The Bond Between Allah And Hussain

Look At Dua E Arafah And See What The Doyen Of Martyrs Says?

O My Lord! One Who Found You What Did He Loose. One Who Lost You What Did He Find? Some People Are In Pursuit Of Understanding Allah. Allah Is Not Someone Who Could Be Understood, He Cannot Enter Your Minds Because He Is Near Your Jugular Vein. He Is Some- One To Found And Not Understood. Who Is Saying This?

This Is Said By Abdallah, The Slave Of Allah. He Is Not The Servant Of Allah’s Bounties. These Words Are Being Said By The Servant Of Allah. O Aba Abdillah, Means The Father Of The Slaves Of Allah. One Who’s Kuniyah Itself Is Abdullah, How Did He Get This Kuniyah? This Is Because He Has Never Been In Need Of Anything Other Than Allah. He Does Not Like Anyone Else, Thus Allah Orders Him. Allah Asks People To Come To His Paradise. Which Paradise? The One You Were Desirous Of And Struggling For, The Paradise Of Houries. If You Desire The Paradise Of Houries, I Will Give You That, If You Want A Paradise Of Trees And Gardens I Will Give You That, If You Want Paradise Of Milk And Honey I Will Give You That Too, But Re- Member That Even After Going Into This Paradise You Will Still Not Be In Peace, You Will Still Be Restless And Not Contented, Why?

Peace And Contentment Is Found In The Remembrance Of Allah, Thus When The Turn Comes For The Slave Of Allah And Not For The Slaves Of Bounties Of Allah. How Does Allah Calls Him?

Why? How Did This Self Become Contented? Because He Never Desired Anything Other Than Allah, He Never Wished Or Demanded For Anything Else. He Only Desired And Wanted Allah

Come Amongst My Slaves. This Paradise Of Gardens Is Not Your Worth; You Are Much Above This Paradise Of Milk And Honey. Why? Because You Are The Slave Of Allah Alone, You Have Become Contented, You Have Acquired The Status Of Contentment And Satisfaction. And Now Since You Have Acquired This Position You Should Come Into My Exclusive Paradise.

This Is The Paradise Of His Essence And Against His Paradise Is A Hell Which Is Known As The Hell Of Harman, Means The Hell Of Deprivation. One Is The Hell Of Fire And Flames, Whereas Other Is The Hell Of Deprivation. Look At Dua E Kumayl. That Master Of Ours Who Himself Says That I Am Independent Of Hell And Heaven Says That O Allah! I Do Not Worship You For Jannat And Neither In Fear.

I Can Tolerate The Flames Of Your Hell

But How Can I Tolerate The Separation From Your Grandeur.

These Are Instances For Which The Quran Says That There Will Be Some Whom Allah Will Put In Hell Fire But There Are Some To Whom It Is Said:

Allah Will Not Talk To Them On The Day Of Qayamat.

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