Zakat ul Fitrah and Abandonment of Zakat by Shia Fiqh


The second issue that is also important after the crescent sighting is also related to the daily affairs of our life. But since we are Muslims of Ramazan we are not concerned on other days as to how we should be delivering our religious affairs. What are the regular, daily religious affairs and how to manage those? These gaps are coming and will keep on coming because of a fundamental deficiency. Some say that we should resolve these issues scientifically which you can try out but the real problem is in the fundamental deficiency. Science cannot take the place of Islamic governance, the astronomers cannot replace religious rulership. The actual gap, deficiency of Islamic governance and all these issues where we are entangled are related to the Islamic ruler. Where there is no Islamic ruler and issues are handed over to ordinary people then such things happen. You can see for school holidays the government decides when school holidays will start but if instead of government we ask the weather department or science as to when the school holidays will begin then these are social subjects and are not of science. These are the topics of governance about the affairs of nation, community and related to people.

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