The Effects Of Thaarallah

This Blood Does Not Allow Man To Sit Firm, This Blood Has No Comfort In It, No Rest In It. It Raises, It Makes Us Stand. But The Condition Is That Man Has To Come Near This Blood. If He Manages To Come Near This Blood Then It Is Not Possible That He Can Return Without Thaur, Without A Revolution.

If We Go Ask One Who Established Islamic Thaur, Islamic Revolution And Ask Him O Khomei- Ni These Same Books Were Read By Others Also But From Where Did You Get This Revolution?

This Thaur Has Been Gifted By Thaarallah. This Is That Thaar Of Allah, Just Come Near This And See. Anyone Who Comes Near This Cannot Sit In Peace. People Say, How Can This Be The Blood Of Allah When Allah Has No Body. There Are Certain Lands Which Are So Highly Statured And Elevated That Allah Has Said That This Is The Land Of Allah. Certain Lands Are So Elevated That Allah Has Referred To Them Arsh Allah, There Are Some Houses Whose Status Are So High That Allah Has Said That Do Not Associate Them With Anything Else Other Than Me, They Are Baitullah. Similarly This Blood Is Such An Eminent And Great Blood, That It Is Thaar And Thaura, It Has So Much Rising In It, That It Should Not Be Associated With Anyone Else Other Than Allah. If You Do So Its Merits And Greatness Won’t Get Expressed.

Allah’s Essence Has No Body Or Blood, So Why Did He Say That This Is The Blood Of Allah? Be- Cause This Blood Is So Great And Prestigious That Till The Time It Was In The Pure And Sacred Body Of Doyen Of Martyrs It Was Restless And Had To Rise. When It Was Inside His Body That Time Too It Was Gushing. The Entire Media Of That Time Was Busy Making Him Understand That O The Son Of Allah, O The Grandson Of Prophet, What Has Happened To You? The Entire Islamic World Is Silent, Why Are You Rising All Alone? He Replied, That I Have Been Fed On The Milk In Those Laps, That When Entire Medina Was Sleeping My Mother Alone Came Out. My Blood Has Been Made From That Milk. This Is The Milk Of Revolution.

Imam Khomeini (r.a) Was Asked Where Are Those Revolutionaries On Whose Support You Have Started This Movement? He Replied That They Are In The Laps Of Their Mothers Suckling Milk. Which Mothers? It Is Those Mothers Who Were Going To The Majalis Of Ashura With Their Infants And Breast Feeding Infants. They Were Listening To The Remembrance Of Hus- Sain And At The Same Time Feeding Milk To Their Infant. That Remembrance And Name Of Hussain Got Instilled Inside The Milk; It Became Part Of Their Blood. If This Remembrance Gets Inside Milk And Becomes Part Of The Blood Than This Blood Will Never Allow The Person To Sit Comfortably. The Entire Medina Was Silent, And The Daughter Of The Prophet (s) Came Out, The Big Personalities Were Silent And It Was This Lady Who Came Out. Today Who Are We Remembering And What Are We Doing?

Today When The Prophet (s) Is Insulted We Have To Go And Plead In Front Of Others To Come Out And Raise Their Voices, Do A Protest And Defend Our Prophet? The Dome And Minarets Of The Son Of This Pure Lady Zahra (s.a) Is Bombarded And Blown Off And We Have To Request People To Come Out In Rallies And Protests. Whose Followers Are We? You Are The Followers Of Pure Zahra (s.a). She Came Out Into Medina And Knocked Every Door. You Are Narrators Of Traditions, You Are Commentators Of Quran, You Are Jurist Of Religion, You Are A Scholar,you Were The Writers Of Quran, You Were Present In Ghadeer, And They Replied That We Don’t Have Time, Our Memories Are Weak, And It Is Not The Right Thing That People Will Get Divided. When She Heard All This, She Came Out Alone In Medina. So How Is It Possible That The Son Of This Mother Can Sit Silently In Medina. He Cannot Sit Silently; He Is The Thaura, The Thaar, The Blood Of Allah.

Say This, Not Because That This Should Earn You Thawaab (rewards). Recite Ziarat Ashura And Recite It With This Name Of Hussain And Send Salutations On Him, In The Name Of “ Thaarallah” So That You Can Also Develop Thaur Inside You. This Is The Secret Code In- Side These Words. It Could Have Been Said To Recite Salutations With Some Other Names Also, Why This Name, He Could Have Been Referred To As Madani, Makki Or Something Else. The Ziarat Nama Starts From Here, Where The Genealogy Ends. Recite Ziarat-e-Ashura Again And Again. When You Recite It Again And Again What Will You Understand? You Will Understand That The Entire Medina Is Trying To Make Hussain Understand Not To Go But Still Insists On An Encounter With Yazid.

Even Today There Are People; One Deviated Being From Pakistan. He On A TV Program, Where Astonishingly Our Shia Scholars Were Also Present, Said Something Insulting. The Host Asked Him That So Many Companions Of The Prophet Were Present And The Sons Of The Prophets Were Present And Yazeed Came Into Power So Why Did They All Not Rise, Why Did Only Hussain Speak Out. He Was Told And Explained That He Should Not Go, Then Why Did He Leave. When A Person Becomes Adulterated In Thoughts And Deviated See Than What Hap- Pens And What Reply He Gives. When The Soul Of Man Gets Adulterated Then What Happens? What Did This Rascal Reply? He Replied In A Highly Oppressive Statement. He Said It Was His Temperamental Stubbornness. Where All Will We Get Insulted? We Will Only Realize That We Have Been Insulted Only After They Blow Off The Domes Of Our Shrines Or Make Cartoons Of Our Holy Prophet (s)? Why Are We Not Sensitive About Our Religion? Till The Time They Don’t Blow Off The Shrine In Karbala Won’t We Consider These Things As An Insult? He Said It Was Temperamental Stubbornness. O You Fool! It Was Not Stubbornness, It Was Something Else? It Was The Milk Of Zahra And It Was The Blood Made Out Of Zahra’s Milk. It Was The Arousing Of This Blood, This Was Thaura, This Was Thaarallah, And Saarallah Does Not Permit To Sit. When Religion Is In Danger Saarallah Does Not Allow You To Sit. This Was The Thaur Of Temperament And Not Stubbornness. This Was The Arousing Of Temperament. An Attack On Religion Develops Zeal Inside Man.

What Should We Do After Reciting Ziarat-e-Ashura?

Recite Ziarat-e-Ashura, After Reciting Ziarat-e-Ashura What Should You Do? If By Reciting Ziarat-e-Ashura You Are Able To Understand The Secret Code Inside Ziarat-e-Ashura , The Code Unveils Itself And There Is Only One Option Left, The Only Path Which Becomes Clearly Visible. Which Path Is That? It Is The Path From Ashura To Revolution, The Same Path Which This Great Leader Imam (r.a) Undertook. The Moment This Lecturer Of Qom Understood Ashura, He No More Remained A Lecturer, A Jurist, He Turned Into A Leader Of The Nation. He Became A Guide. He Said There Is Nothing From Me, Nothing Has Come Out From My Mind, And Whatever I Have Is From The Doyen Of Martyrs. Whatever I Have Is From Mohurrum And Safar. If Man Understands Ashura Than It Does Not Allows Man To Sit Quiet.

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