The Infallible Propagators Of Ashura

All The Infallibles Who Came After The Event Of Karbala Were The Propagators Of The Mes- Sage Of Karbala. They Were The True Propagators Of The Message, Secret And Philosophy Of Karbala. In All The Ziarats The Philosophy Of The Ziarat Of Infallibles (which We Shia’s Recite On Their Grave), Which Is Present, Cannot Be Understood Till Date By Wahabism. They Are Not Able To Make Out What Is The Philosophy And Wisdom Behind The Ziarat And Specifically The Recitation Of These Testimonials For These Imams Of Religion. There Is A General Wisdom Behind The Ziarat Of Any Infallible (a.s) But There Is Also A Wisdom And Philosophy Behind A Specific Ziarat As Well.

We Know That When We Visit The Graves Of Infallibles We Are Rewarded For It (Thawaab) And The Level Of This Reward Will Be Relative To The Elevated Grade Of That Infallible (a.s). The Highest Grade Amongst All Infallibles Is That Of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) And There Is No One Equivalent To Him Amongst The Infallibles And Non Infallibles. Then As Mentioned By Infallibles (a.s) Themselves, After The Prophet (s) His Successor Imam Ali (a.s) Has The Most Elevated Degree Amongst Infallibles. Then Imam Askari (a.s) Says That We Are The Accomplishment Of The Proof Of Allah (Hujjatallah) For People And Our Grandmother Lady Fatema (s.a) Is The Accomplishment Of Proof (Hujjat) On Us (Infallibles). These Are The Different Grades Of Infallibles And Amongst These Grades The Doyen Of Martyr Himself Says That; I Wish I Would Be A Soldier Amongst The Soldiers Of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s). These Are All The Degrees Of Imamat And Wilayat That Are Expressed By The Infallibles Themselves. I Have Narrated One Statement From Few Infallibles So That You Are Convinced That There Are Different Degrees In Them And Based On The General Philosophy And Wisdom Behind The Ziarat (paying Homage To Their Graves) Subject To Their Degree And Rewards, Will Also Be Equivalent To The Ones Blessed To Visit Their Grave. This Means The Rewards For Visiting The Grave Of The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) Is The Maximum Because He Has The Highest Degree.

This Is Where You Need To Pay Attention That All These Infallibles Have Expressed The Degree And Significance Of Some Other Infallible And Asked The People To Visit Their Graves. But All These Infallibles Together Have Extremely Emphasized On The Ziarat Of The Shrine Of The Doyen Of Martyrs. The Emphasis On This Ziarat Is So High That Late Sheikh Kashiful Gitta, Sheikh Jafar-e-Kabeer And Other Scholars After Him Including Sahibe Jawahir Also Present That The Emphasis On The Ziarat Of The Doyen Of Martyrs Is So High That We Jurists (Faqeeh) Developed This Doubt That This Ziarat Is Obligatory In The Same Way As Hajj.

The Emphasis For Ziarat Of Any Other Infallibles Shrine Is Not Done To This Extent That It Develops The Feeling That It Is Obligatory. You Should Not Develop A Bad Impression About These Jurists. They Have Not Issued A Verdict (Fatwa), But Have Just Said That They Were Doubtful That This Ziarat Deserves So Much Importance As If It Were Obligatory (Wajib). Man Should At Least Visit Karbala Once In His Lifetime. Though The Ziarat Of Ameerul Mo- Mineen (a.s) Is In Najaf, The Shrine Of Prophet (s) Is In Medina, But Still The Maximum Emphasis Is On Visiting The Shrine Of Imam Hussain (a.s) In Karbala. This Was The Arrange- Ment Which The Infallibles (a.s) Had Ensured That People Visit Karbala And As Part Of This Teaching A Specific Stature Was Given To The Sand Of Karbala. They Have Issued Verdicts And Given Orders To Prostate On The Turbah Made From The Sand Of Karbala And Several Merits Of The Sand From The Land Of Karbala Were Mentioned By The Infallibles.

People Raise This Question That When The Sand Of Karbala Is Having So Much Significance Than The Sand From The Shrine Of Holy Prophet (s) Should Have More Significance. They Are Astonished As To Why We Make Turbah From The Sand Of Karbala And Not From The Sand From Medina? This Question Might Be Present In Our Minds Also. We Might Be Thinking This Because Of The Local Authorities’ Restrictions In Medina Which Does Not Allow Us To Bring The Sand From There. This Is Not The Case And Even If There Are No Restrictions, The Sand Of Karbala Has Much Higher Significance. These Were The Arrangements Made By In- Fallibles To Get Special Attention Of People Towards Karbala. We Also Do Such Things Like If Someone Has Some Questions And Confusions About Religion We Somehow Try To Get Him In Our Religious Gathering (Majalis) So That When The Message Is Delivered It Might Enter His Heart. All These Arrangements Were Made To Invite People For The Ziarat Of Imam Hussain And The Infallibles Have Themselves Also Done Many Ziarat’s To His Shrine. The Infallibles Would Visit From Medina, Baghdad And Wherever They Were Based; Why? Not For The Sake Of Earning Rewards (Thawaab). They Are Not Like Us Who Are Always Concerned About Re- Wards. The Infallibles Are Instead Saying To Allah That Even If Allah Would Not Have Created Heaven And Hell They Would Still Have Worshipped Him The Same Way. A Point To Be Noted Is That The Reward (Thawaab) Is Not One Of The Names Of Allah, It Is The Name Of The Boun- Ties Of Allah, Which Means It Is Other Than Allah. So If Someone Is Only Concerned About Rewards (Thawaab) Then He Is Doing His Worships For Something Other Than Allah. These Bounties Are Those That Will Be Received By Man In The Hereafter. The Infallibles Are Sayingthat We Do Not Worship You To Acquire Your Bounties Instead We Worship So As To Acquire You. I Am Not Prostrating In Front Of You Because I Am A Captive Of Your Bounties. Allah Is Different And Bounties Of Allah Are Different. So Why Were These Infallibles Visiting The Shrine Of Imam Hussain (a.s)? Were They Visiting To Fulfil Some Of Their Wishes Which Were Not Getting Fulfilled From Other Sources? Why Is One Infallible Coming As A Visitor (Zaair) To The Shrine Of Another Infallible? What Does Your Heart Say? Was Imam Baqir Visiting The Shrine Of Imam Hussain To Get Some Of His Desires (Haajat’s) Fulfilled? So If Someone Thinks That Imam Baqir(a.s) Or Other Imam’s Desires Were Not Getting Fulfilled By Their Own Supplications And Hence They Were Visiting The Shrine Of Imam Hussain (a.s), Than How Can We Do Tawassul For Our Desires Through These Other Imams?

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