Karbala-The Qiblah Of Sense(Sha’oor)

They Were Visiting The Shrine Of Imam Hussain (a.s) To Make Karbala The Qiblah For Hu- Manity, But Not The Qiblah Of Worships Because That Qiblah Is The Holy Kaaba In Mecca. If Inside The Qiblah Of Worships Idols Are Placed Like It Was At One Particular Time When The Prophet (s.a.w.s) Was Ordered To Leave The Custody Of Kaaba And Migrate To Medina. Why? It Was Because Idols Were Placed Inside Kaaba. Allah Said, Now You Should Migrate To Me- Dina And Do Something Over There By Which You Can Make This Kaaba As Qiblah Of Worship. The Infallibles Were Not Trying To Make Karbala As Another Kaaba Against The Holy Kaaba In Mecca. Like One Shia Brother Himself Said That I Am Getting Doubtful About Why We Are Asked To Visit Karbala On The Day Of Arafah. Is It Because We Want To Create A Kaaba In Karbala? Is It Because We Want To Make Another Kaaba And Another Hajj? He Says When I Went For Hajj For The First Time I Was Very Confused At Every Stage And Had A Question As To Why We Have Been Asked To Do Such Things. I Was Asked To Remove My Good Looking Dress And Put On Two Towels, And Then I Was Asked To Recite Labbaik. When I Pondered Over It, Labbaik Means “I Have Come”, But Who Has Invited Me, I Can’t Hear The Call Of Anyone. Then I Was Asked To Circle Around The Stone Walls Of Kaaba For Seven Times. I Was Confused Why Seven, Why Not Five But The Answer Was Do Just As You Are Asked To Do. Then I Was Asked To Run Between The Two Hills Of Safa And Marwa. What For? What Am I Supposed To Gain After Running Seven Times Between The Hills? We Were Taken To A Desert By The Name Of Arafah And Asked To Just Sit For The Whole Day. For What? Then We Are Asked To Spend The Night At Mashar And Just Collect Pebbles. For What? Next Morning We Were Taken To Mina And Asked To Hurl Pebbles On The Cement Pillar Which Was Called Satan. What Was All This For? What Has This Pillar Done To Me So That I Should Hit It? Then I Was Asked To Sacrifice A Sheep. All The Pilgrims Were Sacrificing Sheep And Where Was This Meat Going? It Was All Getting Wasted So What Was This Sacrifice For. Then I Was Asked To Shave My Head Off. I Did It Without Knowing Why I Had To Do This And Spoil My Looks. The Answer Was Just Do As You Are Asked To Do Else Your Hajj Will Be Void. Then We Are Made To Sit For Three Days In The Tent Of Mina. For What? I Was Confused As To What I Had Done This Hajj For, But Later When I Came Across The Tradition From Imam Sajjad I Realized For What I Was Doing All This.

A Companion Of Imam Sajjad By The Name Shibli Visited Him After His Hajj. Imam (a.s) Asked Him; Shibli When You Removed Your Dress And Put On Ihram Did You Intend To Put Off The Garment Of Disobedience (to God) And Put On A Garment Of Obedience (to Him)? He Said No, I Did Not. Imam (a.s) Kept On Asking Him About Every Step Of Hajj Ritual Pointing It Towards The Inward Aspect Of These Rituals And Shibli’s Answer Was No To All. At The End Imam (a.s) Said That Shibli You Should Do Your Hajj Again. This Shia Man Says That After I Read This Narration I Realized That All That I Was Asked To Do Had An Inward Aspect Of These Rituals Which I Was Not Aware Of , I Did Not Have The Sense (Sha’oor) To Understand The Inward Dimension Of These Rituals. So Those Who Go To Hajj Without Knowing The Inward Aspect, Do Not Avail Anything From Hajj. They Just Go There To Benefit From Chinese Prod- Ucts Companies And Multinational Hotels. Islam Wanted 2.5 Million Muslims To Gather In One Place For These Many Days And Think About Islamic Issues, Come Out With United Plans For Resolving The Issues Of The Muslim Ummah But These Muslims Who Visit Hajj Just Com- Plete Their Rituals , Buy Chinese Products As Blessings To Be Distributed When They Have To Return. These Muslims Should Have The Sense (Sha’oor) That We Have Not Been Invited To Hajj To Buy Chinese Products But Are Called To Entangle The Knots Of Islam And To Resolve The Problems Of The Muslims.

