The Biggest Fear

Fear Does Not Permit Man To Do Anything; Does Not Allow Him To Enter Any Field. If An Ummah Is Scared And Afraid They Become Non Existent. So Why Did The Majority Not Come Besides The Seventy Two? This Was Because These Seventy Two Had No Fear In Their Heart. The Biggest Of All Fears In The Heart Of Man Is Of Death. When The Fear Of Death Exits From The Heart, Man Is Not Afraid Of Anything Else. When The People Of Karbala Were Asked What They Thought Of Death, A Young Lad Replied That Death Is Sweeter Than Honey. The Same Reply Came From Ali Ibn Hussain (a.s) That Whether We Fall On Death Or Death Falls On Us It Makes No Difference. The Hearts From Which The Fear Of Death Exits Can Never Be Killed By Anyone And Even Death Cannot Kill Them, Instead They Kill Death. Why Could Death Not Kill The Martyrs Of Karbala? If Death Would Have Killed Them, Then Today They Would Not Have Been Remembered. But If You Look Around Every Corner Of The World You Will See Hussain And His Companions Being Remembered. This Implies That Death Has Not Killed Them, It Is They Who Have Killed Death.

There Is A Very Nice Example To Understand This Subject Of Fear. Someone Asked Me, Do You Know How Monkeys Are Trained? He Said I Have Heard It From An Expert And I Am Nar- Rating It To You. He Says That These Roadside Monkey Jugglers Who Do Roadside Shows With Monkeys To Entertain People And Get Some Money Have A Task Of Training The Monkey So That The Monkey Can Do Whatever They Want On Their Instruction. In Order To Train The Mon- Key They Take A Small Baby Monkey And Along With It Also Take A Small Puppy. The Intention Is To Train The Monkey But They Use This Puppy As The Means To Train The Monkey. Since Monkey Is An Animal And Is Not Willing To Dance On The Instructions Of Man, The Only Way Is To Make This Monkey Fearful. So The Juggler Will Ask The Monkey To Do Something, Like Stand On Two Feet, But The Monkey Does Not Respond To Him. Now Instead Of Bashing The Monkey, The Juggler Starts To Bash The Puppy With The Stick. The Puppy Yells Out In Pain As He Is Beaten Up While The Monkey Is Watching This Scene, Fear Begins To Develop In The Heart Of The Monkey. It Starts To Tremble. Now The Monkey Out Of Fear Starts To Do Every- Thing Which The Juggler Wants Him To Do. This Expert Then Says That When All The Tricks Are Being Taught To The Monkey, One Last Thing Is Done By The Juggler. The Juggler Now Cuts The Neck Of The Puppy With A Dagger In Front Of The Monkey And Then Puts The Blood Soaked Dagger Inside A Cloth Bag In Front Of The Monkey. This Is The Height Of Fear Which This Mon- Key Experiences In This Scene And This Completes His Training. Now You Would Have Seen That When This Juggler Brings The Monkey In Public To Run A Show And Instructs The Monkey To Do A Certain Act, At The Same Time He Also Puts His Hand In The Bag. The Monkey Immedi- Ately Starts To Do Acrobatics. Why? This Is Because This Monkey Has Seen The Puppy Being Bashed And Then Beheaded In Front Of Him. He Has Experienced The Scene Of Death And Fear Is Residing In His Heart. The Heart In Which Fear Resides Becomes A Pet Of Others.

