Prerequisite Environment

It Is Necessary That We Enter This Atmosphere Rather Than Bring It Into Our Own Mental Atmosphere. This Is Because, We Try To Bring In Many Things From Our Environment And Atmosphere And When They Come Into Our Environment A Curtain Falls Over Them, Causing A Layer Of Dust Over Them, Turning Them Something Totally Different. In A Way These Become Slightly Like Us, For Instance A Person Speaking English With An Urdu Accent Will Seem Strange To A Person Who Is Truly English. They Feel Offended And Disturbed When They Hear Their Language Being Spoken In Such An Awkward Manner. Similarly, If We Change The Style Of Something That Was Bestowed Upon Us By The Infallibles, The Infallibles Are Also Of- Fended In The Same Manner. They Are Hurt By Our Insolence, Because Instead Of Us Getting Into The Atmosphere Where The The Statements Were Issued, We Have Begun To Form Our Own Interpretations Of The Statements With Regards To Our Environment And Given Them A Meaning Of Our Own.

In This Discussion, We Will Point Out The Changes We Have Made To These Testimonials (Zi- Arat) And The Same Goes For Supplications, Traditions And Even The Holy Quran. What Are These Changes That We Have Placed On These Things? It Is Necessary For Us To Know What These Pilgrimage Testimonials (Ziarat Naama) Are And For This We Need To Enter The Envi- Ronment Where These Were Revealed.

There Are Different Aspects Of These Testimonials; One Dimension Being The One Where We Recite With A Specific Intention Whereby We Have Been Told That Whenever We Pay Homage To The Grave Or Any Infallible (a.s) We Should Recite These Testimonials, While It Is Also Said That If We Are Not Blessed With The Visits To Their Graves Then Also On All Religious Occasions, Events And Days We Should Recite These Sitting At Home. But Why Should We Recite Them?

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