Defending The Sanctities Of Religion

How Are Sanctities Of Religion Defended? It Cannot Be Defended By Heads Bowed Down, Not Just By Reading News Of These Insults And Attacks, Not Only By Expressing Grief And Remain- Ing Silent And Not By Organizing Sessions Of Oral Recitations. If You Want To See How The Sanctity Of Religion Is Defended Then Come To Damascus (Shaam) And Witness This Scene Which Made Imam Sajjad (a.s) Mourn Throughout His Life.

When Imam Sajjad (a.s) Would Be Asked Where He Suffered The Most In This Event, He Would Say Damascus (Shaam). What Happened In Damascus? Many Things Happened There But Foremost Were The Insult Of The Sanctity Of Religion. The Women Of The Family Of The Prophet(s) Were Walked Through A Decorated Market In A Gathering Of Drunkards, Why? This Was To Defame And Insult Them. They Began To Insult And Look At The Scene Wherein The Defender Of Sanctities Is Also Present And In This State Of Brutally Wounded, Chained, Shackled And Roped, He Defends The Sanctity Of Islam. This Is The Religion Of Imam Hussain (s.a). How Did They Insult The Sanctity? They Kept A Tray In Front Of Yazid On Which There Was A Cloth. When The Cloth Was Lifted A Chaos Took Place In The Courtyard, There Were Sighs Coming From The Family Of The Prophet (s). The Head Of Hussain (a.s) Was Under The Cloth And Yazid Started The Sacrilege With A Stick In His Hand. He Started To Beat The Head With His Stick; Sometimes He Would Hit On The Hairs, Sometimes He Would Hit On The Cheeks. A Time Came When This Accursed Yazid Crossed All Limits By Hitting The Stick On The Teeth Of The Doyen Of Martyrs. At This Instance The Defender Of The Sanctities Of Religion, The Inheritor Of Ziarat-e-Ashura Yelled At Him, In A State Of Anger. With Her Hands Tied Behind Her Neck She Yelled At Yazid And Said O Accursed Being Do You Know What You Are Trying To Do? You Are Playing With The Heaven Of Allah (s).

These Are The Teachings Of Ziarat-e-Ashura. It Teaches Us To Disassociate Ourselves From The Oppressors, Transgressors By Reciting These Curses Present In The Testimonial. And This Disassociation Means Raising Your Voice, Standing And Rising Against Any And All Yazid’s Of Our Era. Then Only Can We Deliver The Rights And Expectations Of This Ziarat.

If Pondered Over Closely, This Is Just A Recitation Testimonial In Its Exterior, But From Inside It Is A Manifesto Of Secrets From Ahlulbayt (a.s) And Specifically A Secret Manifesto Of Kar- Bala. These Teachings And Compilations Done By The Infallibles Were In A Specific Era And The Specialty Of That Era Is Not Like That Of Today When Despite Of All Calamities, Atrocities And Hardships We Are Still Free To Perform The Remembrance Of Ahlulbayt (a.s) With Free- Dom. Today If We Cannot Present The Secrets Of These Compilations Than It Is Our Deficiency And Crime. In That Era People Were Scared To Come In The Presence Of The Infallibles Be- Cause The Environment Was Such That Even With The Infallibles Present, Approaching Them Was Not Easy. There Were Many Dangers Present As Regards To The Teachings Of Ahlulbayt (a.s) Amongst Which The Foremost Was From The Government Of That Time Specifically From Bani Umayyah And Bani Abbas. The Period Of All The Infallibles Had An Impact Of Bani Umayyah And Bani Abbas. They Had Complete Control And Sensitivity Towards What The Imams Were Teaching And Preaching, What Message Were They Transferring To Their Fol- Lowers, What Thoughts They Were Possessing And What Plans They Had? They Were Always Alert And Eager To Know About These Plans And To Do So They Would Send Their Spies To The Infallibles, They Would Keep A Close Watch On Those Persons Who Were Frequently Visiting The Infallibles. On The Other Hand The Infallibles Had Kept A Specific Focus On Karbala And Declared It As The Qiblah Of Sense (Sha’oor) For The Muslim Ummah. A Special Significance And Distinction Was Given By Them To Karbala And Pilgrimage To Karbala.

Emphasis Was Laid On Visiting Karbala And If Someone Cannot Do So, He Can Be At His Place And Be Privileged. For This The Infallibles Compiled This Testimonial And Under This Testi- Monial The Practice And Sense (Sha’oor) Which Was Supposed To Be Derived From Karbala By The Muslim Ummah Was Expressed By The Imams Until Qayamat. Along With This The Ummah Was Made To Understand About A Specific Class Of Ummah And Why The Incident Of Karbala Took Place And Who Were Its Actual Motivators? What Were The Elements Active In This?

We Will Express Few Guiding Points About This Ziarat E Ashura So That It Becomes The Ba- Sis And Scale For You To Later Understand And Ponder Over The Other Elements Inside This Ziarat. With These Guidelines We Should Be Able To Grasp The Direction Which The Infallibles Want To Give To The Ummah And What Level Of Sense They Want To Develop Inside The Nation. Then We Should See Till Date After Continuously Reciting Ziarat-e-Ashura Whether That Sense Got Developed Or Not. If Not Then There Is A Need To Change The Vision, To Change The Mentality. If We Keep Reciting With The Same Mentality Then The Changes Have Not Come And Will Not Happen Either And It Is Possible That Later Also It Will Not Happen.

The Testimonial Starts With These Words. You Have The Ziarat Nama Present In Mafateeh And Other Books But The Translation Present In These Books Is Not Very Precise And Hence We Should Not Consider That The Translation Is Really Expressing The Meaning. We Can Say That This Needs A More Precise Translation Than What Is Present Today In Our Books.

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