Thus Before Going To Hajj It Is Necessary To Develop Sense (Sha’oor) And From Where Will This Sense Come? From Where Can We Find The Philosophy Of Hajj? Hajj Has To Be Done In Kaaba Which Is The Qiblah Of Worship But Prior To Visiting This Qiblah Of Worship It Is Essential To Understand The Philosophy Of Worship. He Says As I Kept On Pondering On Where I Can Get The Philosophy Of Hajj I Remembered That The Doyen Of Martyrs Just One Day Prior To The Day Of Arafah (9th Zilhajj) Removed His Ihram And Left Mecca. He Left The Hajj Ceremony To Go Somewhere Else. Where? To Karbala. I Decided To Follow The Doyen Of Martyrs And See Why He Went To Karbala. I Also Reached Karbala Following My Imam And When I Reached Karbala I Realized That Anyone Who Does Not Comes To Karbala Will Never Develop Sense. And If Sense Is Not Acquired Then All These Circles Around The Kaaba Will Not Be Of Any Benefit.

This Is The Reason The Infallibles (a.s) By Their Character Have Invited Us Towards Karbala Because This Is Where You Develop Sense (Sha’oor). They First Came To Karbala Themselves As Visitors And Then Asked The Ummah To Come To Karbala. Why? Not To Prostrate At Kar- Bala, Which Should Be Towards Kaaba Only, But From Karbala Only Will You Develop The Sense (Sha’oor) For Prostration. You Have Sacrificed The Animal In Mina But When You Come To Karbala You Will Understand The Philosophy Of Sacrifice. You Have To Hurl Pebbles On Satan In Mina But Until And Unless You Come To Karbala You Won’t Be Able To Recognize The Satan Of Your Era.

Karbala Gifts Man With Sense (Sha’oor) And It Is The Qiblah Of Sense. This Is The Reason That Infallibles Made Karbala As The Qiblah. They Turned The Faces Of Everyone Towards Karbala. It Was To Inform That When Religion Is Secure, You Should Go To Mecca And Mina And Do Sacrifices; And Your Worships Will Be Complete But When Religion Is In Danger What Should You Do? You Should Not Bring Sheep To Mina For Sacrifice And For Earning Rewards, But Instead Take Your Family And Come Out Into The Field. Performing Hajj Under A Secure Religion And Presenting Your Children For Securing Religion Is The Sense Which Comes Out From Karbala. From Karbala You Just Don’t Get Dates, Frames Of Verses, Shrouds But You Get Many Things From Karbala. What Do You Get From Karbala? Let Us Ask Those Who Took From Karbala. Who Are They Who Took Sense From Karbala And After Taking Sense Strength- Ened The Religion Of Allah? Come Let Us Ask Khomeini, The Foresighted Leader Of The Um- Mah As To What Can We Get From Karbala And What Have You Taken From Karbala. Then Khomeini Will Answer “I Have Nothing Other Than The Doyen Of Martyrs”. Rubbing The Nose Of Enemies On Dust Comes From Karbala. The Courage For Getting Enemies Down On Their Knees Comes From Karbala, Bringing Down The Throne Of The Emperor Comes From Karbala, Sacrificing Your Children By Raising Them On Your Own Hands Comes From Kar- Bala, The Call For Prayers With “Aliyun Waliyullah” Comes From Karbala. Karbala Gives Sense And When This Sense Is Acquired, Your Hajj Is Completed. This Great Leader Got This Sense From Karbala And Then Called Upon The Pilgrims Of Hajj And Said That Your Hajj Is Not Complete. Why? This Is Because They Had Not Acted Upon The Order Of Allah. Which Order? He Said, Your Declaration Of Disassociation From The West. This Is Where We Get The Right Answer As To Why We Should Visit Karbala On The Day Of Arafah. Why Have The Infallibles Turned The Direction Of The Ummah Towards Karbala? So That People Could Understand The Philosophy Of Hajj, Prayers And Friday Prayer, The Philosophy Of Worships Could Be Understood, The Reality Of Religion Could Be Recognized. They Come Back And Say We Have Performed The Hajj Of Ibrahim. Which Ibrahim? You Should Know That Hajj Is Following The Customs Of Three Personalities; Father, Mother And Son I.e. Ibrahim, Haajar And Is Mail. After Doing The Circumbulation (Tawaaf) You Come And Stand Behind The Position Of Ibrahim (Maqaam-e-Ibrahim) To Offer Prayer. Do You Know What Maqaam-e-Ibrahim Is? If There Is No Sense (Sha’oor) You Will Stand Behind This Great Position And Ask From Allah Jobs, Promotions, Deals, Admission In Universities, Visa To West, House, Marriage And Car. But If There Is Sense (Sha’oor) Present Then By Standing At This Position Of Ibrahim You Can Realize Who Was This Ibrahim Behind Whom I Am Standing Now. He Is The One Who At A Very Young Age Takes An Axe And Is Waiting To Get An Opportunity To Break The Idols Into Pieces And Preparing Them To Be Thrown In The Fire. Ibrahim Knew Where The Idol Temple Was And He Went There In Isolation Taking An Axe. He Crushed All The Idols And Left The Bigger One In- Tact Leaving The Axe In Its Hand? Why? This Was Because Ibrahim Wanted To Shake The Sense (Sha’oor) And Conscience Of The Ummah (people) By This Act. Now You Visit Maqaam-e- Ibrahim And Stand Behind It, But Who Is Going To Give You The Sense About The Place Where You Are Standing? Allama Said That Allah Ordered The Angels That O Angels

