Transformation Of Quran And Character (Seerah) Into Hymns (Wird)

The Holy Quran Is The First Manifesto Of Religion Which Got Transformed Into Hymns. The Quran Was Not Revealed For Oral Recitations Instead It Came Down For The Guidance Of Hu- Manity As A Manifesto Of Life So That We Can Live Our Life In Accordance With Its Principles And Laws. We Should Begin Our Morning With The Quran, End The Evening With The Quran, We Should Stand And Sit As Per Quran; We Should Should Listen To And Speak Like The Quran. When Quran Wants Us To Speak We Should Speak And When Quran Asks Us To Remain Silent We Should Remain Silent. Quran Says When The Prophet Or Leader Is Speaking You Should Remain Silent And Listen To Him. But The Nation (Ummat) Which Has Transformed The Quran Into Hymns (“Wird”) Does Not Understand This Principle Of Quran And Speak When The Leader Is Speaking. They Raise Objections On The Leader And Ask What Rights This Leader Has To Tell Us Not To Do Such And Such Thing. This Is The Outcome Of The Religion Of Hymns (Wird) And Just For The Sake Of Formality, Oral Based Recitations. There Is A Verse In The Holy Quran Which Says That You Should Not Raise Your Voice Above The Voice Of The Prophet (s). This Is Not Referring To The Tone, Meaning That The Volume Of Your Voice Should Be Low. When The Prophet (s) Is Telling You Something, You Can Reply To Him But In Low Voice. What This Implies Is That When The Prophet (s) Is Giving You Some Instructions And Tell- Ing You Something, Do Not Try To Override Him, Object To Him Or Try To Make Your Say By Subjugating His Words. When You Are Asked By The Prophet (s) To Remain Silent And When The Prophet (s) Asks You To Stand And Rise You Should Stand And Not Remain Seated. When The Prophet (s) Issues A Command To Speak, Only Then Should You Speak. Where Do You Have To Speak?

When A Person Crosses The Ditch (Khandaq), Comes Towards The Army Of Islam Where The Crusaders (Mujahideen) Of Islam Are Present And Insults The Prophet Of Islam And Then When The Prophet (s) Addresses The Entire Army Of Islam Raising A Question As To Who Is There Who Can Shut The Mouth Of This Dog? In This Situation No One Speaks. Now When The Time Has Come To Speak They Are Not Speaking. How Much Have We Heard About This Battle Of Ahzab (Khandaq)? How Many Slogans And Praises Have We Raised In Our Gatherings (Majalis) On The Incidents Of This Battle Of Ahzab (Khandaq)? What Have We Learnt From This? We Have Turned This Battle Of Ahzab Into Hymns. Such Persons Should Be Commend- Ed For Their Miraculous Achievement Whereby They Have Turned A Battle Into Mere Slogans Of Praises And Hymns (Wird) And Jantar.

The Prophet (s) Had Come To Give Us Salvation From These Hymns And Jantri’s (a Book Of Good, Bad, Evil Days In Astrological Format), But Instead Of Leaving These Jantri’s, We Have Turned The Quran Also Into A “Jantri”. We Have Turned The Battles Fought By The Prophet(s) Into Hymns. What Were These Battles For? Were These Battle Meant For An Expert To Come And Carve Stories Around This Battle And Present These Stories In Different Forms For The People To Get Excited And Raise Slogans? When Such Battles Are Turned Into Stories, Even If These Stories Are Recited For A Hundred Years, It Won’t Teach Us Anything. These Battles Deliver Some Lessons. We Have Spent Our Entire Lives Hearing About The Battle Of Ahzab But It Has Brought No Difference To Us. If This Battle Had Not Turned Into Hymns And Been Narrated To Us As A Battle, Then Today The Enemies Of Islam In The World Would Not Have United To Cross The Ditch (Khandaq) And Come Across To Challenge The Muslims.

This Person Crossed The Ditch And Raising The Feet Of His Horse Said “O Messenger (s) You Have Said That Your Ummah (nation) Is Desperate For Martyrdom, When They Die They Go To Paradise So My Sword Is Ready To Send Them To Paradise. So Whoever Is Desirous Of Para- Dise Come Forward And Let My Sword Send You To Paradise.” He Insulted And Defamed The Prophet (s) And He (s) Turned Towards His Army And Said “Is There Anyone Who Can Shut The Mouth Of This Dog?” Everyone’s Eyes Lowered, Heads Bent Down As If Birds Were Sitting On Their Heads, But At This Instance One Personality Got Up And Said “O Messenger! I Am Ready To Deliver This Task”. The Messenger (s) Asked Him To Sit Down. Why? This Is Because The Prophet (s) Wanted To Set A Criterion For The Future. He (s) Was Presenting A Generic Case When An Abusing Creator Crosses The Ditch Of A Battle, Which Means A Boundary Or A Border Of War Zone, Of An Islamic Country Or The Limits Of The Holy Book Or The Limits Of Freedom. If Anyone Crosses His Limits And Insults Any Element Of Islam, The Prophet (s) Says That I Know There Are Big Names In My Ummah (nation), But I Want To See Who Can Shut His Mouth?

A Community Since 1400 Yrs Is Criticizing And Condemning Those Who Remained Silent With Their Heads Bent Down When The Prophet (s) Called Them To Respond, But In Front Of This Same Community Today, So Many Amr Bin Abdwood Are Crossing The Limits, They Are Insulting The Prophet (s) By Making His Cartoons, They Are Destroying The Shrines Of The Progeny Of The Prophet (s), They Abuse Islam And Mock The Quran But This Community Is Silent , So With What Face Are They Criticizing The Companions Of The Prophet (s) In The Battle Of Ahzab When We Ourselves Are Sitting Silent With Our Heads Bowed Down When Islam Is Being Insulted. If Those Who Remained Silent In The Battle Of Ahzab Come Out Of Their Graves, Tearing Their Shroud And Call This Ummah “O You The Nation, Who Is Criticiz- Ing Us Since 1400 Yrs Because We Remained Silent When The Prophet (s) Was Insulted, Is The Ditch (Khandaq) Not Crossed At Your Time? Is Islam Not Getting Insulted In Your Era? Tell Us How Much You Have Stood Against These Insults? Even Today The Messenger (s) Is Calling And Asking Who Is There To Shut The Mouth Of These Dogs? If Your Heads Are Down, Then What Was Our Sin That You Are Condemning? Whatever Was Our Crime, You Are A Victim Of It Too.”

So Why Are The Muslims Not Rising Against These Insults? What Is The Reason For Their Si- Lence? It Is Because This Religion Has Been Turned Into Hymns (Wird). They Are Busy In Oral Recitations Of Religion. They Are Busy Reading Tasbeeh.

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