Al Witral Mautroor:The Loneliest One

After Thaarallah Comes The Phrase Of “Witrat Mautoor”, Which Is Very Painful. You Recite This In Ziarat But Would Not Have Paid Attention To Its Meaning. What Is Meant By Witral Mautoor? It Means All Alone. In Salaat E Shab (midnight Prayers) The Last Unit Is Known As Salaatul Witr. Why Is It Called Salaatul Witr? This Is Because It Is One Unit, Because It Is One Unit And Is All Alone And Not With Something, It Is Known As Witr.

O The Loneliest One. You Are Also Alone And Your Path Is Also Lonely. His Religion Is Also Lonely And His Mission Is Also Lonely. This Is The Code. What Is The Infallible Saying? Now You Realize? Why Was He Martyred In Karbala? It Was Because He Was Isolated And Made Lonely. He Was Left Alone. They Were All Busy In Their Rituals. Some Were Busy In Ziarat In Medina, Some In Hajj In Mecca, Some Busy In Their Businesses, And The People Of Kufa Were Busy In Their Betrayals, Some Busy In Their Pragmatism. All Were Busy With Some Ex- Cuses, But Why Was The Son Of Zahra Martyred In Karbala Lonely? Who Left Him Alone? Not The Enemies, In Fact Enemies Had Surrounded Him, There Were People Around Him. So Who Left Him Alone? Those Who Were Supposed To Be With Him On This Path, Are The Ones Who Left Him Alone. This Means The Nation, The Ummah Left Him Alone, The Ummah Made Him Witral Mautoor. Karbala Came Into Existence Because He Became Witral Mautoor. What Is The Infallible Saying? Recite Ziarat-e-Ashura, Recite Again And Again So That You Will Understand Why Karbala Came Into Existence. We Should Also Read This So That It Should Not Happen That We Are Also Included In Those Who Left Him Alone. There Is No Need To Show Sympathy Towards Hussain By Sitting In Medina. People Sympathized But Left Him Alone. Leaving Hussain Alone And Then Sitting In Medina To Cry? The Kufi’s Left Hussain Alone And Then Mourned On Him, When The Ladies Entered Kufa They Saw The Kufis Crying On Their Roof Tops. Lady Zainab Saw That These People Had Left Thaarallah Alone In Karbala And Now They Were Mourning. What Did She Tell Them?

Lady Is Telling, You Are Crying For My Brother, May You Weep Because People Like You Should Weep Throughout. Why Should They Weep Forever? This Is Because When It Was Time To Come Out Into The Battlefield They Did Not Come Out And Now They Are Sitting And Crying In Grief. These Tears Of Grief Have No Benefits Now. I Wish Instead Of These Tears Of Grief You Had Come To Karbala And Given Just One Drop Of Blood And Not Left My Brother Alone. You Should Not Have Become Spectators Only And Cry In Grief.

Some Say That I Wish I Was In Karbala. What Would You Have Done If You Were Present In Karbala? Whatever You Are Doing Today You Would Have Done The Same Thing Then Also? What Have We Done Today? If Today We Leave The Path Of Hussain Ibn Ali Alone And Just Be Contented By Sitting Inside Homes And Hussainiah And Just Make Crying Our Slogan Then If We Would Have Been Present In Karbala We Would Have Done The Same There As Well. We Would Have Just Sat And Mourned, Not Going To Help Hussain. If You Want To Prove That We Are Not Like Those Treacherous Kufis And We Would Have Been Amongst The Seventy Two , Amongst The Martyrs Of Karbala Than We Have To Practically Prove This By Not Leaving The Path Of Hussain Ibn Ali Alone.

You Should Not Leave Hussain Alone. What Did The Lady Say? Keep On Crying, But Remem- Ber The Place Where You Are Sitting And Crying Is Not The Place To Cry, Come In Our Place And Then Cry, It Is Our Position To Cry. Why Are You Crying? There Is No Head From Amongst You On A Spear? If You Want To Cry And If You Had No Head On A Lance Than At Least One Of Your Shoulders Should Have Been Tied Up With Ropes. The Women And Children Were All Crying, But Where? They Were Not Sitting On Roof Tops And Crying, It Was Not The Tears Of Specta- Tors, It Was Not Tears Of Shame; It Was Not Tears Of Mercy On The Captives, What Were Their Tears For? O You People Who Seek And Desire Intercession From Hussain, You Seek Rewards From Hussain, Today Hussain Has Been Martyred Alone.

