(Aba Abdillah) Is The Kuniyah Of Imam Hussain (a.s). The Arab Culture Is Different From That Of Ours. In Our Culture We Call Each Other By Their Name But Arabs Don’t Do That. Even If We See Today, In Ordinary Talks Too, Arabs Don’t Call By Names And Not Even By Titles But By Kuniyah. If We Look At The Iranian Culture They Call Each Other By Titles (like Agha) But Arabs Don’t Do This They Always Call By Kuniyah. Kuniyah Refers To The Name Which Is Used To Remember Someone By Associating Him With His Children Or Parents Or Forefathers. Just Like Abu Abdallah Or Abul Qasim Or Abu Mohammad Are All Kuniyah. These Are All With Umm Or Ibn Or Binte. Like Umm Something, Binte Something, Ibne Something. The Kuniyah Of The Doyen Of Martyrs Was Abu Abdallah; Two Infallibles Are Well Known With This Kuniyah Of Abu Abdillah. The Kuniyah Of Imam Sadiq (a.s) Is Also Abu Abdillah. If We Look Into The Book Of Traditions Most Of The Traditions Starts With This:

These Traditions Are Associated With The Sixth Imam And Not Imam Hussain. The Famous Kuniyah By Which People Used To Call The Doyen Of Martyrs Was Not Hussain It Was Abu Abdillah. The Effective Personalities Of That Time Also Used To Call Him By The Title Of Abu Abdillah. Even If You Look At The Exchange Of Letters Which Happened In The Journey Of Karbala, The Letters Written By Kufis Were All Addressed With Abu Abdillah. It Is Not Neces- Sary That This Type Of Kuniyah Can Only Be Used If A Person Has A Son By This Name. At Times A Child By That Name Is Present While Sometime It Might Not Be Present. Those Persons Who Do Not Have Any Children Are Also Remembered By Some Kuniyah And That Is Because Of Some Specific Traits In Them. This Means That At Times A Person Possesses Such An Evi- Dent Attribute In Him That It Becomes His Kuniyah And He Is Remembered By This Name. It Is Like Lady Zainab (s.a), Who Is Referred To As Ummul Masaib. Now Masaib Was Not The Name Of A Daughter Or Son Of Hers. Ummul Masaib Means Mother Of Calamities. She Witnessed And Suffered So Many Calamities And Hardships That Her Title Became Ummul Masaib. At Times It Also Happens That Due To A Specific Trait Or Attribute, This Trait Becomes The Kuniyah. In The Same Manner, Abu Abdillah Does Not Imply That Imam Hussain (a.s) Had A Son By This Name; It Means The Servant Of God. One Who Is Always Present In Worship And Bondage Of Allah (s) Is Abdillah.

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