Fitrat” is the fundmental subject of self recognition and again this book is the translation of Hujjatul Islam Syed Jawad Naqvi series of lectures delivered on this topic. This topic is not academic but is a topic that touches the soul and if the reader does justice to the subject than it would change his perception towards his self. The addressee of this entire book is the reader’s own self. The basis of this subject is the verse 30 of Surah Rum, where Allah brings man attention to the creation of “Fitrat” of human beings which gives uniqueness to his creation differentiating man from all other creations. The privilege, nobility and gem of human being is from “Fitrat” and this “Fitrat” whose direction by birth is placed towards the religion of Allah and whose destination is the essence of Allah gets subjugated and lost. The consequence of being unfamiliar with this fundamental topic is devastating and has resulted into big mistakes done by human beings across history. The basis of subject is once again the instructions of the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenei’s (d.a) message to the religious preachers to present to the masses the Lessons from Karbala. This implies specifically to understand why those who were once followers and companions of Prophet (s.a.w.s) and Imam Ali (a.s) came and slaughtered their son Hussain ibn Ali (a.s) in the most brutal manner. The author here presents a fundamental root cause analysis behind the event of Karbala. By understanding this subject of “Fitrat” the entire event of Karbala gets divided into groups of people who were either victims of devastated “Fitrat” or those who really shined their “Fitrat” and achieved felicity. I am once again grateful to Allah for blessing me with this privilege of translating such an esteemed work.         

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