Concealing Secrets

There Is One More Thing, Concealing Which Is Mandatory As Opposed To Hiding Truth, Which Is Prohibited. What Is That? Keeping Secrets Concealed Is Mandatory Irrespective Of Whose It Is. It Is Even Said In Narrations That You Should Not Tell Your Personal Secrets To Anyone. It Is Incorrect To Reveal Your Secrets To Others As Well As Those Of Someone Else To A Third Person.

When Ameerul Momineen (a.s) Was Getting Married To Lady Fatema (s.a) The Marriage Covenant (Aqd) Was Recited By Prophet (s.a.w.s). This Was The First Time In History And Also In The Future That Two Infallibles Were Getting Married; This Has Never Happened Before And Will Not Happen Again Either. Apart From This, The Uniqueness Was That The Marriage Covenant For Two Infallibles (a.s) Was Also Recited By A Third Infallible (a.s). This Third Infal- Lible Is Telling The Infallible Husband And Wife About The Rights In The Sermon Of Marriage (Nikah). What Are Your Rights? The First Obligation Is That Marriage Is Not Just The Name Of Satisfaction Or Lust, In Fact It Is Meant For The Construction Of Life. When You Are Laying The Foundation For Creating A Family And Construction Of A Complete Family Life, It Should Be Done With All Etiquette. Thus Both Husband And Wife Do Not Have The Rights To Inform Each Other About Their Family Secrets. The Wife Has No Right To Talk About The Secrets Of Her Fam- Ily To The Husband And Similarly The Husband Has No Rights To Share The Secrets Of His Family With His Wife. The Difficulties Start From Here Where Clashes Take Place Within Few Months Not Matter Even If You Sit For Your Entire Life On The Praying Mat, Allah Will Never Reveal His Secrets To A Loose Mouthed Person. The Greatest Secret Of Allah; Baqiyatullah (a.t.f.s), The Remainder Of Allah, Is The Greatest And The Biggest Secret Of Allah. He (a.t.f.s) Has Said That During The Period Of Major Occultation Anyone Who Claims Meeting Me Is A Liar And The Biggest Of All Liars.

Those Who Fix The Time Of My Reappearance Are Cursed, Those Who Claim About My Meet- Ings With Them Are Accursed And Liars. Why? This Is Because Proclaiming By Tongue That I Have Met Him (a.t.f.s) Is Exposing A Secret; This Person Is Of Loose Mouth And Allah (s) Does Not Allow Any Loose Mouthed Person To Be Aware Of His Secret. This Does Not Mean That Meetings With Imam (a.t.f.s) Do Not Take Place; They Do Happen, But With Those Who Can Keep Secrets. When The Meeting Takes Place, The Lips Get Sealed And Do Not Open. Every Loose Mouthed Person Cannot Be Told About The Secrets. Baqiyatullah (a.t.f.s) Is The Most Esteemed Secret Of Allah And So Is Reappearance. Your Job Is Not To Prophecize About Reappearance, In Fact Your Duty Is To Be Expectant, To Wait And Prepare The Ground For Re- Appearance. We Have Confined Ourselves To Just Sit Inside A Room And Predict The Time For Reappearance. This Is The Greatest Secret Of Allah.

Mulla Sadra Was A Very Wise Person. It Can Be Said That After The Infallibles (a.s), If We Were To Count On Fingers The Names Of Few Big Personalitiese Than Mulla Sadra Would Be Among Them. This Is The Capital Of The Shiite And A Divine Gift Given To Shias. So Now We Should Also Learn The Ways Of Accepting Such Divine Gifts. The Way People Have Created Doubts And Distanced Us From The Infallibles, The Same Has Happened In Regards To These Personalities As Well. The Infallibles (a.s) Are The Biggest Of All Gifts And Bounties Given To Us By Allah But Some People From The Time Of The Advent Of Islam Till Date Have Created Continuous Suspi- Cions Thereby Keeping People Away From The Doors Of Wilayat. A Prominent Sunni Scholar Imam Fakhre Raazi Has Written In His Exegesis That ‘May Allah Curse Bani Umayyah Who Distanced People From The Doors Of Wilayat’; They Kept People Away From The Doors Of Ali And This Has Been The Biggest Oppression. Thus If This Can Happen That By Creating Doubts People Can Be Distanced From The Infallibles, It Can Also Happen That Today By Creating Doubts People Can Be Kept Away From Non Infallible Representatives Of Infallible Imams. This Is Not Something Astonishing Because The Same Doubts And Suspicions Were Used In That Era To Distance People From The Infallibles. Suspicions Create Doubts And Also Show Their Impact. They First Created Doubts To Keep Us Away From The Infallibles (a.s) And Then From Those Bounties Which Allah (s) Gave Us Through The School Of Ahlulbayt (a.s). This Elderly Person (Mulla Sadra) Is A Great Personality And I Do Not Have Words To Express His Greatness. I Can Just Narrate When Imam Khomeini (r.a) Send The Invitation Of Islam To Gurbachov, He Did Not Ask Him To Come To Islam And Read Our Myths (Jantri) Or Read Our Books Of Practical Laws. He Told Gurbachov That If You Want To Understand Islam And Want To Become Acquainted With Its Righteousness Then Come And Read Mulla Sadra. If You Read About Him, You Will Understand. Why Did He Say This? This Was Because Gurbachov Was The Son Of Marxism And Communism. Marxism Is A Very Complex Philosophy And Someone Who Has Adopted This Complex Philosophy Cannot Accept Islam By An Ordinary Muslim. Who Can Make Him Muslim? If He Is The Son Of A Complex Philosophy, Then We Have Here The Son Of Quranic And Divine Philosophy. Imam (r.a) Told Him To Come Out Of This Man Made Complex Philosophy Into The Laps Of Divine Philosophy. But Who Will Teach This? He Said Mulla Sadra Will Teach You This. There Are Some People Who Have Created Doubts And Conjectures About Mulla Sadra. Imam (r.a) Said In A Very Sentimental Manner That What Do You Know About Mulla Sadra?  α9la ”a ¹a ™'9l' ¹a 9  α9la  ”a ¹a . He Isknown By The Name Of Mulla Sadra, His Actual Name Is Different, But He Was Given The Title Of Sadr-ul-Muttalleheen, Which Means Leader Of Divine Wisdom. This Elderly Person Has An Ode About Secrets And Specifically About Divine Secrets. Since He Himself Is A Possessor Of Secrets He Says About Keeping Secrets:

Anyone Who Has Bee.n About The Secret Of Truth

His Mouth Has Been Shut, His Lips Have Been Stitched

After Knowing The Secrets Of Truth (divinity) A Person Does Not Betrays His Lips, He Has To Become A Possessor Of Secrets. Thus The Infallibles (a.s) Have Asked Us Not To Waste Their Secrets And To Conceal Them. The One Who Has No Secrets Has No Religion. It Is Mentioned In Traditions That Our Secrets Should Not Be Leaked.

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