Salutations On The Companions Of Imam Hussain (A.S)

Why Has The Doyen Of Martyrs Said That The Companions Which I Had Were Not Given To Anyone Else By Allah (s)? They Were Not Ordinary Companions And This Is The Reason They Have Been Addressed In A Prestigious And Privileged Manner In This Testimonial.

O Hussain! We Send Salutations To You And Your Companions Who Were Martyred In Your Presence. This Is Because They Were Not Ordinary Beings. Their Bravery And Valour Was Such That No One Could Tame And Subjugate Them. The Lamp Was Turned Off On The Night Of Ashura And They Were Asked To Leave; It Was Said To Them That I Am Also Pleased And My Lord Is Also Pleased With You. Every Muslim Believes That One With Whom Hussain Is Pleased The Lord Of Hussain Is Also Pleased With Him And That Person Will Never Go To Hell. These Persons Who Were Certified That Their Lord Was Pleased With Them Were Asked To Leave And By Allah If They Would Have Left They Would Not Have Gone To Hell, For Sure Paradise Was Committed To Them. However, When The Lamp Was Turned On Again Everyone Was Sitting There. Why Did They Not Leave? The Doyen Of Martyr’s Had Said That Tomorrow Is The Day Of Ashura, Everyone Will Be Martyred, Beheaded And There Will Only Be Death. Imam Was Showing Them The Mirror Of Death In The Night Of Ashura. According To Allama Iqbal, A True Imam Shows The People The Mirror Of Death. As Allama Iqbal Says:

“Tune Poochi Hai Imamat Ki Haqeeqat Mujh Se,

Haaq Tujhe Meri Tarah Saahibe Asraar Kare”

You Have Asked Me The Reality Of Imamat,

May Truth Make You A Companion Of Its Secrets Like Me

“Hai Wohi Tere Zamane Ka Imame Bar Haqq, Jo Tujhe Haaziro Maujood Se Bezaar Kare”.

He Is The Imam Of Your Age Truly,

One Who Frustrates You From The Materialistic World

“Maut Ke Aine Me Dikhakar Rukhe Dost,

 Zindagi Tere Liye Aur Bhi Dushwar Kare”

He Shows You The Face Of Your Beloved In The Mirror Of Death,

Thus Making Your Lives More Difficult And Miserable

We Look For An Imam Who Can Provide Facilities To Us. What Kind Of Imam Do We Want? One Who Can Get Our Captives Released From Courts, One Who Gets Our Youths Out Of Pris- Ons, One Who Controls Commodity Inflation, One Who Assists Us In Getting Jobs, On Who Gets Us Promotions, One Who Can Get Us Free Admission In Hospitals, Get Us Admission In Colleges, Resolve Our Routine Problems Because What We Are After Is Not An Imam But A Problem Solver. Iqbal Says That An Imam Is One Who Creates Difficulties For The Nation (Um- Mah). He Gathers The Entire Ummah And Tells Them To Be Prepared For An Encounter With Ferocious Enemies.

“Maut Ke Aine Me Dikhakar Rukhe Dost,

Zindagi Tere Liye Aur Bhi Dushwar Kare”

He Shows You The Face Of Your Beloved In The Mirror Of Death,

 Thus Making Your Lives More Difficult And Miserable

Imam Creates Calamities For Us. We Seek And Ask The Doyen Of Martyrs To Pray To Allah Forour Security And Safety Whereas What Kind Of Safety And Security Does He (a.s) Get For Us? He Gets Us In His Army And Takes Us To Karbala. He Tells Us That This Is Your Station. Why Are We Sending Salutations On These Fearless Companions Of Aba Abdillah? When The Lamp Was Turned Off And They Were Asked To Leave; After Which When The Lamp Was Turned On Again, Everyone Stood Up And Said.O Hussain! This Is Just One Life; If Allah Even Grants Us Thousand Lives And Every Time We Are Cut Into Pieces And Brought Back To Life Again And The Same Is Repeated One Thousand Times Then Also All Our Lives Will Be Sacrificed In Your Presence. What Was The Thing Which Made Them Speak Like This? The Thing Was, There Was No Fear In Their Hearts. So How Do We Remove Fear From Our Hearts? Ask Ali Ibn Hussain (a.s) (Imam Sajjad (a.s)).

