The System Of Wilayat


With all praises and thanks to Allah(s), Bethat Islamic Research Center (B.I.R.C) is pleased to present another English publication on the works of Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi. This subject which is generally misunderstood by many of the followers of “Wilayat” as a subject of mere belief, expression of love and gratification and sectarian debates is proved in this book that “Wilayat” is the axis of religion which in fact is a system of governance demanding an implementation in the society. The author elegantly presents certain thought provoking tactics of enemies of Islam used to distort and deviate “Wilayat” from its actual focal point. These tactics were adopted at the time of the incident of Ghadeer and are in place today also. This book aims to clarify some of the common doubts and controversies induced in the minds of our younger generation regarding the subject of “Wilayat” and specifically Islamic governance and “Wilayat-e-Faqeeh”. Once again the author’s heart rendering sentimental comments associated with the historical defenders of “Wilayat” arouses the reader’s inner self to an extent of waking them from the deep slumbers of carelessness and unawareness towards Willayat as a System of Governance. The author has done enough justification with the methodology of presentation whereby the book ends with a conclusion that in the current era those who are not supporting, preaching or want to remain unconcerned with “Wilayat” as a system of governance and specifically “Wilayat-e-Faqeeh” are in fact tools in the hands of enemies and are indirectly supporting the cause of enemies. What more can be expected when the Author who is a master on interpreting the thoughts of Iqbal, presents a poem of Allama Iqbal to logically justify his argument.

After exposing the System of Wilayat the author moves the discussion towards the non divine systems of governance. The author again talks under the light of Holy Quran presents the Pharaoic system as a case study to analyze the impact and the evil effects which a Pharaoic system leaves on the people who have accepted to live under this system willingly or unwillingly. The Author compares the Pharaoic system presented by the Quran to the current system of governance in the world.

The Author than explicitly talks about the conspiracies to off track the System of Wilayat and what formula the Infallible Imams have provided us to preserve Imamat. A series of Question and Answers are also listed in this book related to the same subject which would help in answering similar questions arising in the minds of the readers.

This book God willing would be an eye opener to all those who have a desire and thirst towards a better understanding and recognition of the subject of “Wilayat”.

Syed A.V Rizvi

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