Curses In Pilgrimage Testimonial

The Curses Do Not Go Where We Want Them To Reach; There Are Certain Things Which We De- Sire To Send Somewhere But They Reach Elsewhere Instead. If Someone Wants To Spit On The Sky; That Is If Someone Goes On His Roof Top And Raises His Head Upwards And Spits Towards The Sky, What Happens? Where Does The Spit Go? It Does Not Hit The Sky It Returns Back On The Face Of The Person Spitting. The Spit Does Not Reach Where We Wants It To Reach, In Fact It Reaches Where It Has To Really Reach. Whatever Attempts We Make, It Will Not Go Where We Want It To Go, But Will Go Where It Has To Go. Similarly There Are Many Things Which Will Always Go Upwards, Say A Cigarette Smoker Wants The Smoke To Go Down, It Will Not Go Down, But Go Upwards Instead. In The Same Way The Curses Are Also Not In Our Control, Which Means It Will Not Reach Where We Want It To Reach, It Will Reach Where It Has To Reach In Reality.

The Pilgrimage Testimonial (Ziarat Nama) Which Is Our Subject Of Discussion Has Curses In Abundance. We Recite Ziarat-e-Ashura And Send Curses Present In It But These Curses Go Where They Have To; So On Whom Are These Curses Going Upon? Imam Hussain (a.s) Told The Scholars Of The Islamic World That The Curses Go On Those In Front Of Whom Evils Are Being Practised But They Do Not Stop It. Now When He Is Sending Curses Irrespective On Where And On Whom He Sends Curses, It Turns Back On Him Only. The One Who Refrains From Doing Amr Bil Maroof, The Curses Come Back On Him And Those Who Conceal Truth After Being Aware Of It, The Curses Return To Their Homes, Irrespective Of Whom They Have Sent These Curses Upon. When A Jew, Christian, Muslim, Sunni Or Shia Whoever Recites These Verses Of Curse The Curses Will Turn Back Towards Them If They Are Concealing Truth And Not Doing Amr Bil Maroof. These Causes Wherever Present Will Make The Person Eligible For Being An Accursed One. This Interpretation And Exegesis Of This Verse Has Been Done By An Infallible (a.s) Hence No One Can Challenge And Say That His Interpretation Is Out Of Personal Opinion. No One Can Say That I Have A Different Opinion Because Then This Different Opinion Will Be Against The Interpretations Of Allah And The Infallibles And It Is Not Easy To Stand Against Them. If Someone Does This, The First Outcome Is That He Has Exited From Religion. Why Are The Khawarij (those Exited From Religion) Given This Name? It Was Not Because They Were Not Offering Obligatory Prayers Or Were Not Fasting. It Was Because Whatever The Infallible (Imam Ali (a.s)) Would Say, They Would Not Believe In It And Always Had Their Own Opinion About It. They Would Tell The Infallible (a.s) That This Is Your Opinion But In This Matter We Have Another Opinion Of Ours. Allah (s.w.t) Said That You Are Out From Religion, You Are Khawarij. Even If You Are Doing Your Prayers And Fasting Regularly, You Are Out From Reli- Gion. Thus The Quran Has Cursed Those Who Conceal Truth.

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