Abdullah - Servant Of Allah

It Is Related To The Holy Prophet (s) That People Used To Visit Him And Ask Him By What Title Should They Address Him, A Title Which He Liked The Most? Like We Also Do It, If Someone’s Name Is Ahmed We Can Either Call Him “Ahmed” Or Even Respectfully We Can Call Him, Mr. Ahmed So That The Person Is Pleased And Likes It. So The Arabs Also Would Come And Ask Him As To What Name They Should Address Him With So That His Heart Is Pleased And The Name Is Such That He Likes It. He (s) Said That Call Me By The Name “Abdullah”, This Is The Name I Like The Most. Call Me As Abd Of Allah Which Means Servant Of Allah.

Now There Is A Difference Between Servant Of Allah And Servant Of Attributes Of Allah. There Is A Difference Between Servitude Of Allah And Being The Servant Of The Bounties Of Allah. There Are Many Who Keep Their Names As Abdul Razzaq., Abdur Raheem, Abdul Rahman And All These Also Come In The Category Of Servants Of Allah. All These Are The Attributes Of Allah But There Is A Big Difference Between Abdullah And Abdul Rahman, Abdur Raheem And Abdul Razzaq. This Is Because In These Names The Attributes Of Allah Is Also Involved. Like In Rahman, Allah’s Compassion Is Present, In Raheem Allah’s Mercy Is Present And In Razzaq Allah’s Sustenance Is Present. In These Names The Attributes Of Allah Are Also Present And These Attributes Are The Signs Of Allah’s Actions Or Affairs. These Attributes Are Derived From The Affairs And Acts Of Allah. Compassion (Rahmat) Is Amongst The Actions Of Allah And This Attribute Of Rahmat Has Been Derived From This Legislative Act Of Allah. And This Compassion And Mercy Has Been Declared As The Attribute And Name Of Allah. When A Person Calls Himself Abdul Rahman Aur Abdur Raheem Than Those Who Are Highly And Purely Monotheists Understand This Very Well That If We Associate Our Name With One Of The Names Of Allah, This Becomes A Monotheistic Name. But What Is That Purely Monotheistic Name?

Man Has Many Expectations From Allah; He Calls Allah For The Fulfillment Of His Desires. He Calls Allah By His Attributes. Man Likes The Rahmat (Compassion) Of Allah More Than Allah. He Likes The Bounties Of Allah More Than Allah; He Likes The Things Given By Allah More Than Allah. If Someone Becomes Sick And When The Essence Of Allah Cures Him He Likes The Cure More Than Allah. He Says Allah Allah But In These Words Of Allah Allah, Cure Is Present Or In Other Words He Is Saying Cure Cure, He Is Saying O Allah Give Me Cure. He Is Seeking The Thing Which He Is In Need Of. He Hardly Calls Allah. He Takes The Name Of Allah But Calls For His Bounties Always. When Man Is Hungry And He Demands Food From Allah, He Says Allah Allah But What Is Intended By Allah Over Here Is Food. This Means He Seeks Food More Than Allah. This Is Because He Knows That Sustenance (Rizq) Is With Allah And Hence He Calls Allah, But If He Comes To Know That Sustenance (Rizq) Is Present With Someone Else He Will First Go To That Person To Get Sustenance And When He Fails And Realizes That He Cannot Get It From Anywhere Else, He Turns Towards Allah For Seeking Rizq. It Is Rizq Which Is Behind The Name Of Allah Which He Is Taking. He Is A Servant Of The Bounties Of Allah. He Is The Servant Of The Rahmat Of Allah, Sustenance Of Allah And Not Of Allah Alone. The True Servant Of Allah Is One Who Seeks Allah Above His Compassion (Rahmat), Who Seeks Allah Above His Bounties. He Does Allah Allah And When Allah Asks Him What Do You Need, He Does Not Ask For Any Of His Bounties But Says I Need You.

