Preparation Of HEART

The Preparation Of The Heart Is That It Should Remain Preserved As The Sanctity Of Its Owner (Allah). Any Non Acquainted (Na Mahram) Should Not Enter Its Precincts. If An Unacquaint- Ed Being Enters The Heart, The Secrets Present Inside Return Back. This Is Because Secrets Are Not Revealed To Non Acquainted Persons, They Are Meant For Acquainted Beings Only. Who Is An Acquainted (Mahram) Being? One Who Does Not Allow Any Stranger To Enter Its Precincts And Is Very Careful, Such Beings Are Affected By The Divine And Sacred Talks. The Preaching Does Not Impact Us For Two Reasons; One Is That The Preaching Is Not Coming From The Heart. It Is Being Delivered By The Mouth In Lieu Of Some Fees. Discourses Deliv- Ered By Taking Compensations Do Not Come From The Heart It Comes From The Pocket. The One That Comes Out Of The Pocket Enters The Pocket Only And Does Not Proceed Towards The Heart. The Infallibles (a.s) Have Not Expressed This Religion By Taking Fees Or Compensation.

We Are Not Taking Any Fees For Propagating Religion. It Has Come From Our Heart And You Should Accept It In Your Heart. You Should Vacate Your Heart Of Strangers And It Should Only Have The Remembrance Of Allah, Then Only Will The Words Of His (s.w.t) Ambassadors Enter The Heart. This Is The Second Reason That We Listen To Many Things, But They Are Not Effective Because Even Though It Is Coming Out From The Heart Of The Speaker, The Receiving Heart Is Not Prepared For It. Allah (s) Says To The Prophet(s).

O Prophet! Do Not Take So Many Pains And Do Not Get Yourself Tired So Much, Why? This Is Because Whether You Tell Them Or Not It Will Have No Effect On Them. It Is Not Because His (s.a.w.s) Secret Is Not Coming From The Heart, But Because On The Receiving Side We Have Placed Seals And Locked The Heart. First You Need To Purify The Heart From Unacquainted Strangers. And These Strangers Could Be Anyone. It Could Be Love And Attraction Of Someone, Attraction Towards Something, Some Imagination, Some Belief, Some Thought. Till The Time This Unacquainted Stranger Is Present In The Heart The Secrets Of Allah Do Not Reach The Heart. Man Has Been Taught Certain Etiquettes Like That Of Ritual Purification. Ritual Purification In Its Outward Form, Is Purification Of The Body, But In Reality It Is The Purifica- Tion Of The Heart. One Is Purification And Then There Is The Secret Behind Purification. The Ritualistic Washing Of The Body Is A Symbolic Outward Act, Which Is Meant To Develop A Real Purification Of Our Heart. The Proof Of This Outward Purification Can Be Achieved Either By Water And If Water Is Not Available, It Can Even Be Done With Sand (Tayyamum). Sand If Ap- Plied On Face Makes The First Dirty But Here It Is Said That It Is Giving You Purification. Since Washing With Water Or Wiping With Sand Are Both Symbolic Acts, Purification Is Achieved. The Actual Purification Is That Of The Heart Which Is Essential For The Words Of The Infallibles (a.s) To Be Effective On Man.

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