. This Ideology Reached Iran, Iran Got The Protection And Respect And Honor And Dignity. This Ideology Reached Lebanon, The Shiites Of Lebanon Achieved Respect And Dignity, And Insha'Allah When This Ideology Will Reach Pakistan, Then Pakistan Will Get Her Dignity And Respect Too And Will Be Delivered From All Bad Things. By The Grace Of Allah Almighty This Way Of Quran And Ahlulbayt (a.s) Is The Same Way That Imam Khomeini (r.a) Elaborated.