Reliance On Allah - Code Within Ayatul Kursi

الله لا ايلها إلا هوهايول قيوم

Recite This Again And Again So That When You Are Confronted By An Enemy Or Any Severe Calamity Befalls You, You Should Be Aware That There Is No One Else Other Than Allah To Help You. When “Qayyum” Allah (Self-existing Allah) Is Present, We Should Not Care About Anyone Else. Recite Ayatul Kursi So That You Know What Should Be Done And That You Learn To Have Reliance On Allah. When We Look At Enemies We Get Into Polytheism. How? We Count The Number Of Men The Enemies Have As Compared To Us And What Resources They Possess As Opposed To Us. We Exclude Allah From This Count. Count Allah (s) Also In This Because When You Count Allah, There Will Be No Need To Count Anything Of The Enemies. Your Eyes Will Be Only On Allah And No One Else.

This Is The Reason Why Everyone Was Astonished When The Great Khomeini From Qom Chal- Lenged The Emperor. His Eyes Were Only On Allah, He Was Not Accounting On Anything Or Anyone Else. Everyone Was Astonished As To Whom This Lecturer From Seminary Was Relying Upon. He Did Not Have His Nation, People And Even The Scholars Beside Him. When He Was Asked On Whom He Was Relying Upon To Take This Big Step, He Would Say Allah Is With Me.

When Someone Trusts And Relies On Allah, Allah Does Not Leave Him Alone. There Is A Tradi- Tion From The Sixth Imam (a.s), Which Says That When You Leave Home You Should Be With Good Persons, But You Should Not Trust And Rely Even The Good Persons. When You Travel For Hajj (Pilgrimage), Do It With Good People, But Do Not Trust And Rely On Them Either.

Then Whom Should We Trust And Rely On, Only Allah. Allah (s) Says, If You Trust And Rely On Others, Irrespective Of Whether They Are Good Or Bad, I Will Make Those Relied Upon As The Basis Of Your Disgrace. On The Contrary In This Count If Someone Only Counts On Me Then Even If He Is Alone I Will Not Leave Him Alone. I Will Turn The Face Of The World Towards Him. I Will Turn The Face Of My Army Towards Him. The Religion Of Hymn (Wird) Is The Religion Of Sufi Courtyards (Khangaah).

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