Fear - The Obstacle In The Path Of Karbala

The Secret Behind This Majority Not Coming Towards Karbala Is One Thing Which Is Most Ef- Fective On Man; That Is Fear. Fear For Man’s Abilities Is Like Rust For Iron. The Way Rust Eats Off Iron, Fear Eats Off The Abilities Of Man. A Person In The State Of Fear Looses His Senses; He Looses His Ability To Even Think. If You Ask A Person His Name While He Is In A State Of Fear, He Cannot Even Remember His Name. You Can Experiment This And For Sure You Would Have Also Been In This State At Some Point. You Ask Simple Things To This Person In A State Of Fear; He Cannot Answer And Will Say That I Will Tell You Later. Women Are Generally Afraid Of Cockroaches; So When You Ask Them Something In That Terrified State, They Will Say I Don’t Know I Will Tell You Later. When Fear Enters The Heart Of Man He Looses All His Abilities; The Ability To Think And To Take A Decision Is Also Lost.

This Is That Weakness Of Man Which Has Been Picked Up By The Enemy Of Man And The En- Emy Of Religion. It Is A Very Difficult Stage When Someone’s Weakness Gets Into The Hands Of Someone Else Because They Will Take Advantage Of This Weakness. The Enemy Of Man Is Lowly And The Enemy Of Islam Is Also Lowly; And He Has To Show His Lowliness. They Take Advantage Of The Weakness Of Muslims. A Fearful Person Is Non Existence; His Presence And Absence Is The Same. If You Bring A Fearful Person To Catch A Thief, He Can’t Do Anything. Now If You Bring Two Fearful Persons To Catch One Thief, Still They Will Not Be Able To Do It. Even If You Bring Ten Such Fearful Persons To Catch One Thief, They Will Not Be Ready To Do This. This Is Because This One Person, Two Person Or Ten Persons Are All Non-existing Due To Fear In Their Hearts. Fear Turns The Existence Of Man As Non Existent. A Few Dacoits When They Enter A House, Everyone Is Afraid And They Take Advantage Of This Fear To Rob Them. The Enemies Are Aware About This Weakness Of Man. Hence The Enemy First Gets Man Into A State Of Fear And After This They Can Do Whatever They Want To Do With This Person. Now This Scared Being Will Not Respond, Will Not Give Any Reply And Will Not Show Any Reaction.

p Style="margin-left:0in; Margin-right:0in; Text-align:justify">Why Did The Entire Islamic World Not Rise With Imam Hussain (a.s)? Why The People Of Kufa Did Not Support The Doyen Of Martyrs? They Invited Imam (a.s) Then Why Did They Not Fulfil Their Commitments Of Support? This Was Because When They Invited Him, It Was Not With Sincerity Of Heart, They Invited Him Out Of Greed And Hence When Fear Prevailed Over Them They Lost Their Senses And Did Not Support Him. I Will Give You An Example Of What Happens In The World Today Also. There Are Political Parties Who Contest Elections And They Select Candidates In Different Areas To Stand In Elections From Their Party. There Are Certain Personalities In Different Regions Who Are Well Known And Respected. These Political Parties Invite These Personalities To Stand In The Elections For Them. Now Even Though This Personality Might Not Be Of The Same Belief Or Agenda Of This Party, They Still Want Him To Contest The Election From Their Party. This Is Because When This Person Wins The Election Their Party Will Benefit From This And Their Party Will Also Win And Come Into Power. This Is The Worldly Vision, Which Was The Same As That Of The People Of Kufa. The People Of Kufa Saw That The Doyen Of Martyrs Is A Respected And Leading Personality Of The Muslim Ummah And Under Him They Could Meet Their Objectives. They Invited Him For The Sake Of Their Personal Gains To Acquire Power, But Left Him Alone Out Of Fear. It Was Not Just Kufa Who Said We Will Not Support You Due To Fear Of Ibne Ziad; In Fact The Entire Muslim World Of That Era Was A Victim Of Fear.


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