Concealing Truth

The Quran Has Also Mentioned About Concealing Truth And Curses To Those Communities That Hide Truth. The Community Of Bani Israel And Their Priests Were Specifically Con- Demned In This Matter. Imam Hussain (a.s) Begins His Sermon Of Mina With This Note That The Scholars Of Bani Israel Were Cursed Because They Were Concealing Truth. This Sermon Was Delivered By Imam Hussain (a.s) In Mina On The Occasion Of Hajj Just One Year Before The Event Of Karbala. It Was Delivered In The Presence Of All Islamic Scholars And Elderly Personalities From The Islamic World Who Were Present There And Were Specifically Invited By Him (a.s). He Invited Personalities Of All Type Of Thoughts And Gathered Them In A Camp In Mina To Deliver This Sermon. Prior To Hajj, He Sent Messengers And Letters Across The Islamic World To Well Known Personalities Asking Them To Attend The Hajj That Year. It Was Similar To The Arrangement Made By The Prophet (s) In The Event Of Ghadeer. He (s.a.w.s) Invited All Known Personalities From Across The Islamic World To Attend The Hajj Ceremony That Year. In The Same Way The Doyen Of Martyrs In 59 A.H Invited All Big Personalities And Specifically Scholars Of The Islamic World To Participate In That Hajj For Which Many Came On Their Own While Many Others Participated Due To This Special Invitation. A Special Tent Was Prepared For These Personalities And Scholars Where They Gathered And Imam Hussain (a.s) Delivered A Sermon To Them. In One Part Of The Sermon Imam Hussain (a.s) Said: O Scholars Of Islam You Read The Quran And You Read This Verse In The Quran That Allah (s) Has Cursed The Jewish Rabbis (scholars). He (a.s) Recited Few Verses Of The Quran In This Regards To The Scholars And Said That These Are Verses In Which Allah (s) Has Cursed The Jewish Scholars. Then He (a.s) Asked Them To Ponder On The Reasons For These Curses. Why Did Allah (s) Curse The Jewish Scholars? Then He (a.s) Himself Mentioned The Reason Behind This Cursing. He (a.s) Said That The Jewish Community Deviated In Beliefs, Their Actions Became Evil And They Transgressed And Violated Religious Laws And Were Practicing Evils. When All This Was Happening The Scholars Were Sitting And Observing All This As Silent Spectators And Not Stopping Anyone From These Malpractices. They Have Neglected The Obligation Of Amr Bil Maroof And Nahi Anil Munkar (Commanding Towards Values And Prohibiting From Evils) And Hence These Scholars Were Cursed Prior To The People Be- Ing Cursed. They Were Cursed Because They Were Watching The People Move Towards Evil, But Did Not Stop Them From Doing So. They Were In Fact Prohibiting “Maroof” And Com- Manding “Munkar” With This Behaviour Of Theirs. This Was One Reason And The Second Reason He (a.s) Mentioned For Curses On Jewish Scholars Was Their Concealing Of Truth From People. They Were Aware Of The Truth Yet They Were Hiding It; They Were Concealing Truth And Therefore The Quran Has Severely Condemned Them,Why Do You Conceal Truth?  Why Do You Mix Truth With Falsehood? One Reference Which Was Very Clear And History Explicitly Mentions, Also For Which These Jewish Scholars Became Accursed Was That They Were Very Well Versed With All The Signs Of The Last Prophet (s.a.w.s). They Were Informed About All The Signs Of The Last Prophet (s.a.w.s) But When He (s) Appeared They Concealed All The Signs. They Did Not Reveal These Signs To Their People And Community And It Was For This Reason That The Quran Cursed Them.

The Doyen Of Martyrs Recited All These Verses In Front Of All The Scholars From Different Sects And Places Who Considered Him (a.s) As Imam Or At Least Considered Him As A Sacred Respected Personality. He (a.s) Was Telling Them That These Verses Of Curses On The Jew- Ish Scholars Were Not Because They Were Jews It Was Because They Were Concealing Truth. Thus Any Scholar Irrespective Of Which School Or Sect He Belongs To, Whether He Is Jewish, Christian Or An Islamic Scholar, When Truth Is Trampled In Front Of Him, “Maroof” (Values) Are Getting Neglected And When Evil Is Being Practised In Front Of Him And He Remains Si- Lent, All These Verses Of Curses Will Rise And Reach His Home.

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