Make For Me Another Haram (sacred House) Of Sand As I Am Tired Of These Marble Tiles

We Need To Find That Haram Of Ibrahim And Not Get Lost Into The Modern Haram Made Of Marbles Today. What Does A Person Learn When Standing Behind Maqaam-e-Ibrahim? When In This Position Look In Your Era, Look Inside Your Town, Your Country And See If There Are Any Idols Temples Or Not. If You Cannot Find Then Iqbal Says That You Are Wrong, It Is Not Just Your City, Country In Fact The Entire World Has Today Become A Temple Of Idols And This Temple Is In Pursuit Of Its Ibrahim.

“The World Is In Pursuit Of Its Ibrahim

Where The Slogan Of “La Ilaha Illaha” Has Turned Into Idol Temple”

This World Is Searching For Its Ibrahim And This Is The Reason You, The Muslims Have Been Invited And Made To Stand Behind Maqaam-e-Ibrahim And See. What Can You See? Do You See Ibrahim As An Idol Breaker? But Who Will Give This Sense To See Things In This Correct Manner? If You Just Blindly Enlist Your Name In The Hajj Caravan And Reach Mecca Then You Will Only Be Interested In Chinese Products And Not In Ibrahim Or His Position In Front Of Kaaba. Who Will Provide This Sense To You?

It Is Mentioned In Ziarat-e-Waritha ‘Peace Upon You O The Inheritor Of Ibrahim, The Friend Of Allah’. Please Tell Me Where The Position Of Ibrahim (Maqaam-e-Ibrahim) Is. He Will Reply Saying That Maqaam-e-Ibrahim Means Getting Rid Of Idols From Temples; Jump- Ing Into Blazing Flames Of Fire And Migrating With His Wife And Young Infant Into A Barren Desert, Leaving Them Alone Over There. Whereas We Stand Behind Maqaam-e-Ibrahim And Plead To Allah To Grant Us Visa For America. This Shows That Sense Has Not Yet Developed. We Don’t Even Realize Where We Are Standing And What We Are Asking; Both The Things Are Absolutely Contradictory To Each Other.

This Is The Reason It Is Said That First Visit Karbala So That You Can Develop Sense. Ibrahim Was Asked To Leave The Fertile Land Of Palestine To Migrate To The Barren Hard Land Of Mecca. Ibrahim Went There With His Wife And Infant Child. That Land Where There Was No Food To Eat, No Water To Drink, No Trees For Shade And Not Even A Single Leaf. Ibrahim Was Asked To Leave His Wife And Infant In Such A Place Alone. Ibrahim Did This Without Questioning Al- Lah As To How My Wife And This Infant Will Get Milk, Who Will Give Them Water And Shelter, Who Will Save Them From Beasts? He Did Not Question Anything Because He Had The Sense (Sha’oor) Which Told Him That One Who Has Ordered Him To Do This Will Also Provide The Sustenance And Take Care Of Them. Now The Same Infant Of Ibrahim Grows And Becomes A Teenager And Ibrahim Is Asked To Take Him To Mina To Run A Knife On His Neck. Ibrahim Asked His Son That I Have Been Instructed To Do This, So What Did The Child Reply? اااا اا ااا O My Father You Have Nurtured Me And I Have Been Brought Up By You. The One Who Has Been Brought Up In The Laps Of Ibrahim Does Not Question About The Benefit Of This Act. Though This Was An Inhuman Act, It Is An Order Of Allah And There Is Blind Submission To Whatever Has Been Ordered. He Says, O Father! God Willing You Will Find Me Amongst The Patient Ones. This Is Ibrahim.