O Messenger When My Servant Questions You About Me. There Are Very Few Who Question You About Me. Most Of Them Question About The Bounties Of Allah. They Remember Allah Definitely But Do Not Ask For Allah And Question About The Whereabouts Of Allah. All Their Questions Are Related To Their Needs Only. But There Are Some Who Will Come And Will Only Question You About Me And Not About My Rahmat And Nemat. They Are Only Concerned About Me And Not With My Thawaab. So What Should You Reply To Them? Tell Them

Allah Did Not Say Qul, Means O Prophet Tell Them About My Whereabouts. Like When Someone Asks About Something From You, You Don’t Reply Directly But Instead You Ask Your Child Or Servant To Go And Give Them The Reply. But At Times Such Personalities Come To Your Door And Even If Someone Else Like Your Child Or Servant Goes To Open The Doors, You Stop Him And Go Yourself To Greet Him On The Door Itself. If Your Teacher, A Scholar Or Your Favorite Personality Is At Your Doorstep You Tell Your Child Or Servant That You Will Go Out To Greet Him. For A Certain Class Of People It Has Been Said To The Messenger That

O Messenger You Tell The Infidels

O Messenger You Tell The People

Why Is Allah Asking The Prophet To Say This? This Is Because There Are Certain Persons Whom Allah Does Not Even Consider Worthy To Speak To Directly. He Does Not Like To Talk To Them And Hence Tells The Prophet To Tell Them As He Does Not Want To Speak To Them. This Is A Sign Of Being Unpleased And Upset With Someone. Allah Does Not Like To Speak Directly To Infidels And General Public Because He Is Upset With Them, But When He Talks About His Servants

When His Servant Comes And Asks About Him, Allah Does Not Tell The Prophet That You Reply And Tell Him That I Am Near You. Instead When His Servant Comes Asking About Him, Allah Himself Comes Forward And Answers, Saying:

My Servant You Are Asking My Messenger About Me, I Will Myself Answer You. I Will Tell You About My Whereabouts. I Will Tell Where I Am? I Am Very Close To You; You Don’t Believe How Close I Am? You Just Call And See.

When My Servant Calls Me, I Answer. If He Is My Servant Asking About Me Then I Am Very Close To Him. If You Don’t Believe Than Call And See Because One Who Is Close Can Only Lis- Ten. How Close Is Allah? How Close To Us Is The Essence Of Truth? He Says

Allah Is Closer Than Your Jugular Vein. It Is Not That Your Creator Has Just Created You And Left You On Your Own. He Is Near And That Too Very Near You. Just Call And See How Close It Is, There Is No Need To Search For Allah In Forests, There Is No Need For Sufi Ruins To Find Allah. If You Want To Find Allah (s.w.t) Then Turn Towards Your Own Self.

One Who Understands Self Hood, Will Understand Allah. One Who Finds His Own Address Will Find The Address Of Allah. Why? Because He Is Very Near. But This Nearness Is One Sided; Only Allah Is Near To His Servants But They Are Not Near. Now They Are Being Ordered To Acquire Nearness To Allah. There Are Certain Proximities Which Are Two Sided Like If I Am Near The Wall, The Wall Is Also Near To Me. But There Are Certain Proximities Which Are One Sided. Like The Nearness Between A Mother And Disobedient Son. The Mother Is Close To Her Son But The Son Does Not Care About Her. Mother Is Close To Her But He Is Not Close To His Mother. Allah Is Near To Man But Man Is Not Near To Allah. This Close Man Is Being Told By Allah That When I Am Near You Why Are You Away From Me. Are You Upset With Me? If You Are Not Why Don’t You Take My Name? You Are Committing Sins So I Should Be Upset With You But I Am Still Near You So Why Are You Not Taking My Name? Why Don’t You Do Allah Allah? Why Don’t You Take My Name? O My Lord! How Can I Come Near? Then He Is Told The Way To Come Near Me, Whatever Action You Perform You Do It With The Intention Of Acquiring My Proximity, That I Am Taking This Step For “Qurbatan Ilallaha”, That Is To Seek The Nearness Of Allah. So There Are Some Whom Allah Has Accepted In His Servantship And Said That He Is “Ibadi”, But For Others He Has Said That They Are The Servants Of My Bounties. He Says They Are Abdur Rahman, Abdur Raheem, They Are The Servants And Slaves Of My Rahmat And Mercy. There Are Some Who Are Slaves Of Allah And Some Who Are Slaves Of The Bounties Of Allah. Those Who Are Slaves Of The Bounties Of Allah, Get The Bounties But Don’t Get Allah, But Those Who Are Slaves Of Allah Only Get Allah And Also His Bounties.

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