Hussain- The Pinnacle Of Abd Allah

O The Slave Of Allah, O The Slave Of Only Allah Whose Eyes Did Not Like Anyone Other Than Allah. Where Did He Demonstrate The Pinnacle Of His Servitude? It Was Demonstrated Below The Dagger. Who Is Abdallah? You Would Have Heard About His Father? When Ali (a.s) Had An Arrow Stuck In His Feet, The Companions Asked The Prophet (s), How Should We Remove It, He (s.a.w.s) Said That Remove It In The State Of Prayers, Because When In Salaat Allah’s Attention Is Towards No One Other Than Allah. This Is Servitude And Bondage. Now Look At The Servantship And Bondage Of The Son. The Son Is In Prostration, Shimr Has Mounted On His Back, Has The Knife Running On His Neck From Behind, Slaughtering Him, Now What Is There On Hussain’s Lips In Prostration? What Did He Say? Whatever You Have Heard Till Now Remove It From Your Mind. His Attention And Mind Was Neither Towards The Knife Nor Towards Shimr. What Were The Last Words Which Came Out From His Sacred Lips And Got Recorded In History And Are Present In Maqtal? What Were The Words Coming Out From The Lips Of Abdallah?


When The Voice Came, O The Contented Soul, Come To Me. His Reply Was “Labbaik”, I Am Here, And I Have Come. There Is No One Other Than You My Lord. I Am Submitting To Your Commands, I Am Accepting Your Destiny For Me. He Is Remembering Allah Right Below The Dagger, His Eyes Are Neither On The Sword Nor On Shimr, Why Because He Is The Slave Of Allah.


This Is The First Part Of The Ziarat, Though Every Sentence In This Deserves An Interpretation But We Will Leave These And Go To Its Second Paragraph Now.

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