Now Let Us See In A Circus Where You Have A Lion. A Lion Is An Example Of Courage, Valour And An Icon For Bravery But This Same Creature Has Turned Into A Kitten In Front Of Man. He Is Now Performing Acrobatics And Doing Acts Like A Cat, For The Sake Of Entertaining People. Allah Has Not Created This Lion To Do Such Things; He Has Created The Lion As A Fe- Rocious Animal To Pounce, Grab And Tear Apart Other Creations. So Why Is This Lion Doing These Acrobatics. This Is Because Some Other Animal Was Beaten So Badly In Front Of This Lion That The Lion Lost His Courage And Turned Into A Tamed Circus Animal. A Tamed Animal Of Circus, Irrespective Of How Sharp Its Teeth And Paws Are, Begins Doing Acrobatics On One Small Instruction From Its Trainer. An Elephant Is Such A Huge Animal That If It Steps On A Person The Person Will Get Crushed, But The Same Elephant Has Been Tamed By Man To Perform In A Circus.. Sometimes The Ring Master Makes Him Sit Like A Chair Or Stand On Two Feet. Whatever Act They Want They Can Make The Elephant Do It? The Question Is How Have They Tamed Such A Big Animal? They Have Tamed It By Creating Fear. When Fear Gets To It, The Elephant No More Remains An Elephant; When Fear Grips A Lion It No More Remains A Lion. Similarly When Fear Is Created In The Hearts Of Muslims They No More Remain Muslims. What Have They Done?

You Would Have Seen The Pictures Of Abu Ghraib’s Prison, The Pictures Of Guantanamo And The Pictures Of Basra And Other Places. These Pictures Have Come From A Secret Prison Where Secret Services Are Present, So How Come The Pictures Of These Top Secret Things Have Become Public, That Too Not One Or Two But Hundreds Of Images? In These Prisons Not Even A Fly Can Enter So How Can A Cameraman Get Inside And That Too Of Their TV Channel? This Was All Done Intentionally Whereby They Created Such Scenes Inside These Places And Then Cameramen Were Invited To Come And Take Very Clear, Explicit And Good Pictures Which They Should Broadcast On International Media. This Is Because This Is Similar To Beating The Puppy. They Are Bashing The Puppy And Creating Fear In The Hearts Of One Billion Muslims. And The Extent To Which They Have Created Fear In The Hearts Of The Muslims Is That The Holy Prophet (s) Of Muslims Gets Insulted But No One Cares About It.

Fear Turns An Elephant Into A Coward And It Turns A Lion Into A Cat. How Big A Country Is Denmark? It Is A Very Small Country Equivalent To One Division Of The State Of Punjab And With A Population Of A Few Hundred Thousand. They Are Teasing One Billion Muslims And The Muslims Are Silent. So What Kind Of Muslims Are These Who Are Scared And Afraid? Fear Is Fear, Irrespective Of The Fact That The Number Of People Being Scared Is One Or One Bil- Lion. If A Person Is Afraid, He Is Nothing, If Ten Are Afraid Then Also They Can’t Do Anything And Even If One Billion Are Present But In A State Of Fear They Can’t Do Anything. But The Hearts From Which Fear Has Vanished Look At Them; They Don’t Have Anything But Still Con- Front Tanks With Stones In Their Hand. The Enemy Is Pleading Now To Seek Refuge From These Fearless Beings. Fear Weakens The Human Being. It Turns A Muslim Man Into A Non Muslim. It Makes Man Senseless Snatching Away All Feelings From Him.

So Now You Know Why The Majority Did Not Come To Karbala? Everyone Came With Their Own Self Carved Excuses. Even If You Ask The Lion As To Why He Is Doing Acrobatics At The Circus; The Lion Will Reply I Am Providing Service To The Creation Of Allah. Whatever Name You Give To This Act It Still Remains A Matter Of Shame. It Does Not Suit A Lion And This Posi- Tion Is Not Worthy Of Him That He Comes In Front Of Men Like A Cat. This Lion Was Created To Pounce And Tear Apart People, But He Was Beaten So Badly That He Has Now Developed Fear In Its Heart.

When Ubaidullah Ibn Ziad Entered Kufa The People Of Kufa Came Forward To Greet Him And Demanded From Him To Bring His Hand Forward So That They Can Do Allegiance Because They Were Thinking That The Imam Had Come. When He Removed The Veil From His Face Im- Mediately A Terror And Fear Developed In The Hearts Of People. This Fear Was Such That Spar- Rows Were Not Feeding On Their Heads, They All Immediately Turned Back Home.

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