Why Only 72 In Karbala - Unlocking This Code

These Were The Ones Who Were Privileged To Be Martyred With The Doyen Of Martyrs. We Should See, Look And Ponder Over These Two Categories Of People; One Is That Majority Who Remained Inside Their Homes And Second Was That Minority Who Came To Karbala; What Was The Difference Between Them? It Was Not That Those Who Came To Karbala Were Differ- Ent Types Of Human Beings With Different Needs As Compared To Those Who Did Not Come. Whatever These Seventy Two Possessed Others Also Had The Same. It Was Not That The Needs And Living Necessities For Those Who Did Not Come Was Far More Than These Who Came. It Was Not That Those Who Did Not Come Had Families Whereas These Seventy Two Did Not; Even They Had Family, They Had Children And Old Parents Who Were Being Cared For By Them. They Also Had Employments, Businesses, Occupancies And Other Commitments Just Like Others. So The Situation And The Circumstances Were The Same For Both The Categories; Those Who Came And Those Who Did Not Come. This Is The Code Which We Need To Unlock Over Here As To Why This Majority Did Not Come To Karbala That Too On Specific Invitations By Aba Abdil- Lah (a.s). When We Unlock This Code And Come To Know The Reason As To Why This Majority Did Not Come To Karbala, We Will Know The Secret Behind This Verse As To Why Such A Glori- Fied Salutation Has Been Sent On These Seventy Two With The Words:

O Aba Abdillah! We Send Salutations On You And Those Companions Of Yours Who Sacri- Ficed Their Lives In Your Company And Were Martyred Along With You. This Is The Code, A Secret Which We Need To Unlock And Unveil To Find Out Why Only Such A Small Number Came To Karbala. Was This Majority Not Able To Understand What Imam Hussain (a.s) Was Talk- Ing About? Was Their Intelligence And Wisdom Not Working? In The Sermon Of The Pious Present In Nahjul Balagha It Is Mentioned That One Of The Traits Of Pious Beings Is That They Do Such Things Which Are Above The Level Of Understanding Of Common Man And The Com- Mon World. They Take Such Steps Which Are Beyond The Level Of Understanding Of Ordinary Beings. Since What They Do Is Not Understood By The People; People Accuse Them Of Being Insane And Crazy. The Worldly People Call Them Insane And Crazy. The Mystical And Pas- Sionate Poets Are Also The Same, What They Write Is Not Understood By People And People Call Them Crazy. One Such Mystical Poets Says That There Is No Need For Us To Live In Moun- Tains And Forests To Be Termed As Insane; We Are Insane In The Cities And Towns Itself.

There Are Some People Who Are Insane While Living In Towns Because They Are Doing Things Which Are Not Understood By Others. People Question Them About What Problems They Have, What Kind Of Pain They Are Going Through? Why Are You Doing Such Absurd (for Them) Things? They Say That These People Have Lost Their Senses; They Do Not Understand Things, They Have Become Crazy And Are Doing Such Things Out Of Craziness. According To Allama Iqbal The Things Done By The Heart Are Such That The Mind (Aql) Considers It As Passion. Intelligence Sees It As Madness, What The Heart Considers To Be The Right Path (Seerat-e-Mustaqeem). Hence When The Heart Is On The Right Path, Till The Time You Don’t Do Things Which The World Calls Crazy Do Not Think You Are On The Right Path. The People Of The World Should Question You About Your Craziness.

Death Is In Front Of Their Eyes, Martyrdom Is Guaranteed, Their Children Will Become Or- Phans, Their Wives Will Become Widows, The Worldly Life Is In Front Of Them, But Still They Have Closed Their Eyes To All These Facts And Are Moving Towards Their Creator. Those Who Are Worldly Think Of This Step As Madness Only. They Say These Persons Are Passionate, Mad And Extremist Minded. Why Did They Come To Karbala? What Dragged Them To Karbala? The Behaviour Of Such Communities Is Analyzed In History As To Why This Community Behaved Differently From The Majority. When Iraq Was Attacked The Americans Thought That The Entire Iraqi Nation Would Give Them A Warm Welcome, Put Garlands Around Their Necks Because They Had Brought Salvation To The Nation From Saddam. They Were Surprised When They Saw The Opposite Happening. The Majority Of The Iraqi Nation Began To Demand Them To Leave Their Country. The Americans Were Surprised And Questioned As To What Had Hap- Pened To This Community? Are They Insane, Mad? Why Are They Behaving Like This? We Have Given Them Salvation And Freedom From A Tyrant And Rather Than Thanking Us They Are Asking Us To Leave.

Similarly When Elections Took Place In Palestine, The Palestinians Did Not Cast Their Votes For The Agents Of America And Israel But Instead Voted In Full Majority To Hamas. They Immediately Said That These Palestinians Had Gone Crazy And Mad. Hamas Is Only Going To Bring For Them More Difficulties, So Why Are They Selecting This Path? When The Iranian Nation Re-elected President Ahmedinjad, They Again Said That These People Are Mad, They Are Once Again Electing A President Who Is Confronting The World. They Said Iranians Are Insane, They Need A Leader Who Is Wise, Compromising, Diplomatic And Who Thinks About Economy Whereas They Have Elected A Person Who Only Talks About God, Faith And Revolu- Tion. The Historians Analyze Such Things But Unfortunately Most Of The Time They Come Out With Incorrect Conclusions.

