The Trend Of Infallibles (A.S) In Revealing Information

Allah (s) Has Made The Prophets And Imams Of Guidance As Protectors Of Religion, Propa- Gators Of Religion And Establishers Of Religion. They Have To Take Religion From Allah, Invite People Towards This Religion, Make Them Understand Religion And Then Implement This Religion Among People. This Is The Duty Which Has Been Assigned By Allah (s) To The Infal-libles, To Implement The Values Of The Religion. While Delivering These Duties There Are Certain Things Which Are Common And Could Be Known By Everyone. Whether It Is Friends Of Religion, Enemies Of Religion, Believers And Non Believers, Whoever Listens And Becomes Aware Of These Things Does Not Create Any Difference Or Causes Any Harm. The Infallibles Should Also Be Talked About In Front Of Everyone. The Issues Of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) That Is Matters Related To Prayers, Ablution, Tayyamum Can Be Openly Talked About, As It Does Not Cause Harm Irrespective Of Whether Friends, Enemies Or Strangers Are Listening To It. Something Which Is Not A Secret And Is Related To Everyone Should Reach Everyone. The Infallibles Had Made Arrangements Regarding Such Matters So That On A One On One Basis These Teachings Should Reach Everyone.

There Were Some Other Topics Which Did Not Possess Such General Behaviour And Were Not Supposed To Reach Every Individual, So Instead, These Were Handed Over To Certain Specific Persons Asking Them To Keep It Under Their Custody And Not Be Told To Others. There Were Certain Other Things Which Were Top Secret, Which Were Revealed By One Infallible To An- Other Infallible And Then Related To A Non-Infallible Person. This Has Been A Trend Of The Infallibles For Which Evidences And Proofs Are Also Present For Your Affirmation. I Will Give A Few Indications Of This So That We Get A Better Understanding Of This Prerequisite Discus- Sion And Enter The Environment With Some Knowledge. There Are Certain Things Which The Infallibles (a.s) Only Preached To Specific Persons.

eligible Persons, Like Mehrabi? We Are Ready To Delivery But There Is No One Like Mehrabi To Whom We Can Deliver This Trust And Present These Secrets. Imam Said That If You Can Also Develop The Sense, Maturity, Understanding And A Broad Chest Like Mehrabi Than We Can Reveal The Secrets To You As Well.

There Are Many Such Examples Present In Narrations, Which State That The Moment Certain People Entered A Gathering In The Presence Of Imams During Ongoing Discussions; Imam Would Change The Topic Of Discussion. Sometimes The Topic Would Change Because The Persons Coming In Would Be Suspicious And Could Be A Spy Of Enemies, As Bani Umayyah And Bani Abbas Used To Send Spies To The Gathering Of Imams (a.s). But At Times Even When It Was Assured That The Person Entering The Gathering Was A Not Spy And In Fact Was A Close Follower, The Imams Would Still Change The Topic Of Discussion. Why? This Was Because The Person Who Had Entered The Discussion When A Precise Or A Deep Point Was Being Ex- Pressed, Was Not Eligible For This Discussion, As He Did Not Have A Broad Chest And His Men- Tality Was Not Prepared To The Level Which Could Absorb These Deep Meanings. This Was The Reason That Imams Did Not Like That This Discussion Should Reach Such A Person But When The Same Person Later Reached The Stage Of Eligibility, Imam Would Express The Same Mean- Ing To Him. There Are Many Such Examples Present, But Since This Will Take Us Away From Our Main Topic Of Discussion I Have Just Pointed Out One. So The Basic Point Is That Imams Would Talk About Certain Things To Only Specific Persons And Not To All. This Was Because These Were Their Secrets,not Theirs In Fact, These Were Divine Secrets And Were Only Meant To Reach That Person Who Was Capable And Eligible For Accepting Divine Secrets. Every Chest Cannot Protect The Secrets And Neither Can Every Mind Bear These Secrets. There Are Many Who Are Of Loose Tongue Whatever They Listen They Talk About It; They Leak Out The Secrets Of The Infallibles. It Is An Obligation On Everyone To Conceal Secrets. Just As Dissimulation (Taqiya) Has Been Mentioned About, Similarly There Are Many Traditions About Infallibles On The Subject Of Concealing Secrets (Qitman) And There Are Several Chapters On The Col- Lection Of These Traditions In The Aforementioned Books Of Tradition. It Should Be Clear That Concealing Secrets Means Keeping Secrets Under Veil, It Does Not Imply Concealing Or Hiding Truth.

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