Tasbeeh(Glorification)turned Into Hymns

What Is The Meaning Of Tasbeeh? It Means Glorification

O Lord! We Glorify “Tasbeeh” Your Praise, We Do Your Glorification. “Tasbeeh” Means Glorifying Allah. It Means To Say That The Essence Of Allah Is Not Oppressive, This Is “Tas- Beeh”. To Say Allah Is Not Dependent Is A “Tasbeeh” (glorification) Of Allah. To Say Allah Cannot Be Seen, Is A “Tasbeeh” Of Allah. To Say That Allah Has No Organs Is A “Tasbeeh” Of Allah. To Say That Allah Does Not Live Inside Any Home Is A “Tasbeeh” Of Allah. To Say That When Allah Intends To Do Something, No One Can Change That Intention Is A “Tasbeeh” Of Allah. To Say That No One Can Confront The Religion Of Allah Is A “Tasbeeh” Of Allah. Thus The “Tasbeeh” Of Allah In Reality Is The Name Of An Act, A Practice. But The Community That Has Transformed Religion Into Hymns And Oral Recitations (“Wird”) For Them “Tasbeeh” Is A Necklace Of Plastic Beads. They Turn Around The Beads With Their Fingers And Call It Is “Tasbeeh”. This Is The Not The Religion Of Allah, This Is The Religion Of Hymns (Wird). “Tasbeeh” Of Allah Is Not A Necklace Of Plastic Beads. It Is Not That You Make A Necklace Of Plastic Beads And Then Start Oral Recitations. This Kind Of Religion, Which Is Confined To Mere Oral Recitations, Bows The Head Of A Person And Kills The Heart Of That Person. This Religion Teaches Us To Recite On Every Occasion; It Turns Every Manifesto Of Islam Into A Hymn. This Religion Teaches Us To Turn Ziarat-e-Ashura Into A Hymn (Wird), Make Ziarat- E-Jaame Also A Hymn, Surah Yasin Also For Oral Recitation And The Reciting Of Ayatul Kursi Also A Hymn. Ayatul Kursi Is Not A Hymn It Is A Manifesto Of Actions. It Has Been Emphasized That The Ayatul Kursi Be Recited On Every Occasion Like When You Wake Up, When You Go To Sleep And When You Are Sick. So Why Are We Asked To Recite The Ayatul Kursi On Several Occasions? It Is Not For The Purpose Of Changing It Into Hymns (Wird), But In Fact It Has Been Asked To Be Read. You Should Recite Again And Again So That You Can Understand What Is To Be Done?

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