Transformation To Hymns (“Wird”)

All These Ziarat Testimonials, Supplications And Specifically Ziarat-e-Ashura Instead Of Be- Ing Considered As A Charter And Manifesto Were Turned Into Hymns (known As “Wird” In Urdu And Hindi). These Were Manifesto’s But The Day They Got Transformed Into Hymns Their Direction Changed And Instead Of We Unlocking These Codes To Find Out What Path Has Been Shown To Us Inside, We Changed The Path Of This Manifesto Itself. We Did Not Change Our Course But Instead Changed The Direction Of These Testimonials.

There Are Many Things That Are Influential In This Transformation, Amongst Which One Is Our Culture And The Other Our Civilization. Culture Has Left Serious Effects On Religion And Not Just This, In Fact Culture Has Turned Into Religion And Is Considered More Sacred Than Religion. In The Sermon Of Mina, Imam Hussain (a.s) Addressed The Well Known Person- Alities Present There And Said That When The Customs And Traditions Of Your Forefathers Is Trampled You Do Not Tolerate It, But When Religious Values Are Crushed, Not Even A Sigh Comes Out Of Your Lips. When A Person’s Culture Becomes His Religion, Actual Religion Gets Cornered And Kept Aside In A Secluded Place. The Culture Which We Are Associated With Is The Hindi Culture And In This Hindi Culture The Major Intervention Is Of Hymns (oral Recita- Tions). In The Hindi Culture The Solution For Every Problem Is Hymn (known As “Wird” In Hindi). There Are Hymns In Place Of Talks, In Place Of Cognizance (Maarifat), Hymns Replac- Ing Actions And Everything. There Are Different Names Given To Different Types Of Hymns. In Hindi Culture The Hymns (Wird) Are Divided Into Two Categories; One Is The Generic Collec- Tive One Known As “Jantar” And Second Is A Specific One Known As “Mantar”. Under Certain Problems They Recite “Jantar” While On Certain Specific Calamities They Recite “Mantar”; And This Is Their Worship, Religion And Everything. This “Jantar Manta” Which Was A Part Of Hindu Civilization Left A Serious Effect On Islam And Islamic Teachings As Well; As A Conse- Quence The Manifestos And Testimonials Of Islam Also Turned Into Hymns (“Wird”). They Also Got Transformed Into Either “Jantar” Or “Mantar”. The Islamic Charters (supplica- Tions, Testimonials) Are Recited As Hymns For Solving Certain Personal Problems. When Religion Comes Out Of The State Of A Manifesto And Actions Turn Into Hymns, It Does Not Matter Whether A Person Acts On That Religion Or Not.

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