The Infallible Has Mentioned In The Ziarat Nama (testimonial) That You Should Curse A Specific Category, Which Is That Category, Say Curse On Those Who Left Hussain Alone. If We Had Been In Karbala, We Would Have Been In The Same Position In 61 A.H Karbala, As We Are In Today. Where Are We Standing Today? There Was A Person Who Took The Oath Of The Governance Of Ray, But When He Struck The First Arrow, He Told The People To Be A Witness To The Fact That He Was The First Person To Strike An Arrow On Hussain’s Tents. It Is Mentioned About Him In Ziarat-e-Ashura, That We Should Curse Him, Laanallah Ho Umar Ibn Saad. O Allah! Curse Umar Ibn Saad, Curse Him In Every Era. So Who Is The Umar Ibn Saad Of Every Era? One Who For The Sake Of Power, For The Sake Of The Chair, For The Sake Of Position, Strikes Arrows On The Camps Of Hussain Or The Purpose Of Hussain.

This Ziarat Nama (testimonial) Unveils Curtains And Masks From Faces. It Exposes The Faces Of History And Tells You To Turn Around After Reciting The ZA And Look To See If You Can Find Umar Ibn Saad Somewhere. Do Not Go Back Home After Reciting Ziarat-e-Ashura Because After Reciting The Ziarat-e-Ashura A Person Gets A Baseerat (foresight). Do Not Try To Hunt For Jobs By Reciting The Ziarat-e-Ashura Or Ask For The World Or For A Visa Or To Solve Your Small Problems. After Reciting The Ziarat-e-Ashura Supplicate To Allah That, O My Lord Grant Me That Foresighted Vision (Baseerat) So That I Can See The Umar E Saad Of My Time.

Just Praising Mukhtar –e-Saqafi And Raising Slogans That He Has Taken Revenge From The Enemies Of Hussain Is Not Enough? Why? Mukhtar E Saqafi Got All The Necks Beheaded, But Still The Revenge Is Not Accomplished. Why? This Is Because The Infallible Himself Is Saying, But Not The Martyred Infallible. It Is The Imam Of Our Era Who Is Saying This. Just Read The Elegy Of The Imam And See What He Is Saying?

He Is Saying That O People! Till Date The Revenge Of The Murderers Of Karbala Has Not Been Taken. Who Is The Revenger Of The Blood Of The Ahlulbayt (a.s)? Mukhtar Got All The Necks Beheaded But The Imam Is Saying That The Revenge Has Not Yet Been Taken. Why? Because Even Though Few Necks Which Were Present In Karbala Were Beheaded But Their Generation Is Still Alive, Their Children Are Still Alive, Their Followers Are Still Remaining. Till The Time They Are Moving Freely On Earth Imam Zamana’s (a.t.f.s) Voice Will Keep On Moving Around Seeking The Revengers Of Karbala? We Say Al Ajal, O My Master Come, Whereas Our Imam Is Sitting There And Saying?

Where Are The Revengers Of Karbala? Imam E Zamana (a.t.f.s) Is Searching For Them. So Witral Mautoor Means The Loneliest Hussain. Do Not Leave Hussain Alone, Do Not Leave His Path Alone, Do Not Leave Thaarallah Alone, Do Not Leave Hussainiat Alone, It Is Not That By Taking His Name One Becomes His Companion. This Is Because The Kufi’s Were Also Taking His Name, They Had Not Denied The Name, So They Did Not Disrespect Him, But They Were Not Willing To Come Together, They Did Not Walk Together And Therefore Left Him Alone, Despite The Respect In Their Hearts. If The Path Of Hussain Requires, Do Not Cause Delay, If You Delay For Any Reason You Will Once Again Make Hussain “Witral Mautoor”

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