Where Will You Find The Position Of Ibrahim When You Are Standing At Maqaam-e-Ibrahim? You Will Know This From The Inheritor Of Ibrahim. Hussain Will Teach You Ibrahim In Kar- Bala. Till The Time You Do Not Understand Ibrahim You Won’t Understand Hajj And Hence You Have To Ask The Inheritor Of Karbala. This Is The Reason That The Ziarat Of Karbala Has Been Given So Much Privilege And Karbala Has Been Made The Qiblah Of Sense. It Is Not For The Sake Of Earning High Rewards Instead It Is For The Revival Of Religion. You Should Visit Karbala So That Religion Can Be Enlivened.

There Are Some Big Personalities Present In Iraq Who Have Made It A Practice To Visit Kar- Bala (Shrine Of Imam Hussain) Almost Every Thursday And Not A Single Thursday Would They Have Missed. They Would Have Visited Karbala Thousands Of Times In Their Life But When The Time Comes To Revive Religion It Is Only Khomeini Who Speaks. He Did Not Visit Karbala For His Entire Life Just Went Once But Came Back With Sense (Sha’oor). Hence He Revived Hajj As Well As Religion. Ask The Inheritor Of Karbala What Is Hajj And This Is The Reason Karbala Became The Qiblah Of Sense (Sha’oor).

This Testimonial Of Visit (Ziarat Nama) Is A Manifesto And A Protocol Of Actions But Has Been Written In A Coded Language. You Should Visit Karbala And If You Cannot Than At Least Sit Inside Your Home And Recite This So That You Can Understand The Secret Of Karbala. The Hajj Of Ibrahim Is Understood From Hussain. Why? Hajj Is The Character Of Ibrahim But Can Be Understood Through Hussain Because Allah (s) Put Ibrahim To Test And Then Said To Him That Ibrahim You Have Reached Your Limits And Only This Much Was Expected From You So Now Leave The Remaining. Ibrahim Supplicated To Allah And Allah Said Ibrahim I Have Made You The Imam. Since Ibrahim Wanted Imamat To Continue In His Progeny Than Allah Said Ibrahim Leave Some Examinations Also For Your Progeny.

The Inheritor Of Ibrahim Is Giving Sense (Sha’oor) To Others In Karbala Now. He Is Acting Upon The Custom Of Ibrahim. The Moment Hussain Stood Behind Maqaam-e-Ibrahim A Voice Came. O Hussain! You Are Standing Behind The Position Of Ibrahim. The World And This Era Have Turned Into Idol Worshipping Temples And The Biggest Idol Is This Taghut By The Name Of Yazid. O The Inheritor Of The Idol Breaking Ibrahim, Your Obligation Is Not Just Take Circles Around Kaaba Instead You Have To Break The Taghut Of Your Era. O Hussain! Get On The Taghut Of Your Era And Stone Him. Who Should You Stone? Not Just The Cement Pillar But Hussain Stone The Devil Of Your Era. O Hussain! Do The Sacrifice In Mina But Not Just Of A Sheep In Mina But Instead Give Sacrifice Of Your Children.

When Hussain Brought His Progeny To Karbala The Examinations Started. The Test Of Ibra- Him Was That He Was Thrown Into The Fire, But The Moment He Was Thrown The Fire Was In- Structed To Cool Down. When Ibrahim Left His Wife And Infant In The Barren Desert, The Child Was Thirsty But After His Wife Ran Between Safa And Marwa, The Child Rubbed His Feet On The Ground And The Well Of ZamZam Gushed Out. When Ibrahim Took His Son For Sacrifice And Kept The Knife On His Neck, He Was Replaced With An Animal Which Got Sacrificed. But Now Look At How The Inheritor And Progeny Of Ibrahim Have Been Tested. This Is Because It Is The Test Of Sense (Sha’oor). The Progeny On The Eve Of The Day Of Ashura Has Their Camps Set On Fire, Now There Is No Command From Allah Coming To The Fire To Cool Down, Because This Is A More Severe Examination.

This Is The Sense (Sha’oor) Which Comes From Karbala Which We Need.

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