Why Was Imam Khomeini (R.A) Not Afraid Of Anyone?

In One Of My Preaching Trips I Visited The House Of The Head Of The Balochs Tribe. He Was Not A Religious Person Forget About Being Shia Or Sunni. He Was A Tribal Head Running A Tribal Feudal System. When I Went To His House I Saw The Picture Of Imam Khomeini (r.a) Hanging On His Wall. This Balochs Chieftain Asked Me If I Was Be Astonished To See This Pic- Ture Hanging On The Wall Of His House. I Said Yes It Is A Matter Of Astonishment Only Because I Do Not See Any Form Of Association Between You And This Great Personality Imam (r.a). He Replied That You Are Right Because I Have Not Hung His Picture On My Wall Considering Him As A Jurist (Faqeeh) Or A Research Scholar (Mujtahid) Of The Shia’s, Neither Have I Hung The Picture In Relevance To The Great Titles You Shia Refer Him With. I Asked Him Then What Is The Reason For This Picture On Your Wall? He Said We Are People Living In Tribes And All These Tribes Have A Lot Of Enmity Amongst Each Other. We Are Continuously At War With Each Other And Death Hovers Over Our Heads Day And Night; And Our Entire Life Is Spent Like This. If Fear And Cowardliness Enters Our Hearts, We Cannot Manage This Kind Of Life Style. Hence When I Get Up In The Morning And Come To This Room The First Thing I See Is This Picture. After Looking At This Picture I Develop Feelings Of Courage. Why? Because In This Entire World I Cannot Find A Person As Courageous As This Man (Khomeini).

Now Go And Ask This Man In This Picture (Imam Khomeini) Why Is He Not Afraid Of Anyone? The Answer Will Not Be That I Am Not Afraid Of Anyone, Instead He Will Say I Am Afraid Of Allah And Since I Am Afraid Of Allah Hence I Am Not Afraid Of Anyone Other Than Allah. The Way To Live For The Muslim Ummah Is To Live With The Fear Of Allah So That The Fear Of Everyone Else Other Than Allah Gets Out Of Their Hearts. Then Only Would They Live A Life Of Dignity, Honour And Self Respect. The Doyen Of Martyrs (a.s) Said That I Have Been Placed On A Two Way Crossroad; The Crossroad Of Dignity And Humiliation. This Crossroad Comes From Every Community When At Times They Have To Select One Path Amongst The Two Paths Of Dignity And Humiliation. The Doyen Of Martyrs (a.s) Is The Role Model For The Selection Of This Path.

He Says That These Path Options Have Been Set For Me Whereby One Path Is Of Humiliation And The Other Of Dignity. If We Select The Path Of Dignity Then I Have To Die And If I Select The Path Of Humiliation Then I Will Survive, But For Me One Day Of Life On The Path Of Dignity Is Better Than A Thousand Centuries Of Life Spent In Humiliation.

I Prefer A Privileged Death Over A Life Spent With Oppressors.

A Muslim And Fear! A Believer And Fear! According To Allama Iqbal:

Fatwa Hai Sheikh KaYe Zamana Kalam Ka Hai

The Verdict Of The Sheikh Is That This Era Is Of A Pen (not Of Jihad)

Allama Says That Do Not Give These Verdicts And Teachings Of Denying Jihad To Those Who Are Not Afraid Of Anyone. On The Other Hand There Is No Need To Tell Those Who Are Afraid Of Everyone That Jihad Is Something Incorrect. One Who Is Afraid Of Everyone, For Him All These Talks Are Immaterial.

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