Blood Of Allah

The Blood Which Flows In The Way Of Allah Is Not Thaarallah Which Means Blood Spilled In The Way Of Allah. Certain Things Acquire Such Stature That The Essence Of Allah Associates Them With His Essence. They Get Such An Elevated Position Which Means That The Spirit Inside Them Becomes So Strong That Allah Associates Them With His Essence. Just As Said Before, Some Persons Become Abdullah And Some Are Abdur Raheem, Those Who Get That Much Proximity And Status, Become Slaves Of Allah And Not Servants Of Allah’s Rahmat.

There Is A Tradition, Which Is Known As Qurb-e-Nawafil. The Meaning Of Qurb Was Said That Allah Is Near Man But Man Is Not Near Him. He Is Asked To Come Near. So Now, When Man Starts This Journey Of Proximity, The Infallibles Say That Man Starts To Achieve Proxim- Ity And Gets Closer And Closer To Allah And Then A Stage Comes When He Becomes So Close To Allah That Now Whatever This Man Does Allah Associates It To Himself And Says I Have Done This. This Is The Pinnacle Of Proximity, Whereby Whatever He Does; Allah Says It Is Done By Me. So Whatever They Do Allah Says That This Is Not Done By Him But Done By Me. Look Inside The Quran And You Will See Exactly The Same Interpretation.

A Person, A Slave Of Allah Gets Up And Throws An Arrow Or A Pebble. For This Hurling Of A Pebble By The Messenger, Allah Says That O Messenger You Have Not Shot This Arrow We Have Done This.

There Are Many Homes Made Of Bricks And Stones. But There Are Certain Places And Homes Which Acquire Such A Status That Allah Says That This House Is Mine, This Land Is Mine, This Is Baitullah, And This Is The House Of Allah.

There Is Some Blood Which Is Spilled On The Way Of Allah, And It Very Evident That It Has Flown In The Way Of Allah And Not For Anyone Else. For This Blood Also Which Is Spilled On The Path Of Allah, He Does Not Say That This Is My Blood. Spilling Blood On The Way Of Allah Is Esteemed But It Is Different Because Allah Says That This Blood Was Spilled On My Way But Does Not Say This Is My Blood. It Is Being Said For Some People.

Salutations On You, The Blood Of Allah And The Son Of The Blood Of Allah. But How Was This Blood Of Allah Spilled? How Was This Spilled On The Path Of Allah? How Was This Spilled For Allah? This Is Not The Blood On Which You Should Just Come And Put Your Offerings. What Kind Of Blood Is This? This Is Thaarallah. Thaar Means Something That Gushes Out. This Is The Blood Which Has Roused So Much; It Has So Much Elevation That If You Try To Suppress It,it Won’t Be Suppressed. Why? Because This Blood Is Thaur. This Blood Won’t Subside With Suppression And Not Just This, The Level Of Rising Which This Blood Has Will Become Means Of Arousing And Raising The Blood Of Others.

The Holy Prophet Has Said:

The Blood Of Hussain, The Assassination Of Doyen Of Martyrs Has Such A Burning Pain Present In It, Such A Rising Inside It And Such Warmth Inside That It Will Keep On Heating The Hearts Of Believers. This Is Not The Blood Which Seeks Mercy And Compassion; This Is Not The Blood Which Is Asking For Tears From Others. This Is The Blood That Arouses Tears, Which Raises Tears. This Is The Blood Which First Creates A Thaur, A Revolution Inside Man. This Does Not Allow Man To Sit Quiet; It Does Not Allow Man To Sit Comfortably. This Is Why I Said If You Want To Understand Ziarat Ashura Than Along With Arabic You Should Also Have An Understanding Of Ashura.

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