Once Imam Khomeini (r.a) Was A Little Sick And He Did Not Give A Speech And Neither Did He Come On The Television For A Few Days. A Rumour Was Spread That Imam (r.a) Has Passed Away And The Government Has Concealed His Body And Was Not Declaring It. Then After Some Days Imam (r.a) Recovered From His Sickness And Came On TV To Deliver A Speech. In This Speech He Said That I Saw In The News And Also Read In Newspapers That This News Was Being Spread That Khomeini Has Passed Away And There Were Some Who Were Feeling Very Happy About It. They Were Thinking That With The Death Of Khomeini Their Difficulties Will Go Away And They Will Breathe Peaceful. Imam (r.a) Told That You Should Scrub You Intel- Ligence And Realize That Your Difficulty Is Not Khomeini, It Is Allah. Hence You Should Pray That Allah Should Die But This Will Not Happen, Because Allah Can Never Die. Hence Do Not Celebrate On The News Of The Death Of Khomeini Because Your Problem Is Allah. Till The Time Allah Is Present You Will Have To Live In Problems Because Allah Will Bring Someone Or The Other In Your Opposition. Allah Does Not Lack This. Some People Think That We Have No One To Help Us. They Do Not Read The Quran To See What Allah (s) Says:

The Treasure Of Everything Is In Our Hands But We Dispose It Within Limits. The Treasures Of Allah Are Full And You Just Need To Be Prepared. If You Are Prepared Then There Is An Abundance In The Treasure Of Allah.

Similarly Pharaoh Used To Say That This Moosa Is A Strange Person. He Has A Community Who Does Not Understand What He Says And What Others Say But Still This Moosa Is Confront- Ing Me With Just A Stick In His Hand. Imam Khomeini (r.a) Was Greatly Inspired By The Char- Acter Of Prophet Moosa. Imam (r.a) Would Say In His Speech That Those Who Get Involved With The Issues Of Means And Resources Thinking That First They Should Have The Means Then They Will Do Something Should Open The Quran And Read Inside It. The Quran Was Revealed On The Holy Prophet (s) But The Maximum Discussion Is About Prophet Moosa. The Name Of The Holy Prophet (s) Is Only Mentioned Twice Whereas The Name Of This Past Prophet Has Come Several Times. This Was Because This Prophet Was Presented As An Ideal To Tell Us That Even If You Are Confronting Pharaoh Without Anything And Just Have A Stick In Your Hand; Allah Will Turn This Stick Into A Weapon.

Those Who Are Sitting And Waiting For Big Means To Be Made Available For Them Should Look Into These Ideals The Quran Has Set For Us. Even If You Don’t Have Anything You Can At Least Break The Branch Of A Tree And Get A Stick For Yourself. If You Trust Allah Then These Sticks Would Turn Into Weapons But If You Trust Weapons Then These Weapons Will Turn Into Sticks. This Stick Will Not Just Turn Into An Ordinary Weapon That Would Break The Head Of A Person In Fact It Will Drown A Complete Devilish System. But To Do So The Stick Also Needs A Hand. Something Like All The Magnificence Was In The Stick, But It Was Not In The Stick Because If Anyone Else Would Have Picked The Same Stick Other Than Moosa He Would Not Be Able To Do What Moosa Did With This Stick. Why? This Was Because The Effectiveness Was Not Of The Stick It Was Of The Hand In Which This Stick Was Placed.

Once A Great Warrior Presented A Very Sharp Sword To A King. The King Wanted To Try This Sword On A Pumpkin But He Could Not Cut The Pumpkin With A Stroke Of This Sword. He Wrote A Letter To The Warrior And Said What Kind Of Sword Have You Gifted Me? You Had So Many Praises For This Sword Which Has Beheaded So Many Enemies But This Cannot Even Cut A Pumpkin. The Warrior Replied To Him And Said That I Have Sent You A Sword But This Sword Alone Cannot Do Anything Because It Needs The Shoulder That Makes A Sword Work. Some Of Us Think That All The Miracles Were Of Zulfiqar (the Name Of The Sword Of Imam Ali (a.s)) But This Power Of Zulfiqar Has Come From That Hand In Which This Zulfiqar Was Held.

If There Is Trust On Allah Then Even Sticks Can Turn Into Big Weapons But On Contrary If There Is No Trust On Allah Then Even Weapons Turn Into Sticks. It Is The Trust Of Allah That Turns Mud In The Peaks Of Ababil (sparrows) Into Bombs Crushing Down Elephants. But If There Is No Trust Of Allah Then Even After Making Atom Bombs And Preserving Them In Laboratories Your Feet Tremble. Why? If They Are Causing Aggression To The World Because They Are Atomic Powers Then You (people Of Pakistan) Also Have Atomic Power With You; At Least Look Into The Eyes Of These Aggressors And Speak. Tell Them That If You Are An Atomic Power, We Are Too. But We Can’t. Why? This Is Because The Difference Is That There Is No Faith On Allah. Why Did These Seventy Two Only Come To Karbala And Why Not The Others? If You Want To Know The Secret Behind This, You Have To Ask Imam Sajjad (a.s) As To What The Secret Was?

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