Recognition of Pure Religion


Religion is present in the life of all believers, but how much difference this religion makes in our lives in this world and what effect, results this religion will grant me in the hereafter is questionable. We are ourselves aware about the several forms of religion and practices in the name of religion being present amongst us which leaves us in a state of confusion. A believer should always be in pursuit of truth and the biggest truth is to find the true and pure religion. Recognizing a pure religion which is free from adulteration which takes man towards his purpose of creation is the fundamental need of humanity. This book is a guideline towards this subject which addresses three primary areas related to the subject; one is to understand those fundamentals by which you can recognize a pure religion; second is to understand the expectations which this pure religion has from its followers that is the duties and responsibilities which religion imposes on the believers. The third area is related to the calamities and banes of accepting and following the pure religion which means how to remain secure in terms of treading on the right path. This book which is based on a series of lectures delivered by Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (h.a) to an international youth’s forum is a gem for every believer who is in pursuit of truth. The book presents a map which every believer can follow to find out where they are standing and whether they are heading in the right direction or not. This makes this book not just a must read but a must study and a guidelines manifesto which should be always present with believers.

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