He (a.s) Is The Same Imam Whom Someone Refers To As Sick, Someone Talks Of Him As One Who Lived In Illness; So Now Let Us Ask This Same Imam As To How Fear Is Removed From The Hearts Of The Nation (Ummah)? Imam Sajjad (a.s) Says That Since Fear Enters The Heart Of Man We Should See First What The Quran Says About This? The Holy Quran Says That A Per- Son Who Fears Allah Does Not Fear Anyone Else Whereas A Person Who Does Not Fear Allah Fears Everyone Else.

Those Who Fear Allah Are True Scholars.

Those Whose Hearts Have Fear Of Allah Are Scholars, But How Do We Know If Someone Has The Fear Of Allah Or Not In His Heart? The Quran Says:

Those Who Propagate The Religion Of Allah, The Religion Brought By The Messenger (s.a.w.s) And Propagate The Divine Revelations Do Not Fear Anyone Other Than Allah. This Is The Reason The Quran Addressed The Prophet (s) And Said:

Do Not Fear Them! Fear Me. This Implies That People Must Come Forward In His Way With Only His Fear In Their Hearts. Hence The Heart In Which The Fear Of Allah Develops The Fear Of Those Other Than Allah Gets Away. How Does Fear Get Out Of Our Heart? Take The Formula From Imam Sajjad (a.s). He (a.s) Witnessed The Reason For These Seventy Two Coming To Karbala And The Majority Not Coming And Not Rising. The Reason For Their Not Coming Was Not That They Did Not Understand The Subject Matter; The Sole Reason Was That They Did Not Have Fear Of Allah In Their Hearts. They Were Not Afraid Of Allah (s) But Were Afraid Of The Creation Of Allah. If Someone Is Afraid Of Others, He Does Not Have Fear Of Allah In His Heart And The One Who Has Fear Of Allah In His Heart Will Never Be Afraid Of Anyone Else. As Such For Name Sake Everyone Says That We Have The Fear Of Allah In Our Hearts; But The Fear Of Allah Has An Identification Sign. And This Sign Is That One Who Has The Fear Of Allah In His Heart Will Never Be Seen As Scared Or Afraid Of Anyone Else. So When Does The Fear Of Allah Develop In The Heart? It Comes With The Cognizance (Maarifat) Of Allah(s).

Thus Imam Sajjad (a.s) Witnessed That When My Father Called The Entire Muslim Nation To Come Forward To Confront Yazid And Uproot Him Out Of Power, No One Came Forward Except For These Seventy Two. This Was Because They Were Not Afraid Of Anyone Else Other Than Allah, And The Reason For This Was That They Had The Cognizance (Maarifat) Of Allah (s). Thus Imam Sajjad (a.s) Wrote A Formula In The Form Of These Psalms (Sahifa E Sajjadia) And Munajaat (whispered Prayers). When Someone Reads This He Will Develop Cognizance (Maarifat) Of Allah, When He Recognizes Allah, It Will Create The Fear Of Allah In His Heart And When This Fear Of Allah Enters His Heart The Fear Of Everyone Else Will Get Out Of His Heart And Then No Human Being Will Sit Silent Against Any Yazidiat.

This Fear Is Due To Distancing From Allah; This Is Because We Are From Allah. Hence Let Us Open This Sahifa (Psalms) Of Ali Ibn Hussain (a.s) And First Of All Realize That This Sahifa Is Not A Book Of Recitation For Rewards (Thawaab), This Is Not A Book Of Hymns Which Should Just Be Verbally Recited In The Form Of Sufism. This Is The Manuscript Of The Fear Of Al- Lah And Hence We Should Read With This Vision. After Reciting Sahifa-e-Sajjadia Only One Ground Remains In Front Of Man; That Is The Field Of Ashura And Karbala; And Not The Field Of Silence, Stagnancy And Stillness. Imam Sajjad (a.s) Whom We Consider As A Weak, Sick And Isolated Personality Did This Esteemed Task Of Getting Fear Out Of The Hearts Of People. He Gave The Nations (Ummah) The Formula Of Fearlessness.

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