The Effects Of Secrets Not Getting Unlocked

This Testimonial Has A Specific Act Of Wisdom Which Has Been Discussed In A Coded Lan- Guage. These Coded Secrets Did Not Get Unlocked Due To Which Certain Duties And Respon- Sibilities On The Believers Did Not Get Delivered Resulting Into A Lot Of Suffering By The Ahl- Ulbayt (a.s), Progeny Of Messenger (s), Followers Of Islam And The Entire Islamic World.

The Dirty Hands Of Enemies Did Not Remain Confined To Insulting The Prophet (s) But Went Ahead To The Extent Of Bombarding The Shrines Of His Grandson In Samarra. They Destroyed The Shrines, Stampeded Its Sanctity And Soaked The Shrine With The Blood Of The Pilgrims Present There. This Filthy Act Has Been Going On Since Long And In Different Forms And Ways; Sometimes Limited To Disgracing The Muslim Nation, Sometimes Insulting The Quran, Sometimes The Messenger And Sometimes His Progeny. Everything Sacred In Islam Has Been A Target Of The Filthy Hands Of Enemies. It Is Correct That The Enemy From Day One Aims At Destroying Religion And Continuously Attempts To Prevent The Spreading Of Truth But In These Last Two Decades And That Too Specifically In Last Few Years It Has Turned Towards A Specific Direction. The Muslim Nation Needs To Be Awakened And Demonstrate Cleverness Against The Enemy. It Is Essential For Us To Understand These Acts Of Sacrileges.

If We Would Have Acquired The Messages Present Inside This Testimonial Of Ziarat-e-Ashura And Other Similar Testimonials, Supplications And Invocations Then Today We Would Not Have Been Witnessing The Sacrilege Of The Holy Prophet (s), Quran And The Shrines Of His Progeny. But Apart From This Physical Insults And Sacrileges One More Aggression And Op- Pression That Took Place On Religion Much Before All This Started Was That These Manifesto’s Which Were Given To Us As A Syllabus Of Life Were Transformed Into Some Other Colour.

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