The Method For Preservation Of Testimonials

This Is Because These Testimonials Have Been Compiled With Wisdom. Firstly They Were Compiled Under A Visionary Wisdom, Which Means Under A Certain Thought And Mentality After Which This Visionary Wisdom (Hikmat-e-Nazari) Was Given The Face Of An Act Of Wis- Dom (Hikmat-e-Amali). It Was A Thinking And Thought Process Which Was Given A Practical Shape. This Was Done In Order To Protect And Preserve These Messages, Facts And Secrets Of The Ahlulbayt (a.s) So That Whenever A Capable Person Came And Refered To These He Should Be Able To Understand What Message Has Been Delivered To Him. There Are Certain Things That Are Moved With Utmost Precaution And Protection From One Place To Another. Like In Religious Gatherings, The Majority Of People Come On Their Own To Attend The Program But There Are Few Who Would Have Been Sent By Someone To Attend These Lectures And Listen To What Is Being Said. They Belong To Such Organizations Whose Job Is To Transfer Information From Here To There And There To Here.

Information Is Also Of Various Degrees And Grades, Or We Can Say That Information Is Classi- Fied Into Different Grade Categories. Some Information Is Ordinary, Which Is Even Relayed From The Media And Everyone Is Invited To Read And Know About Them, But There Is A Second Category Of Information, Which Is Internal Implying That It Should Be Only Known To Cer- Tain Related Personnels And Not To All. The Third Degree Of Information Is Not Even Known To Related Persons And Only An Acquainted Few Know Of It And This Type Of Information Is Referred To As Secret Information And Should Not Be Known To Everyone But Only To A Very Special Category Of Individuals. Then There Is A Fourth Degree Of Information, Which Is Only Known To One Or Two Persons And Such Kind Of Information Is Known As Top Secret Things. These Are Things Which Are Only Known To One Or Two Selected Person Of The Gathering Or Intelligence Organization, But In Our Country (Pakistan) Every Citizen Is Aware Of The Top Secrets Of Our Nation.

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