Ziarat-E-Ashura - Manifesto Of Actions

Ziarat-e-Ashura Is A Manifesto Of Actions Which Should Be Acted Upon After Recitation. Why Is There So Much Emphasis On Reciting This Ziarat? This Is To Make You Aware Of What You Have To Do? It Is Common Practice That Any Manifesto Or Charter Which Is Important Is Asked To Be Read Several Times. You Should Recite Several Times, But With Pondering, Not Just For Thawaab (rewards). You Will Definitely Get Rewards But It Should Not Be That You Acquire Rewards From Ziarat-e-Ashura And Go Home. This Is An Example Of Turning This Ziarat Into A Hymn (Wird) And We Need To Avoid Doing This. Ziarat-e-Ashura Was Not Meant To Be Just Recited In Azadari And Hussainiah After Which You Go Home With Your Heads Down. Instead Ziarat-e-Ashura Is Meant To Take You Out Of Your Bed, Out Of Your Kitchen, Out Of Your Drawing Room Bringing You On The Streets. Ziarat-e-Ashura Is Not The Sending Of People From The Streets To Their Homes, Instead It Is Meant To Bring People Out Of Their Homes Onto The Streets (to Rise Against Injustice). It Is The Raising Of Bent Heads. The Way Satan Issued A Charter To His Disciples; Similarly Allah Also Issued A Charter To His Angels. If You Want To See Who Is Busy In Satanic Acts, Then Satanic Acts Are Those Which Turn Religion Into Sufi Courtyards. In The Same Poetic Collection Of Zarbe Kaleem By Allama Iqbal, He Also Talks About A Charter Issued By Allah To The Angels. This Was To Raise The Task Of The Angels? Allah Tells The Angels As Narrated By Iqbal In His Poem

“Utho Meri Dharti Ke Maqeeno Ko Jaga Do Mere Liye Mitti Ka Haram Aur Bana Do”

“Wake Up And Awaken The Youths Of My Land Make Me Another Sacred House Of Sand”

Wake Up And Awaken The Youths Of My Land, Wipe Out Their Sleep, Make Them Restless To Build The Sacred House (Haram) Made Of Marble In Which Only Hymns (Wird) Are Recited . I Don’t Need That Iqbal Says, I Need A Haram Of Sand. I Don’t Need That Kaaba In Which People Are Taught To Sleep. My Haram, My Kaaba Is That In Which Man Learns The Lessons Of Rising. These Are The Acts Of Angels; One Who Is Sent By Allah Delivers This Task Whereas Those Sent By Satan Make People Sleep. Now You Can Yourself Identify Who Is Involved In A Satanic Act And Who Is Doing An Angelic Act?

We Think That Our Duty Is Only To Express Our Grief In Silence. It Is A Pity That The Sanctities Of The Religion Are Insulted, Defamed And We Just Limit Ourselves To Expressing Grief By Ar- Ranging A Condolence Majalis. Are We Left Only To This? Our Duty Is To Amputate Those Legs Which Walk Towards Our Sanctity, To Cut Those Hands Who Sacrilege Our Sacred Things, To Chop Off Those Tongues Which Insult Our Sanctities. If These Legs Keep On Moving Towards Our Sanctities, Be Assured That A Day Will Come When These Sufi Courtyards (Khangaah) Where You Are Sitting Peacefully Making Oral Recitations Of Religious Scriptures Will Also Not Remain Secure. These Will Be Ruined. These Mosques And Hussainiah Of Ours Are Not More Sacred Than The Shrine Of Samarra; Hence If Samarra Can Be Blown Off Than The Reli- Gion Of No Muslim Remains Secure. No One’s Azadari Is Out Of Danger, No Religious Centre Is Out Of Danger And We Can See These Things Happening In Pakistan. This Will Happen If We Turn Our Religion Into Hymns (Wird), Turn Ziarat-e-Ashura Into Lullabies To Make People Sleep. We Should Recite Ziarat-e-Ashura Before Our Majalis And After Our Majalis So That We Can Understand The Philosophy Of These Majalis, We Can Understand Where We Need To Go After The Majalis. So Why Should We Recite This Ziarat Testimonial After The Majalis?

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